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Saturday, October 31, 2015


Mark Zuckerberg refused to testify about Harvard hacking in Leader v. Facebook  one week after Hillary endorsed Facebook in Council on Foreign Relations speech written by Blumenthal

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Oct. 31, 2015 Updated Nov. 05, 2015 | PDF
Sidney S. Blumenthal, Hillary Clinton's unofficial U.S. State Department advisor

Fig. 1— Sidney S. Blumenthal. Former political adviser to Bill Clinton; unofficial political adviser to Hillary Clinton; and, political collaborator with NSA spy master, James P. Chandler. Hillary's emails show that Blumenthal is the behind-the-scenes architect of Hillary's social media strategy, despite White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel's prohibitions against using him. Blumenthal is evidently a prime mover in the American Spy State strategy hatched by Chandler during the Clinton Administration. Photo: The Daily Caller.

(Oct 31, 2015)—On Friday, Oct. 30, 2015, the U.S. State Department released another batch of approximately 7,000 Hillary Clinton emails that were sent to her private servers. Besides more proof of U.S. Government collusion to steal Leader Technologies' social networking invention, they expose a heinous "public-private" Obama-Clinton-Cartel policy that can only be described as a New Fascism.

Professor James P. Chandler
Fig. 2— Law Professor James P. Chandler, IBM's Chief Outside Counsel, Bill & Hillary's counsel & NSA Spy Master. As patent legal counsel to the company, Chandler took custody of Leader Technologies' social networking invention "for safekeeping" on Jun. 06, 2002. Eleven weeks later, Leader's innovations appeared magically in the next version of IBM Eclipse, version 2.0.1. Within weeks, Carly Fiorina's HP and Bill Gates' Microsoft signed on to the IBM Eclipse Spy State Cartel feeding frenzy.
Photo: NIPLI.

The many redactions are more proof that John Kerry’s State Department believes Hillary exchanged much classified information. It also reveals the substantial influence that Sidney Blumenthal had on Hillary’s U.S. policy right from the beginning of the Obama Administration in 2009.

AFI readers are reminded that Blumenthal and James P. Chandler, former Harvard Law professor and NSA spy master, have been tied at the hip since Bill Clinton’s Administration. Blumenthal was running political cover for Chandler’s spy state law changes that were getting passed in rapid succession (e.g., Economic Espionage Act of 1996, False Statements Accountability Act of 1996, DOMA).

Hillary privately hired Blumenthal, despite being told by Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s first White House chief of staff, not to engage him. This assured the continuation of the spy state agenda begun with Bill and Chandler in the early 1990s along with Harvard economics professor Larry Summers.

Hillary & Blumenthal were hell-bent to exploit Facebook / NSA in foreign policy . . . (and line crony pockets)

Public-private partnership policy, posited by Ann-Marie Slaughter, advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Source: Hillary Clinton's first policy speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, drafted by Sidney Blumenthal, Jul. 09, 2009
. Blumenthal and Clinton were evidently pressing their crony Spy State Cartel agenda. By 2009, every major technology provider had become a member of the IBM Eclipse Foundation. IBM's chief inside counsel, David J. Kappos, was nominated to take over the U.S. Patent Office three weeks earlier on Jun. 18, 2009. Chandler's orchestration of his spy state cartel was at full throttle.
Bill Clinton met with his German personal financial planner, AWD, the week after Barack Obama was elected
Photo: Brian Snyder / AP.

On Nov. 15, 2008, Bill Clinton spoke in Germany to AWD, a personal financial planner, one week after Obama was elected. He was paid $450,000, three times his normal fee. This was his only Cartel speech in 2008. It occured one week before Larry Summers was appointed by Obama to direct the "bank bailout." Making sure his and Hillary's Cartel winnings were/would be safe overseas?

On Nov. 19, 2008, Leader Technologies filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook for infringmenet of their social networking invention. This lawsuit threatened to upset the Cartel apple cart.

Edward Snowden, American Patriot
Photo: Edward Snowden, Digital Trends.

On Jun. 06, 2009, Facebook opened a backdoor data feed to the NSA, as disclosed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

On Jun. 18, 2009, Obama nominated David J. Kappos, IBM chief inside intellectual property counsel, to be director of the U.S. Patent Office. Kappos and Chandler are the bookends of patent troll-ism at IBM. They concocted patent trolling to monetize IBM "junk patents."

On Jul. 09, 2009, a month later, Blumenthal drafted Hillary’s first policy speech to the Council on Foreign Relations (ignoring Emmanuel’s prohibition of Blumenthal). Blumenthal highlighted the Administration's commitment to use Facebook—while Leader v. Facebook patent infringement case was proceeding—the ultimate U.S. government insult to innovation, entrepreneurialism and the rule of law.

"We must harness the power of new technologies and new means of connecting and communicating. Twitter and Facebook will become as much a part of the diplomatic lexicon as cables and demarches [political step or initiative] "

NOTE: This statement contradicts Hillary's testimony to the Benghazi Committee that she did not conduct much State Department business via email.

On Aug. 07, 2009, IBM's chief inside counsel, David J. Kappos, was appointed director of the Patent Office by Obama in a rare recess appointment. Kappos and Chandler are the original "patent trolls." Kappos then dumped his IBM stock and purchased 100% Vanguard mutual funds (Vanguard is heavily invested in IBM, Facebook and the Cartel, so Kappos merely shifted his IBM stock from one pocket to another.)

Urgent NSA—White House Situation Room message forwarded to Hillary's personal Email server "H <>"

On Aug. 16, 2009, NSA director [James L.] Jones requested an urgent meeting with Hillary from the White House Situation Room, thus putting foreign state hackers on notice about concurrent event threats. This communication is classified by default. "H <>."

On Dec. 29, 2009, Hillary Clinton used her personal email account, "," to exchange drafts of a speech on "Internet Freedom." The draft of Clinton's speech was redacted by the State Department as classified.

On Jan. 09, 2010, Sidney Blumenthal labeled the Republicans incompetent for failing to demand Timothy F. Geithner’s firing for colluding with AIG in the bailout.

Leader v. Facebook  Rigged to protect policy; U.S. property law ignored for spy state agenda

On Mar. 17, 2010, Obama nominated Leonard P. Stark to the Delaware District Court bench where the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement case was proceeding. Vice President Joe Biden was his sponsor.

On Mar. 22, 2010, Hillary had a heavily-redacted exchange on her "" address with Jake Sullivan and Huma Abedin with the subject “[Redacted] call.” This is just a week after Leader Technologies’ lawyers eviscerated Facebook’s arguments at the Markman Hearing in the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement case. Having told the Council of Foreign Relations she would embrace Facebook, this was a very real threat to her credibility if Leader won this case.

[All the Leader v. Facebook monkey business with the installation of Obama's freshly-confirmed Judge Stark, Zuckerberg's stonewalling, and allowance of a new on-sale bar claim after the close of discovery, were clearly orchestrated. These arrangements give the State Department motive to conceal this evidence.]

On Apr. 01, 2010, David J. Kappos, former IBM chief intellectual property counsel, founder of the IBM Eclipse Foundation (Nov. 29, 2001), and new Patent Office director, started the U.S. Patent Office Facebook page.
On Apr. 01, 2010, Mark Zuckerberg refused to testify about his Harvard hacking in his Leader v. Facebook deposition, on advice of his Cooley Godward LLP counsel, Heidi Keefe. Cooley Godward partner, Donald K. Stern, was newly-appointed White House judiciary adviser.
On Feb. 17, 2011, Barack Obama met with members of the IBM-NSA Spy State Cartel in their Silicon Valley lair to toast their deception of the American public and the world called "The Cloud" and "The Internet of Things."
On Feb. 17, 2011, President Obama met with members of the IBM Eclipse NSA Spy State Cartel in Silicon Valley, during the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement legal proceedings.
Fig. 3—On Feb. 17, 2011, President Obama met with members of the IBM Eclipse NSA Spy State Cartel in Silicon Valley, during the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement legal proceedings. Among Obama's comments that were prejudicial to Leader's lawsuit, Obama promised to reform the patent system (interminable "patent reexaminations" are now decimating the inventions of small inventors like Leader Technologies) and specifically praised Facebook, comparing the hacker thief Zuckerberg to Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers. The Cartel is shown here toasting to the success of their criminality. Photo: UPI.
On Sep. 16, 2011, Obama signed the America Invents Act that opened the door for big-infringers to continue "strategic infringement" of patents that they have stolen, including Leader Technologies' social networking invention, using endless "patent reexaminations." David J. Kappos was the prime mover. Spy master James P. Chandler lurked in the shadows.

On Dec. 02, 2011, Hillary adviser, Anne-Marie Slaughter, promoted a new kind of techno socialism / fascism concept where private industry is harnessed to the will of the state.

Anne-Marie Slaughter
Anne-Marie Slaughter, former Hillary Clinton policy adviser. Photo: HuffPost.

Fascism is a form of authoritarian nationalism where economics support state-control of profit-driven industries who support the goals of the political overlords first.

Hillary's new Fascism

Anne-Marie Slaughter (Dec. 10, 2011) to Hillary:
“consider harnessing private incentives to public goals”

What follows are a succession of messages proving that the State Department fully embraced Facebook as a tool of state, and thus proving that Leader Technologies’ important social networking invention has been confiscated by the U.S. government in violation of the Fifth Amendment.

Hillary emails prove use of Facebook in U.S. Government while the Leader v. Facebook  patent infringement case was proceeding
On Jul. 27, 2010 Leader Technologies proved that Facebook is guilty of infringing Leader's social networking invention on 11 of 11 claims.
Date: Topic:
Jan. 21, 2011  Pakistan, Facebook use
Feb. 20, 2011 Hillary’s staff reviews Facebook statistics
Mar. 06, 2011 Egypt, Facebook use
Mar. 08, 2011 Bahrain, Facebook use
Apr. 02, 2011 Mexico, Facebook use
Apr. 17, 2011 Israel, Stratfor intelligence, Sidney Blumenthal, Facebook use
Jun. 06, 2011 Africa, Facebook use
Jun. 20, 2011 Pakistan, Facebook use
Aug. 07, 2011 State Department Policy, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Facebook use
Nov. 03, 2011 Zimbabwe, Facebook use
Dec. 02, 2011 State Dept. Policy, Anne-Marie Slaughter, “public-private” partnerships
Dec. 12, 2011 Iraq, Facebook use
Jan. 12, 2012 Switzerland, Facebook use
Feb. 06, 2012 Bulgaria, Facebook use
Feb. 14, 2012 Hillary and Facebook COO Sheryl K. Sandberg exchange mutual admiration proving Facebook's complicit behavior [from one crook to another]
Mar. 18, 2012 Iran, Israel, Facebook use
Mar. 19, 2012 Photos, Facebook use
Apr. 15, 2012 Spain, Facebook use
Table. 1—Hillary Clinton Emails from the October 2015 State Department release. Click here for all Hillary Clinton releases to date.

See the Timeline for the Hijack of the Cyber World to view these Hillary State Department activities in the context of the theft of Leader Technologies’ social networking invention by the IBM Eclipse Foundation spy state, of which Facebook was a creation.

State Department rowing away from Hillary?

Obama's IRS has withheld all of Lois Lerner's documents. Why is the Obama State Department releasing Hillary's? It would appear that Obama clan is is distancing itself from the Clinton clan.

Fig. 4—The evidence is unmistakable. A Cartel of private companies, in collusion with the NSA, collect ALL relationship data between American citizens and the federal government. Much of that data is stored overseas, e.g., Lulea, Sweden, outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. Constitution ("Inside the Arctic Circle, Where Your Data Lives," Business Week).
Graphic: AFI.
Fig. 5—The “social networking” industry generates huge financial profits. But the Cartel manipulates the industry illegally. Regulators turn blind eyes to the Cartel's “Big Data” stock manipulation. Corrupt judges, politicians and regulators are influenced and bribed with insider stock tips. This appears to be the largest Ponzi scheme in history. The Cartel also has the ability to influence elections, using social networking tools to influence voters and control elected officials.
Graphic: AFI.

How can you stop the spy state?

Stop the Cartel
Letter to Congress:
Word Doc


For starters, the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment empowers Congress to legislate a payday for Leader’s shareholders. This would provide adequate financing for Leader to offer a rational social networking environment—one that offers the utility people have come to enjoy about Leader’s invention without sacrificing security and privacy.

Contact your elected representatives and ask them to use Congress' power of the purse to pay Leader Technologies and unplug the Cartel.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


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  1. FACEBOOK the largest Ponzi scheme in history, Facebook was Rigged and Stolen to protect U.S. policy; data collection of American citizens and ignoring property law and all for spy state agenda, and Much of that data is stored overseas, Lulea, Sweden, And YES mark zuckerberg stole the British data centre design, lawsuit claims A British company specialising in the design of data centres filed a lawsuit against Facebook , claiming that the social media giant stole its designs for a more efficient data centre, and that the substantial value of the work ended up in Facebook’s Luleå Data Center in Sweden, YES you got mark zuckerberg stole the idea facebook stole the cod to run facebook from Mick stole all your data and put it on Luleå Data Center which he stole?? and all in collusion with the NSA, collect ALL relationship data between American citizens and the federal government IBM Eclipse Foundation spy state, of which Facebook was a creation of when facebook was stolen

    Facebook and the Winklevoss Twins’ fast-and-easy lawyers, Quinn Emmanuel LLP, agreed on a search of Zuckerberg’s hard drives that was so limiting that it avoided the smoking guns. In the deal, Quinn agreed to muzzle the analyst and seal the existence of the drives from public knowledge, The Winklevoss Twins’ knew how zuckerberg STOLE facebook Quinn getting their fees in the $65 million "secret" settlement. (EXTORTION) Facebook stonewalled discovery Facebook's attorney, Cooley Godward LLP, claimed that the Zuckerberg drives and files were all lost. They also instructed Zuckerberg not to answer any questions about 2003-2004 ..........Winklevoss TELL THE TRUTH tell how zuckerberg stole facebook and from who??

    Mark Zuckerberg's mistake could cost Facebook board members big bucks - Fortune

  2. Email comment by DB:

    No surprise?

    Google's Eric Schmidt funded a start-up to support Hillary Clinton for President:

    Pasick, A., Fernholz, T. (Oct. 09, 2015). . The stealthy, Eric Schmidt-backed startup that’s working to put Hillary Clinton in the White House. Quartz.

    1. Given the ever-presence of Google links on all political websites, heck, all websites, normal people would consider such a presence a gargantuan conflict of interest for Google and Schmidt. Google is clearly a U.S. government-created and directed utility that must dismiss itself from the public dialogue in the interest of impartiality.

  3. Since Edward Snowden revealed the US intelligence operation “PRISM,” through which US authorities drew personal data from Facebook, Twitter, and Google, The EU no longer trusts that Europeans’ personal data are adequately protected in the United States, The value of big data is big - IBM says so By Joel Shore on Head in the Clouds: SaaS, PaaS, and Cloud Strategy Big data is everywhere. It's unavoidable when you got a spy state to back you up and Facebook is a tool of the state, Irish Data Protection commissioner to investigate whether this data was transferred under operation PRISM, where your ideas and invention can and have been confiscated by the U.S. government where private industry is harnessed to the will of the state. Obama your on better than Blatter,

    Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has pleaded guilty in a hush-money case, and lying to the FBI.

  4. Email comment by GH:

    Newly released emails conflict with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's 11-hour testimony before the Benghazi Select Committee, according to a review of the transcripts and public records.

    Herridge, C. (Nov. 03, 2015). State Department emails conflict with Clinton’s Benghazi testimony. FoxNews.

    State Department emails conflict with Clinton’s Benghazi testimony

    1. See "Jul. 09, 2009" in this post for more Hillary contradictions.

    2. See "Aug. 16, 2009" message from the NSA in the White House Situation Room that was forwarded to Hillary's personal email server by Huma Abedin. This message was classified by default.

  5. Email comment by Sharyl Attkisson:


    The right to inspect your own FBI file is guaranteed under the law. So why won’t the FBI show me mine, as the law requires?

    My FBI file trail dates back to the mid 1990s. At that time, I underwent an FBI background check to obtain what’s known as a “HARD PASS” to cover the White House as a correspondent for CBS News. The FBI background check is mandatory. I passed the check and received my HARD PASS.

    Years later, in 2013, I learned of the intrusion of my work and home computers. The intruders utilized software proprietary to a U.S. government agency. I knew that the FBI had contacted CBS News and confirmed the computer intrusion. I knew that FBI case workers listed me as a “victim” in the computer intrusion, even though they never contacted me to investigate or help.

    As part of my investigation to learn more about the identities of the computer intruders, I filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act request to review my FBI file (as every citizen has the right to do). I knew that — at the very least — my file would include information relevant to my White House HARD PASS background checks and the computer intrusion.

    But I got stonewalled.

    1. Email comment by TEX:

      How many laws can this administration break before , we the people, take a strong stand and unite to vote these thugs out of our lives. Ms. Attkisson has put herself in grave danger both professionally and perhaps even personally. She needs the rest of us to match her love of this country and finally stand up. The days of hiding from responsibility ,as citizens , are over. The hard working silent majority must get involved. Ms Attkisson is simply asking our government to be law abiding . Yet, they stonewall her at every turn. The US government is now mostly criminal, fraudulent, and dishonest. She sees it and reports on it. Isn't that the role of media?

      Most polls are suggesting that Hillary will lead our government the next 8 years even though she leads all candidates in dishonesty and lack of trustworthiness. Can we even imagine a gestapo state of a greater magnitude than the one we have today? She can make it worse because she believes that she is above the law. Her major supporters are quite vocal in their disdain for our Constitution , our borders, our free capitalistic society, our military, our police, and our personal property rights. The depth of the corruption , from her Foundation to her personal scandals, is so great that it is ignored by 50% of our voters. Seriously. It is so great that it appears to be fabricated by the radical right wingers ( that would be me ).

      In eight years Obama has placed his thugs in leadership positions in most key departments.....military, DOJ, EPA, Homeland Security, IRS, CIA, ICE, and to a lesser extent, the FBI. It will take years to cut this cancerous team out of our government. It can only happen if the Sharyl Attkisson's of the world keep fighting for "we the people".
      Please, ma'am , keep going. We will be there soon enough to help you.

      Have a great day, TEX


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