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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


U.S. State Department confiscated Leader Technologies’ invention and encouraged missions worldwide to use insecure email

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Oct. 06, 2015, Updated Oct. 20 | PDF
Update, Oct. 19 : FOIA request asks for Hillary's Facebook Field Guides; IG says Hillary's email policies were juvenile, invited hacking
AFI Exclusive: Why every American should fight for Leader Technologies' government-confiscated property rights in Leader v. Facebook.
On Oct. 14, 2015, Leader Technologies' founder and true inventor of social networking, Michael McKibben, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. He asked the U.S. State Department to provide documents related to their "Facebook field guides" and Facebook email address (, Zuckerberg: "I'm a hacker") published to 45,000 employees during the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement case. Leader proved at trial that Facebook is guilty of infringing Leader's patent on 11 of 11 claims. Corrupt senior judges, including Chief Justice John G. Roberts (heavily invested in the IBM-Eclipse Cartel, including Fidelity (Facebook), T. Rowe Price (Facebook), Vanguard (Facebook), HP, Nokia, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, Time Warner), have protected them ever since. These documents first surfaced in Hillary Clinton's stonewalled email production for the House Banghazi investigation. Clear here to read McKibben's FOIA request. Clear here for State Dept IG coverage.
News Flash, Oct. 12: Obama-Jarrett-Soros Cartel on the Move—Spy State Trojan Horse is consolidating embedded technology control; proof Obama using Presidency for self-dealing
New: Dell's $67 billion for EMC is likely Russian money flowing through Silver Lake private equity fund controlled by George Soros via Swiss, German & French offshore money laundering havens. See  HSBC leaks.
New, Oct. 16, 2015:
Scene of the Crimes
IBM has removed their previously boasted photo of the Mar. 2, 2015 White House Meeting and obscured the date and substantive detail. Click here for the White House press release & IBM photo retrieved previously by AFI investigators.

Abuse of the public trust for private gain
Dell said today they would buy EMC for $67 billion in the largest deal in technology industry history. Dell and EMC are founding members of IBM's Eclipse Foundation who based their social "cloud" strategy on Leader Technologies' social networking invention stolen by IBM-Eclipse. Earlier this year, on Mar. 2, 2015, President Obama and Valerie Jarrett, met with IBM, Dell, EMC, Xerox, Qualcomm and Micron Technology three weeks after signing a James P. Chandler-inspired Executive Order No. 13691 that extolled public-private technology [crony] contracting. See White House press release & IBM photo.

On Oct. 10, 2015, two days ago, Obama made a mystery trip to Qualcomm in San Diego after visiting the victims of the Oregon shooting (excuse for the trip?). With Dell taking EMC private, Obama's Cartel is consolidating their power into fewer and fewer hands who are not accountable to public shareholders. Not surprisingly, John Boehner bailed as Speaker two weeks ago to avoid further pressure from the Cartel to do their bidding (Boehner is heavily invested in Cartel funds, notably UBS, Fidelity, EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Xerox, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, State Street, Symantec, Vanguard and Wal-Mart; so is Mitch McConnell, notably Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, UBS, Barclays, Wells Fargo, American). This forced the Cartel to move on their agenda now—before a new Speaker takes over. The now evident agenda is to consolidate embedded technology control of the Internet so that the new Administration will conclude that their infrastructure is "too big to fail" or be unplugged. Sound like banks we know? Rest assured, they can and must be unplugged. A Republic cannot survive the intrusions on privacy created by these self-serving Harvard sycophants behind a national security smoke screen.
Click image to enlarge timeline
White House, IBM, Eclipse, Dell, EMC, Qualcomm 2015 Conspiracy Timeline
Barck Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton advocated email security breaches and obstruction of justice
Fig. 1— Barack Obama, Hillary & Bill Clinton advocated Email security breaches and obstruction of justice. The State Department recently released copies of a four-part Facebook Field Guide that describes profound breaches of email security and obstruction of justice in the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement trial. These document prove beyond question that the U.S. government has confiscated Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies' invention for social networking.
Photo: Politico.


(Oct 06, 2015)—A thorough analysis of Hillary’s latest batch of stonewalled emails has uncovered unequivocal proof of the Obama administration's unprecedented extensive exposure of our nation’s secrets and obstruction of justice.

In 2011-2012, while Leader Technologies was in federal court with Facebook, the U.S. government internally distributed its Facebook email address ( to 45,000 State Department employees.

breach of national security, Obstruction of justice

Joe Lockhart, former WH Press Secretary under Bill Clinton (1998-2000)
Fig. 2— Joe Lockhart. On Jun. 14, 2011, Joe Lockhart, former White House Press Secretary for Bill Clinton (1998-2000), joined Facebook as vice president of communications. Two weeks earlier, Fidelity invested $74 million in Facebook pre-IPO stock. Two weeks later, former White House bailout czar, Larry Summers, joined Facebook director Marc Andreesseen's company just prior to Facebook's Instagram purchase from Andreessen. THE IBM-ECLIPSE SPY STATE CARTEL WAS ON THE MOVE. Hillary Clinton stonewalled release of her emails on this Lockhart subject. See Hijack of the Cyber World Timeline.
Photo: Wikipedia.

Facebook's email is notoriously insecure, so the breach of the nation's secrets is equally clear. How much more clear can Hillary’s and Obama’s obstruction of justice and breach of the nation's security be?

Facebook: U.S. Government's #1 Spy data collection system—child predators

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden's revelations that most online providers were created by the US Goverment expressly to spy on all citizens, including children
Fig. 3On Jun. 06, 2013, thanks to NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden, we learned that all the large online "social" providers were creations and certainly tools of their U.S. government spy state cronies. This strategy was hatched during the Clinton administration by his spy master advisor, Harvard law professor James P. Chandler, later Leader Technologies' patent attorney. AT&T played too.

The evidence proves that the US government and Facebook, the spy state data collection tool, have been in bed together from the beginning of Facebook.

In 2012, Hillary’s Department of State issued a four part “Facebook Field Guide” instructing its 45,000 employees how to set up and use Facebook in conjunction with Gmail in their operations. 

Also during 2012, Leader Technologies was pursuing its appeals in Leader v. Facebook. After proving that the engine running Facebook is their invention, Leader encountered massive judicial corruption that was protecting Facebook.

See Hijack of the Cyber World Timeline.

Facebook Field Guides, U.S. Department of State
Source: Hillary Clinton State Department email production for Judicial Watch
Joe Lockhart joins Facebook
Jun. 14, 2011
Part 2
Jul. 26, 2012
Part 4
Jul. 27, 2012
Part 3
Oct. 24, 2012
Part 1
Dec. 26, 2012
Quinn, M. (Jun. 14, 2011). Facebook hires Joe Lockhart. Politico.

Case No. F-2012-29278
Doc. No. C05781138

Sep. 01, 2011

United States. Department of State. American Corners - Quick Info for Partners, Sep. 01, 2011.

American Corners. USG.

"Facebook Groups"

United States. Department of State. Facebook Part 2: Creating and Customizing Your Page - A field guide for missions, posts and IRCs. International Information Programs, Office of Innovative Engagement, Jul. 26, 2012. Judicial Watch v. U.S. State Department, Doc. No. C05371175, Case No. F-2012-29278, 09/04/2013.
Case No. F-2012-29278
Doc. No. C05371175

"contact USgovernment@"
Department of State. Facebook Part 4 Metrics, Analytics and Resources - A field guide for missions, posts and IRCs. International Information Programs, Office of Innovative Engagement, Jul. 27, 2012. Judicial Watch v. U.S. State Department, Doc. No. C05371179, Case No. F-2012-29278, 09/04/2013.

Case No. F-2012-29278
Doc. No. C05371179

"this is the end of the Facebook Field Guide"

Note: The dates on these documents appear to be altered since the sequence is nonsensical.
Department of State. Facebook Part 3 Creating and Customizing Groups - A field guide for missions, posts and IRCs. International Information Programs, Office of Innovative Engagement, Oct. 24, 2012. Judicial Watch v. U.S. State Department, Doc. No. C05371173, Case No. F-2012-29278, 09/04/2013.

Case No. F-2012-29278
Doc. No. C05371173
Department of State. Facebook Part 1: Getting Started with Facebook - A field guide for missions, posts and IRCs. International Information Programs, Office of Innovative Engagement, Dec. 26, 2012. Judicial Watch v. U.S. State Department, Doc. No. C05371180, Case No. F-2012-29278, 09/04/2013 (This first numbered document in the four-part series is nonsensically the last dated item).

Case No. F-2014-20439
Doc. No. C05371180

"If your email address associated with your Facebook account is a Gmail account..."

“Many posts have created Facebook Pages. Some are sponsored by the embassy, others by the IRC or American Corners.”

“your privacy is very important on Facebook” [LOL]
Table 1—U.S. State Department Facebook field guides timeline. Source: Judicial Watch v. U.S. State Department (FOIA), Doc. Nos. C05371173, C05371175, C05371179, C05371180, Case No. F-2012-29278, 09/04/2013 and Doc. No. C05781138, Case No. F-2014-20439, 09/30/2015. Click here to download a PDF binder containing all these documents. See also Hijack of the Cyber World Timeline.

Timeline—State Dept. Email security breach & Obstruction of Justice

U.S. Department of State Timeline for publication of Facebook field guides compared to Leader v. Facebook litigation
Fig. 2— U.S. State Department Timeline for patent property Confiscation & Email Security breach. The U.S. State Department forged a deep relationship with Facebook during the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement litigation where Leader proved Facebook infringes its U.S. Patent No. 7,139,761 on 11 of 11 claims. Bottom line, the State Department should have been cutting its social networking licensing with Leader Technologies, the rightful owner of the patent, not Facebook, the thief. See also Hijack of the Cyber World Timeline.

From Facebook Field Guide Part 2,
U.S. Department of State, Jul. 26, 2012

U.S. State Department encouraged employees to use insecure Facebook email
Fig. 3— U.S. Dept. of State, Facebook Part 2: Creating and Customizing Your Page, 07/26/2012. Page 3 of the "field guide" distributed to "missions, posts and IRCs." Proof that the State Department encouraged use of insecure email addresses for Department business. Also shows a symbiotic relationships among the State Department, Facebook and Wikipedia. Ref. United States. Department of State. Facebook Part 2: Creating and Customizing Your Page - A field guide for missions, posts and IRCs. International Information Programs, Office of Innovative Engagement, Jul. 26, 2012, page 3.

From Facebook Field Guide Part 1,
U.S. Department of State, Dec. 26, 2012:

U.S. State Department encouraged employees to use insecure email systems like Facebook and Gmail
Fig. 4— U.S. Dept. of State, Facebook Part 1: Getting Started with Facebook, 12/26/2012. Page 8 of the "field guide" distributed to "missions, posts and IRCs." Proof that the State Department encouraged use of insecure email addresses for Department business. Also shows a symbiotic relationships among the State Department, Facebook and Google. Ref. United States. Department of State. Facebook Part 1: Getting Started with Facebook - A field guide for missions, posts and IRCs. International Information Programs, Office of Innovative Engagement, Dec. 26, 2012, page 8.

Problem #1:
Insecure Facebook and Google Email
is promoted by the U.S. State Department for use with State Department Facebook Pages in well-known violations of government security policies.

The U.S. government has well-known email security policies that Hillary Clinton is now known to have breached. We see from this field guide that she was advocating that EVERYONE in the State Department get and use a known-to-be-insecure Gmail account. Sadly for our country, the confidentiality of the entire State Department was compromised by these recommendations.

Richard Nixon
Fig. 5—President Richard M. Nixon famously claimed in Nov. 17, 1973 "I am not a crook" when responding to accusations of obstructing justice in failing to tell what he knew when about the Watergate break in of the Democratic National Headquarters. YouTube.

Richard Nixon’s obstruction of justice was kid’s play compared to Obama’s and Hillary’s.

Just like President Richard Nixon was being investigated for obstructing justice in the cover-up of his knowledge of the Watergate break in, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton MUST do the same.

Problem #2:
Leader’s Stolen Intellectual Property
by the U.S. State Department is relied upon for its Facebook Pages

Leader Technologies proved that the engine running Facebook is Leader’s invention. The State Department had a  duty to be contracting with Leader for its social networking technology, not Facebook.

Leader Technologies had a solemn Constitutional right to rely on fair treatment before the law.

Instead, both the Judicial and Executive Branches protected Obama’s and Hillary’s agenda to exploit Facebook and refuse to defend Leader’s rightful property rights.

Problem #3:
Property Confiscation
by the Federal Government is a violation of the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

The State Department confiscated Leader’s social networking invention while the Leader v. Facebook appeals were pending. The law is clear that a patent issued by the Patent Office is presumed valid.

Another Obama agency involved in Leader v. Facebook, the U.S. Patent Office (33.9 MB), started its own Facebook page for its 14,000 employees on May 10, 2010, two months before the Leader v. Facebook trial.

Barack Obama (222 MB) started his Facebook page on Feb. 10, 2007, over five years earlier.

The Bottom line is that the IBM-Eclipse-NSA Spy State Cartel confiscated Leader’s property even before Barack Obama was elected.

Problem #4:
Obstruction of Justice
by the State Department’s flagrant disregard for Leader’s property rights while the Leader v. Facebook  litigation was in process.

Obstruction of justice is evident. Facebook did not even bother responding to Leader’s appeal to the US Supreme Court in late 2012. The evident reason is that the U.S. Government was too committed to Facebook to bother protecting Leader’s invention.

In fact, even taking the dates at face value, the last 12/26/2012 event for Part 1 is only three weeks after Leader filed its appeal at the U.S. Supreme Court on 11/16/2012.

However, the guides discuss much earlier implementations of Facebook (presumably much earlier than the first guide date of Jul. 26, 2012). For example, Part 1 states: “Many posts have created Facebook Pages. Some are sponsored by the embassy, others by the IRC or American Corners.”

IRC = U.S. Statement Department Information Resource Officer
American Corners (now American Spaces) = State Department document repository

Hillary’s email indiscretions prove that the tyranny John Adams feared is now here

President John Adams said that tyranny begins the day property rights are not held in equal esteem to the Laws of God.

Clearly Obama, Hillary, Eric Holder (Attorney General) and David Kappos (head of the U.S. Patent Office and a former IBM chief counsel) did not defend and protect Leader Technologies’ important social networking invention, but wanted it to support their crony totalitarian elitist agenda.

Leader’s property rights were sacrificed to the IBM-Eclipse-NSA Spy State Cartel. "Big Data" mining is the goal. All information, on all citizens, all of the time. This kind of secret information power over one's fellow citizens is intoxicating and ultimately destructive to the human person. It destroys both the vicitims and victimizers. Civilized societies must reign in this out-of-control technocracy.

If Leader Technologies cannot make any money on its social networking invention, then what is the point for any inventor to do the hard work of invention if it will just be stolen by the Spy State Cartel?

* * *


Backstory for New AFI Readers

On July 28, 2010, a Delaware federal jury decided that the software engine running Facebook is Leader Technologies’ social networking invention on 11 of 11 claims. However, from that point on to this day the Judicial and Executive branches have colluded to protect Facebook.

Hindsight reveals that Facebook itself was a creation of the NSA spy state driven by spy master and former Harvard Law professor, James P. Chandler. The Zuckerberg boy-genius story was pure fiction to manipulate the masses. The Mainstream Media played along.

The objective of this collusion was to enable U.S. intelligence to spy on everyone, all the time. After stealing Leader’s technology as the platform, they fed Leader’s invention to IBM’s Eclipse Foundation. Then, their phalanx of crooked lawyers went to work crafting end user license agreements to deceive users who signed away their security and privacy in exchange for titillation and free stuff.

This spy state cartel focused on social features they knew the masses liked and would give up their privacy to get: ease of communication with friends and family, games, coupons, photos, instant messaging, search, porn and free email.  Once subscribed, the cartel embedded robots on the user’s machine which gave them 24x7 access to all the users’ personal information.

With this mass of personal information, “big data” was born. By 2007, the NSA was scooping up everything for use on a rainy day.  By 2008, the NSA had carte blanch from the secret FISA court with a compliant Attorney General Holder who was given dictatorial rights to snoop on Americans with the flimsiest of reasons.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked that the NSA had teamed up with Facebook (including LinkedIn, Instagram), Google, Microsoft (including Skype), AT&T, Verizon, PalTalk, Yahoo, AOL and eventually Apple to illegally collect bulk data on Americans.

HSBC Whistleblower Hervé Falciani leaked that all Facebook’s underwriters were cavorting with money launderers and terrorists in offshore tax havens to move their ill-gotten gain and bribes without detection.

WikiLeaks whistleblower Julian Assange revealed that Austin, TX-based Stratfor was the C.I.A.’s propaganda arm masquerading as a legitimate research organization, but secretly slanting its information to fulfill C.I.A. tasks around the planet and steer public opinion toward the spy state agenda.

Leader Technologies’ invention of social networking was stolen by their former patent attorney, James P. Chandler, and fed out the backdoor to his other client, IBM. Chandler and IBM formed The Eclipse Foundation who turned around and gave away Leader’s platform to the entire tech industry, causing social networking to emerge almost overnight in 2004.

The Cartel’s logic was/is to give away the razor (platform) in order to control the blade (application) business. If that strategy was to be achieved, inventor Leader Technologies needed to be kept in the background and stifled even though they had earned the privilege of developing it. The Cartel knew about Leader’s high level of ethics and resistance to the Cartel’s ugly plans.

By controlling the apps business, this Cartel has wormed their way into every nook and cranny of American life. History has shown that spies rarely make good decisions over time when put in power. Not ever. Not now. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc. have all proven that spy states devolve into tyranny

This attempt by unelected Harvard Law techno-elitists to become a permanent American ruling class must be stopped.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


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    Geller, P. (Sep, 13, 2015). KILL LIST: ISIS posts photos, names, addresses of US soldiers, "Theres gonna be attack this month on soldiers in America."

    Fantz, A. As ISIS threats online persist, military families rethink online lives. CNN.

  2. Email comment by TEX:

    Well, everything is back to normal. Flavia and Mavis ,the twin man destroyers, are out of jail for beating up a school crossing guard. They evidently took offense when he pointed his yellow flag at them. And I am back full time after my yoga stretching accident. It's been a rough three weeks.

    Being under heavy sedation gave me a chance to reflect on a few things. I've come to the conclusion that most things around us are a big box of lies. This blog points out one after another. But authorities don't seem to care. Obama is an enigma and no one seems to care. He is truly a big box of lies. And no one seems to care. The media is truly a big box of lies and it's rare that they get called on it. All outlets lie....CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox. Listeners know but no one cares. The Democrat hopefuls, Biden, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, and Sanders are liars....a big box of lies. They claim to be women, Native Americans, and smart. And the GOP pursuers are no better. Each candidate tries to separate themselves by making up bigger lies. Now one exception is the big Donald. Trump says what is in that messed up brain of his and we actually wish he was lying. But that's another story.

    We see fake boobs, fake teeth, fake Botox, and steroids to make us appear big and tough. Box of lies. We have marches in DC calling for cops to be killed and white folks to be punished. I am told to feel guilty because I created more wealth than I consumed. I refuse to apologize for trying , every day, to improve. The claim of the Left is a box of lies. We know that virtually every major human massacre on this planet in the last 30 years was done in the name of Allah, yet our so called President tells us that Islam is a religion of love. Big box of lies. And self aggrandizing Christians profess the teachings of ethics and morality but lie, lie, lie. For example, Biden and Clinton claim Christianity but support ripping babies out of a human body and call it "women's health ". Half of these tiny little children are girls. That's not very healthy for the "little women" , is it? Big ugly box of lies. And let's just briefly visit business leaders.....most are so friggin' greedy that they believe that they have earned the right to rip off employees, purveyors, and other stakeholders. Makes me sick to my stomach.

    So , where do we go from here? Let's start with me and you. Speak up, get involved, scream when you see lies, fakes, and greedy deception. Today it is so rare for a person to step in and protect a victim from a bully, or call out a criminal, or question a liar, we now call them heroes. Just for doing the right thing.... they are heroes. Sad, huh? We have become a nation of lazy, sniveling cowards. And we have inculcated our kids into that mindset as well. And what does Obama see as our only warming. I need a big glass of Cabernet.

    Have a great day, TEX

  3. Facebook and other internet giants should be barred from sending European citizens personal information to the US When the C.I.A.’s propaganda arm masquerading as a legitimate research organization, but secretly slanting its information to fulfill C.I.A. tasks around the planet and steer public opinion toward the spy state agenda,. When the NSA has teamed up with Facebook (including LinkedIn, Instagram), Google, Microsoft (including Skype), AT&T, Verizon, PalTalk, Yahoo, AOL and eventually Apple to illegally collect bulk data on Americans. When Americans information is stored on Luleå Data Center in Sweden and Facebook Mark Zuckerberg stole British data centre design that your information is stored on, The US government and Facebook, the spy state data collection tool, have been in bed together from the beginning of Facebook. THE FBI & NSA KNEW HOW FACEBOOK WAS STOLEN they got all the IMs and Emails on this. Facebook was a creation of the NSA spy state driven by spy master and former Harvard Law professor, James P. Chandler who knew facebook was stolen. And then stealing Leader’s technology as the platform, they fed Leader’s invention to IBM’s Eclipse Foundation. Then, their phalanx of crooked lawyers went to work crafting end user license agreements to deceive users signed away their security and privacy in exchange for what free stuff Once subscribed, the cartel embedded robots on the user’s machine which gave them 24x7 access to all the users’ personal information, And Hillary Clinton decided to STAB THE TRUTH in the back, zuckerberg was a plant a puppet a fake.
    Gene Smith well working for IBM knew facebook was stolen Gene Smith wonted 50% of facebook you knew facebook was not mark zuckerberg idea then you tried to hid your IBM history and you help then stealing Leader’s technology platform you and James P. Chandler the NSA and CIA. Eclipse Foundation.

  4. Gee Beaver, I wonder where Dell's Silver Lake investment banker is getting all their cash for this deal? Do ya think it is coming from the Cartel. Remember the HSBC Whistleblower Hervé Falciani? He said all that dirty money is sloshing around offshore just looking for excuses to park it.

    The Cartel is laundering $67 billion. Count on it. This will further destabilize US markets and help CREATE another crisis. Larry Summers just predicted it on Friday, and by Monday his Cartel cronies have already created a major destabilizing event, after, that is, Obama visited Qualcomm and pinky-swore with the Cartel.

    Let's UNPLUG these scoundrels.

    Let's not let them CREATE another FAKE banking crisis with their dirty money and manipulation.

  5. Mike it's over. For god's sake.It's been years.

    1. Jill, you broke our editorial rule... again, but we decided to leave your wild speculation in to show readers how sophomoric and vacuous are your comments. Rather than deal in the facts, you spend all your energy speculating about personalities. Such is the way of liars, cheats and scoundrels who do not have the truth on their side. This collective "Mike" person would be flattered at the attention you give him if your speculation were not so way off. It is almost pathetic. Your Facebook Cartel handlers are going to jail. It is the inevitable fate of your criminality. Whistleblowers are in your near future.

    2. Ole Jillie, whoever he or she is, is one morally and ethically sick puppy. This post just exposed ***with hard evidence*** that the White House is directing traffic for major private stocks (!!! ILLEGAL COLLUSION IN THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND !!!), and all Jillie wants to focus on is speculation about who gathered the information.

      I wish you would start just deleting this speculation in the future. Jill is wasting our time with his/her tripe .

  6. Mike does not give up, Jill. You know why Mike does not give up Jill? Because he owns this thing called "Facebook". He created it. He would be an absolute fool to let it go "Jill Amblin" I mean Jill Ramblin.Get a life, Jill. You really will sleep better at night.

  7. This is a very good video that explains the specific U.S. laws that Hillary Clinton has broken, by her own admissions.

    18 USC Part I, Chapter 101, Section 2071(a), (b)

    Whittle, B. (Mar. 18, 2015). The Criminal Arrogance of Hillary Clinton. Bill Whittle Firewall.

  8. Email comment by TEX:

    I finally figured out the way to get elected to lead this country. Here it is. I saw it it on CNN last night. It's OK to lie, cheat, steal, and deceive if the final answer is to give away more stuff than anyone else does........and Hillary actually stepped up to become more of a socialist lookalike than a very efficient and self declared socialist, Bernie Sanders. Bernie wants to give away money, education, cars, houses, paintings, watches, men's purses, and vacations, while Hillary called that bet and offered even more. Hillary opposes a significant pipeline ( infrastructure) because she wants to spend money on infrastructure. She is offended by carbon emissions but flies around in a jet big enough to carry atomic warheads. Bernie rode his bike from Vermont. Chaffe couldn't remember how he got there. Bernie decided to give even more by declaring that every American business owner is a criminal and needs to be regulated and taxed into submission. A good way to start is to make the minimum wage equal to the pay of the CEO. As if he needed more, Bernie stated that American companies are causing the earth , through climate change, to wither into a sterile ball of dirt while killing all life as we know it. That got a huge applause . Then Hillary put down the hammer........the NRA is our biggest enemy and must be eliminated. Not Islamic butchers, not topless Putin, not unemployment at 25%, and certainly not lying , cheating, and criminally active politicians. The NRA is the culprit., she said. Why? Because our 2nd Amendment should be wiped out. Guns are an impediment to total government control of our lives. Of course the armed guards around stage looked straight ahead. I am fairly certain that Texas could be a problem for Hillary 's gun confiscation program

    That stage last night was filled with one ballsy , so called woman and four wimpy , so called men. Someone scared the guys ( wouldn't take much) . I guess they know that if you challenge a Clinton, your future will be tortured. Not one person had the guts to cut through the B.S. that Hillary espoused and confront her lies. That was not a debate, that was the coronation that the Dems said that they did not want. Hillary has been in the center of politics in this country for over 35 years. She has been involved in 21 significant scandals , some of which should require prison time. Yet, these wimps gave her a wink and a nod. America is in real trouble when our leaders can maneuver through 35 years of lying and cheating lying and cheating . She has done it. Once she gets past these "right wing originated " scandals, she can get on with her argument that her female body parts are the reason to vote for her. The formerly great Democratic Party led by JFK and FDR is now led Marxists and folks that lost sight of America. What happened ? And where do we go from here? Are we willing to fight this criminal machine ? I pray we do.

    Have a great day, TEX=

  9. Hillary Clinton wants to take over from Barack Obama as the LIAR IN CHIEF.

    Today she said she changed her mind about supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Pact "after looking at it." LIAR WARNING: Hillary helped draft the TPP.

    St. Paul warned us about such evil people several millennia ago.

    Romans 1:25: "For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever."

    But wait, Hillary and Barack are "Christians." Excuse us, Your Beneficents, for forgetting that lie. They are self-ordained bishops in the new Church of Progressive Totalitarianism. "Thou shalt do whatever works" is their First Commandment. "Thou shalt screw your fellow man" is the second.

  10. You have got to be kidding us. The bible is probably the most unethical text ever written. Slavery. Disenfranchisement. Segregation. It goes on and on. Citing that ridiculous text for anything just goes to show how weak the arguments are.

    1. Deer Beer, you spew pure uninformed Marxist propaganda. With people like you, the inhumanity of Communism is bound to repeat itself. At least Christianity and Judaism are on paths toward self-awareness, correction and improvement of man's imperfect nature. That is the best of religion and belief, unlike your cynicism and disbelief which would and does run societies off a cliff of depravity. You need to read the works of Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

      What has your disbelief given the world? The Soviet Gulag. Cambodia's Killing Fields. Rwandan Genocide. Uganda's Idi Amin. There was no self improvement and correction ethic in these secular belief systems. It goes on and on. Reliance on and accountability to a power higher than one's self provides the only lasting way forward to human society and justice. Dog eat dog ethics eventually collapse under their own depravity. Always have. Always will.

      You have changed the truth into a lie and appear to be proud of it. I am sad for you, and will pray that you will come to see the error of your ways.

  11. Email comment by TEX:

    ( Hope this isn't too long... I get carried away. )

    [Editor: Keep 'em coming TEX. You're taking us to school on subjects most of our school ideologues abandoned long ago in exchanged for fat paychecks and titillation.]

    One of the pillars of the new socialist movement in the US is the claim that capitalists ( conservatives) are anti science and ,as a result, our cavalier actions are causing sweet Mother Earth to warm beyond a point wherein man can survive the coming disasters. They call it "anthropogenic" climate change.

    The number one argument posited by the Left is their claim that CO2 is increasing in the atmosphere at a deadly rate and it may be irreversible. It WILL destroy our existence, they say . Well, here's the facts. The current level of CO2 in our atmosphere is .040% ( 400 parts per MILLION) . Historical data is clear that atmospheric CO2 has varied from a high of 7,000 parts per million ( 17.5 times higher than today) during the great Cambrian explosion of life ( 500 million years ago) , down to a low of 180 parts per million during the Quantenary glaciation which occurred two million years ago. The earth has been warming generally since the end of the Quantenary ice age.

    Due to natural factors such as volcanoes, tectonic plate rotations, and hyper sun activity, there have been intermittent warming and cooling periods of some significance for these two million years since the last big glaciation. Only the last 40,000 years has earth been predictably warming. Man caused none of this.

    Scientists agree that our planet is a big ball of cooling rock and dirt, engaged with an insignificant star ( our Sun) , traveling through an insignificant Galaxy, at approximately 250,000 mph. We spin at a predictable rotation , in balance with our average sized moon, at nearly 1,000 mph at our equator. We rotate around our Sun at 66,000 mph . Our orbit and connection to our sister planets travels towards Vega in the constellation of Lyra at 43,000 mph. Our Milky Way galaxy is moving at 1.3 million mph and earth is sucked along as we head towards the Great Attractor ( a large mass of unknown matter) in the direction of the constellations Leo and Virgo. Now , just to add one more speed dimension, our Universe is traveling at near the speed of light ( 670,000,000 mph) as we expand deeper into darkness and nothingness. I only mention these facts to demonstrate how insignificant your 80 mph Cadillac SUV is in relation to our existence. But let me go on.

    The general agreement on the beginning of our universe is that it all started 14.5 billion years ago with an explosion of a single molecule of energy of unknown origin, at an unknown singular location, by an unknown detonator. In a matter of seconds , it is believed that all matter was formed and still exists. That, of course, was The Big Bang. Our planet Earth is believed to have been formed as a big ball of very cold dirt about 4.5 billion years ago. It was the same temperature as all of outer space. Virtually, the same temperature as Minnesota is during the winter months. Some billion years after Earth was formed, our Sun burst into flames and heated our planet to some 10,000* f and it's been cooling ever since.

    ***END, TEX comment, Part 1***

    1. ***BEGIN, TEX comment, Part 2***

      The first significant period of global cooling was called the Proterozoic Age. It occurred after oxygen ( O2) began to combine with hydrogen (H) , our most plentiful element, to form water vapor. This period lasted a million years or so until this vapor trapped heat in the atmosphere and warmed our planet. Ironically, water vapor is still our most prevalent green house gas and it still is a a major factor in our global temperature although the socialists do not want to discuss it.

      Then 650 million years ago we began cooling again. This was our second ice age and is called The Cyrogenian Period. Once again earth became a big snow ball much like the winters in Minnesota. Ice packs emanating from both poles met at the equator. And to think that we then warmed again without coal plants, or car emissions. It is during this warming time frame that the dinosaurs first evolved and roamed the earth emitting very large bodily methane gas leaks ( had to throw that in due to Obama's desire to tax cow farts). This was about 145-200 million years ago. The earth was one single connected land mass called Pangaea. The climate was hot and dry. There were no polar caps. From a flora and fauna standpoint, this was the Jurassic Period which followed the Triassic Period and preceded the Crestaceous Period. At the end of this period, the land masses split apart due to tectonic plate movements, volcanoes, and earthquakes. The oceans were formed.

      About 1.8 million years ago the Pleistocene glaciation began. It literally lasted until just 12,000 years ago. There are many theories about this ice epoch, none proven. It is certain , however, that Homo sapiens were first seen on earth at the beginning of this current warming period. Our Great Lakes and other continental features were formed by the advancing and retreating glaciers from this most recent age. It is quite telling that the ocean levels were 25 feet higher than today and the average temperature at times was 10-12*f warmer than today.......and life blossomed. Millions of new species of life were created. Now compare that to the .15% of one degree Fahrenheit increase over the next 100 years that the liberals claim would cause oceans to rise and life as we know it to cease to exist.

      One of many outcomes of emerging from a frozen planet is the release of gases formerly trapped in ice. This includes methane, argon CO2, and even water vapor. Studies have shown that the current release levels of these green house gases is relevant in billion year increments , but not so much in 100 year increments. Just remember that the first Earth Day in 1971 was created to scare people about global COOLING , not warming. The time frame that the progressives use is laughable.

      Of the research that I have done on this topic , the most alarming is the fact that our Sun is actually creating new and more heat producing fuel through it's nuclear reactions. It is going to get more active and then in 5 billion years will explode into a Red Giant and go nova. It will extinguish itself. Big Al Gore and Obama will blame global warming for our Sun exploding.

      ***END, TEX comment, Part 2***

    2. ***BEGIN, TEX comment, Part 3***

      So why did I send this rant out today? Because this cabal of liars, deceivers, and con men in Washington, DC, have challenged our intelligence. They create phony reasons to limit your freedom, take away your desire to compete, and put you in a corral. They believe that capitalism and personal property are evil.......and they use scare tactics to sell the deal. I have attempted to put our current little human condition into perspective by showing the insignificance of the progressive arguments. Yes, many scientists are supporting this climate changes thing because government funding is their only source of revenue. But many argue against it. Should we be good stewards of our planet....YES. But we don't have to become a socialist country to do that. The best solution is to allow wealthy entrepreneurs to utilize large pools of private capital to develop technologies that scrub our atmosphere and eliminate pollution. That is happening now.

      When it comes down to the bottom line, governments can control us through either coercion or persuasion. Progressives use coercion by taxing, regulating, creating division, and chastising. There is absolutely no clear danger that man is causing climate change. NONE. The biggest dangers are volcanoes going off like Yellowstone, meteors hitting our moon or earth, massive plate readjustments, or massive solar explosions. Yellowstone could cause our entire central corridor to be under miles of ash in a matter of days. A meteor striking our moon and causing it to change positions could cause the earth to gyrate out of control. Just remember the speeds at which our system travels. Please do not allow a current liar, former community organizer who is now a failed president to use his phony argument to further destroy our country. Hillary and/or Sanders would be worse although that is unimaginable. However, they are following his lead to the letter.

      Have a great day, TEX

  12. Whistle blower laws are designed so that the IBM Spy State Cartel can silence them in secret. This blog has proven that Hillary and Bill are two of the kingpins in the cartel, so why would they protect a whistle blower like Edward Snowden? Duhhhhh. Hillary is a disgrace to womanhood.

    Here's confirmation by Edward Snowden:

    Snowden Says Hillary Clinton’s Bogus Statements Show a “Lack of Political Courage” by Jenna McLaughlin, Oct. 16 2015, 6:28 p.m., THE INTERCEPT.

  13. Don't miss Sharyl Attkisson's new weekly TV investigation program FULL MEASURE.


    AP. (Oct. 20, 2015). Jeb Bush Builds Data Operation With Eye on General Election. AP/Newsmax.

    "Jeb Bush and his allies are building a data-driven operation to turn out voters in the general election much later — spending heavily on the assumption he will overcome his sluggish start and win the Republican presidential nomination."

    According to the article, a Bush PAC named "RIGHT TO RISE" is behind this initiative. It is staffed by a former Facebook executive, ANDY BARKETT and his company Digital Core Campaign, who also advises the Republican National Committee.

    The anonymous source said some in the Bush camp thought Barkett's tactics amounted to "illegal coordination." That has not stopped the others from moving forward with this plan to manipulate the 2016 election with Obama's Cartel election manipulation tactics.

    Not surprisingly, a $100,000 donor to RIGHT TO RISE is JAMES W. BREYER, Managing Partner, Accel Partners LLP, and Facebook's largest shareholder. Breyer and Zuckerberg began their illegal solicitation of Stanford programmers to write apps for the Leader Technologies invention stolen by the IBM ECLIPSE FOUNDATION CARTEL.


    Also see:

    JAMES W. BREYER DONATION TO RIGHT TO RISE, May 28, 2015 (Federal Election Commission)

    1. JEB BUSH 2015 Financial Disclosure shows heavy investments in the IBM Eclipse Cartel, further confirming the findings that the Cartel has both Republican and Democratic members.

      Among Bush's Cartel holdings are: DocuSign, JPMorgan, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, Wells Fargo, CGI Group (Obamacare), Goldma Sachs, HSBC, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.

    2. Take a look at this list of banks whose young bank executives have been killed in suspicious circumstances like suicide, drowning, hit and run and "unknown." Whistle blowers on the Cartel? Hey bank executives, take a lesson from Edward Snowden. Protect yourselves first. Don't tell a soul what you are going to do. Let them find out when your whistle blowing becomes public. Stick your information on a thumb drive or portable hard drive. Go to the Guardian. They seem to be the only reliable MSM outlet. Otherwise, consider going to WikiLeaks or ICIJ where the HSBC Whistleblower Hervé Falciani went.

      Why do we continue to let these MORAL LOSERS run our banking systems?

      Guest. (Jan. 25, 2015). List of Dead Bankers 2015. ValueWalk.

      ABN Amro
      AIAK Group
      Anatevka SA
      Bank Ans-Saint-Nicholas
      Bank Frick & Co. AG
      Bank of America
      Bank of Scotland
      Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi
      Credit Suisse
      Doral Financial
      Dresdner Bank
      Duetche Bank
      First Meta Bitcoin
      M&T Bank
      Markstone Capital Group
      Mass Mutual
      Merrill Lynch
      Monte dei Paschi di Siena
      Morgan Stanley
      Shenfiled City
      Swiss Re AG
      West Siberian Bank of Sberbank

    3. Tell me again why we citizens are allowing these people to run our financial lives when they can't even keep their executives alive.

      Cut2thetruth. (Nov. 23, 2014). Financial Murder Conspiracy: 48 Dead Bank Executives of 2014 (LIST).

      Note the high number of IBM-Eclipse-Facebook Cartel member bankers in this list of largely "suicides": JPMorgan (11), Citi (1), Morgan (1), RBS (1), Deutsche Bank (2), Wells Fargo (1), Bank of America (2)

      1. Shawn D. Miller, Citibank, suicide
      2. Julian Knott, JPMorgan, suicide
      3. Richard P. Gravino, JPMorgan, suicide
      4. James McDonald, Rockefeller, bullet to the head
      5. Thomas J. Schenkman, JPMorgan, unknown
      6. Naseem Mubeen, ZTBL, suicide
      7. Daniel Leaf, Bank of Scotland, fell off a cliff
      8. Nigel Sharvin, Ulster Bank, drowned
      9. Lydia, People's Bank Bred, suicide
      10. Li Jianhua, Chinese Regulator, working too much
      11. Benedict Phillippens, BNP Paribas Fortis Bank, assassinated
      12. Tanji Dewberry, WL Ross, burned
      13. Amir Kess, Markstone Capital, hit and run
      14. Juergen Frick, Bank Frick, shot
      15. Jan Peter Schittmann, ABN Amero, suicide
      16. Andrew Jarzyk, New Jersey bank manager, drowned?
      17. Mohamed Hamwi, Trepp, shot
      18. Joseph A. Giampapa, JPMorgan, hit and run
      19. Kenneth Bellandro, JPMorgan, suicide
      20. John Ruiz, Morgan Stanley, "suddenly"
      21. Jason A. Salais, JPMorgan, "sudden"
      22. Autumn Radke, American Bitcoin Exchange, suicide
      23. James Stuart, Jr., Lincoln Bank, found dead
      24. Edmund Reilly, Vertical Group, run over by train
      25. Li Junjie, JPMorgan, suicide
      26. Ryan Crane, JPMorgan, unknown
      27. Richard Talley, American Title, suicide
      28. Gabriel Magee, JPMorgan, suicide
      29. William Broeksmit, Deutsche Bank, suicide
      30. Mike Duecker, Russell Inv., fell of embankment
      31. Karl Slym, Tata Motors, suicide
      32. Tim Dickenson, Swiss Re AG, unknown,
      33. Robert Wilson, NY Hedge Fund, suicide
      34. Joseph M. Ambrosio, JPMorgan, poisoned?
      35. Benjamin Idim, Diamond Bank, mysterious car crash
      36. Susan Hewitt, Deutsche Bank, drowned
      37. Pat Sheehan, Wells Fargo, car crash
      38. Michael A. Turner, poisoned?
      39. Venera Minakhmetova, Bank of America, hit and run
      40. Michael Burdin, Bank of America, suicide
      41. Ezdehar Husainat, JPMorgan, crash
      42. Guy Ratovondrahona, Central Bank of Madagascar, sudden stroke
      43. Pierre Wauthier, AGM, suicide
      44. Hussain, Najadi, AmBank Grouo, shot
      45. Carsten Schloter, Swisscom, suicide
      46. Sasha Schornsetin, Royal Bank of Scotland, plane crash
      47. David W. Waygood, UK Bankwer, stress
      48. David Rossie, MPS Bank, suicide

  15. Lawyer Who Repped Ceglia Sues Facebook Founder for Slander
    The Recorder
    Solo practitioner Paul Argentieri represented New York businessman Paul Ceglia in a 2010 suit that claimed Zuckerberg owed Ceglia an 84 percent ...


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