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Friday, June 20, 2014


Leader Technologies' former patent counsel advised Congress on Secrecy; people close to him are protecting Facebook and the IRS

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jun. 20, 2014, Updated Jun. 26, 2014 | PDF
Fisa Court Judge Dennis F. Saylor, IV, is a card carrying member of the Facebook Cartel

Dennis F. Saylor, IV, FISA Court, Judge
Dennis F. Saylor, IV, FISA Judge, Harvard. Holdings. Photo: Mass Lawyers
Update Jun. 25, 2014Click here to view Judge Dennis F. Saylor, IV's 2012 financial disclosure analyzed by investigators today reveals 72% of his up to $3.4 million financial holdings in Facebook interests. Surveillance authorizations issued by Judge Saylor authorizing any company in his financial portfolio, including Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Athenahealth, Castlight Health, CGI Group, Accenture, Xerox, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, State Street Corp. or any other financial holding is a conflict of interest. In addition, Judge Saylor holds Fidelity Contrafund, just like Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., Eric H. Holder, Jr., Leader v. Facebook Judge Kimberly A. Moore, and an exclusive group of senior administration and judicial officials with insider knowledge of the Washington scandals.
Update Jun. 23, 2014
"Almost a Parallel Supreme Court"

In their hubris, FISA court knows what's best for AmericaThe Secret FISA Court
Fig. 1—FISA Court has expanded its powers over our entire national communications infrastructure, unilaterally—without public debate. Does this conduct have the distinct odor of Harvard / Ivy League hubris? See the list of likely participants below. Photo: NewBoyPost (UK).
FISA Court Duplicity
James E. Boasberg, FISA Court Judge
James E. Boasberg, Judge, FISA Court, Yale. Photo: Wikipedia.

Click here for a list of the FISA Court judges. A quick review of Judge James E. Boasberg shows a mountain of conflicting interests in which his decisions affect his financial holdings. Click here for an analysis of his Facebook Cartel holdings alone. Bottom line, Judge B. has up to $2.1 million worth of reasons to make decisions favorable to the Facebook Cartel.

In fact, Judge B. holds some of the same T.Rowe Price Sci & Tech Fund shares as Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. that holds Facebook stock directly.

Roberts appointed Boasberg. No wonder they want to kill Leader Technologies.
On Jul. 8, 2013, a New York Times article titled "In Secret, Court Vastly Broadens Powers of N.S.A." wrote about this shadowy group of lawyers who are taking over our national communications infrastructure, stating "[the FISA court] has quietly become almost a parallel Supreme Court, serving as the ultimate arbiter on surveillance issues."

Ask yourself, why would our U.S. judicial officals let these people get away with this abuse of the U.S. Constitution unless they were in on the hijacking?

The Times article continued, "In one of the court’s most important decisions, the judges have expanded the use in terrorism cases of a legal principle known as the “special needs” doctrine and carved out an exception to the Fourth Amendment’s requirement of a warrant for searches and seizures, the officials said."

This group clearly thinks they are above the law. Click here for PDF of this Times article.
Fox News' Megyn Kelly interviewed Cleta Mitchelle, attorney for Tea Party groups who were targeted by the IRS. Mitchell said "There's something crazy about this." Perhaps this blog post helps explain why the people driving the IRS cover-up are so "snippy."
Fig. 2—Fox News' Megyn Kelly interviewed Cleta Mitchell, attorney for Tea Party groups who were targeted by the IRS. Mitchell said "There's something crazy about this." Perhaps this latest blog post helps explain why the people driving the IRS cover-up are so "snippy." The perpetrators are secretly invoking national security secrecy with impunity and know they have the ultimate excuse for their actions. (Click on the image above to view the interview.) Photo: Fox News.

(Jun. 20, 2014)—Disgraced Federal Circuit Chief Judge Randall R. Rader (see previous posts: Post 1; Post 2) and Senator Orrin Hatch have more in common than the fact that Rader worked for Hatch on the Senate Judiciary Committee—they were both advised on national secrecy by Law Professor James P. Chandler, III.

Like the hit TV drama 24, the following occurred between 8:00 and 9:00 am today. It just came to us, like Marshmallow Man, an oversized, obvious public spectacle.

Senator Orrin Hatch has weighed in on the latest revelations that the IRS has destroyed Lois Lerner's emails, despite the multiple laws that such destruction violates.

they can defy the law and succeed?

Who would have the temerity to authorize such destruction? Clearly, it is someone who is very familiar with our legal system, like a law professor who specializes in matters of national security. Perhaps this person is privy to little known laws, used only in secret, that justify such actions under the darkness of national secrecy.  

Perhaps this person, in secret of course, concocts legal theories based on these obscure state secrecy laws. Then, he recites those "findings" to unsuspecting IRS officials, who feel compelled to comply under threat of jail time for resisting.

Shadow National Security Government

Does Senator Orrin Hatch know about the activities of these people? Are they his friends? Is this group attempting to get ahead of the investigation by pretending to be scandalized by it? By feigning concern, he and others in Congress could learn what the investigators know and steer it in a different direction to suit their goals. Stranger things have happened in Congress.

Such actions would be those of a secret, shadow government that is not beholden to Congress or the People, but instead, it is led by a group of people who know they can break the law with impunity and excuse themselves under the cover of national secrecy.

Randall R. Rader, Disgraced Federal Circuit Chief Judge, linked to this group

Rader served as Senator Hatch’s chief counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee in the mid 1990’s during the passage of the Federal Trade Secrets and Economic Espionage Act of 1996 (EEA).

During those hearings over multiple years, leaders from every intelligence agency, law enforcement and the judiciary testified. Never before had such an august body of people focused on the subject of security and secrecy. This would have been an opportune time for individuals bent on seizing power to build a powerful, one-of-a-kind Rolodex and list of IOUs.

National Secrets invoked in IRS Lerner E-mail Destruction?

Professor James P. Chandler, III, President, National Intellectual Property Law Institute (NIPLI)
Fig. 3—Professor James P. Chandler, III (center) pictured with participants from China in a National Intellectual Property Institute (NIPLI) Symposium hosted in Washington D.C. on Nov. 13, 2006. The delegation was led by Chen Benfa, Deputy Director General of Sichuan Provincial Intellectual Property Right Administration, and Wang Hong, Deputy Director General of De Yang Municipal IPR Administration. Photo: NIPLI.

The prime mover and author of the EEA was Professor James P. Chandler, III, President of the National Intellectual Property Law Institute and Professor Emeritus of intellectual property law at George Washington University.

After the passage of the Act, Professor Chandler advised the Department of Justice and the White House on prosecution of the Economic Espionage Act (EEA) for more than a decade. During that time he became Leader Technologies' patent counsel, along with Fenwick & West LLP, according to the Leader v. Facebook trial records, and confirmed by Leader officials.

These relationships among Professor Chandler, Randall R. Rader, Senator Orrin Hatch and the EEA have been verified by officials at the Government Printing Office.

Included among the U.S. Attorneys and judicial officials that Professor Chandler advised were Eric H. Holder, Jr., Leonard P. Stark, T. S. Ellis, III, and Preetinder “Preet” Bharara. David J. Kappos at IBM was a Chandler faculty member and client.

National Security—The Ultimate Excuse For Cover-up and Deception

Interestingly, the following list of friends of Professor Chandler are central figures in the Obama administration and litigation involving Facebook. President Barack and Michael Obama have over 53 million “Likes” and Facebook's illegitimate claims to "open source" technology are being cited as the justification to embed the Leader Technologies' inventions at and the IRS, under the direction of Obama's chief technology officer, Todd Y. Park.

  1. Eric H. Holder (H) = Attorney General, Chandler faculty
  2. Leonard P. Stark (Y) = District Judge, Chandler client
  3. T. S. Ellis, III (H) = District Judge, Chandler faculty
  4. Amy B. Jackson (H) = District Judge, Chandler client
  5. PEETINDER "Preet" Bharara (H) = So. District of NY, U.S. Attorney, Chandler client
  6. David J. Kappos (CA) = former Patent Office Director, IBM, Chandler client
  7. Randall R. Rader (GW) = former Federal Circuit Chief Judge, Chandler faculty, client
  8. Alan D. Lourie (H) = Federal Circuit Judge, Chandler client
  9. Lawrence H. Summers (H) = Harvard President, Chandler campadre
  10. Sheryl K. Sandberg (H) = Facebook COO, Chandler campadre
  11. Todd Y. Park (H) = U.S. CTO, Chandler client
  12. Thomas J. Kim (H) = S.E.C. Chief Counsel, Chandler client
  13. Sylvia M. Burwell (H) = HHS Secretary, Chandler client
  14. James W. Breyer (H) = Accel Partners, Facebook's largest shareholder, Chandler campadre
  15. Ping Li (H) = Accel Partners, Facebook's largest shareholder, Chandler campadre
  16. James Swartz (H) = Accel Partners, Facebook's largest shareholder, Chandler campadre
  17. Mark Zuckerberg (H, sort of) = Facebook, Chandler fabrication
  18. Mary L. Schapiro (GW) = SEC, Chandler client
  19. Jamie Dimon (H) = JPMorgan, Chandler campadre
  20. Lloyd Blankfein (H) = Goldman Sachs, Chandler campadre
  21. Barack H. Obama (H) = President, Chandler client
  22. Michelle L. R. Obama (H) = First Lady, Chandler client
  23. Todd Y. Park (H) = U.S. Chief Technology Officer, Chandler campadre
  24. John G. Roberts, Jr. (H) = Chief Justice, Chandler campadre
  25. Elena Kegan (H) = Associate Justice, Chandler campadre
  26. Antonin Scalia (H) = Associate Justice, Chandler campadre
  27. Anthony Kennedy (H) = Associate Justice, Chandler campadre
  28. Ruth Bader Ginsberg (H) = Associate Justice, Chandler campadre
  29. Dennis F. Saylor, IV (H) = Judge, FISA Court, Chandler client
  30. James E. Boasberg, (Y) = Judge, FISA Court, Chandler client
  31. James P. Chandler, III (H, GW) = author, EEA

(H) = Harvard, (Y) = Yale, (GW) = George Washington, (CA) = Univ. of CA

Russia Map
Fig. 4—Ironically, Harvard's motto is Veritas which is Latin for "Truth." The former Soviet Union's Communist Party newspaper, Pravda, also means "Truth." Question is: Whose Truth are these Harvard people foisting on America?

Score: Harvard—26 out of 31

What's wrong with this picture? See previous post "Global Surveillance Technocracy Uncovered."

Global Surveillance Agenda—IRS & HHS data required

Professor Chandler’s close relationships keep popping up at every point in what is clearly an agenda to establishment a global surveillance platform that gives the NSA a free access into the most intimate aspects of our lives. It is every security officer's dream who is willing to play fast and loose with the U.S. Constitution. The temptation to line one's pockets in the process, with the cooperation of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the Judiciary, the White House and some members of Congress, appears to be a collateral benefit that few have resisted.

Chandler & Harvard: kingpins or victims?

Perhaps Lois Lerner’s email disappeared because the information in them pointed to this shadowy group. Is Chandler the kingpin, or is the shadowy group using him? Perhaps this explains why these people act with such hubris—because they know they can cover-up all of their wrongdoing.

Tom Clancy couldn’t make this up. The facts don’t lie.

Whistleblowers at the IRS, and on Benghazi are encouraged to come forward.

These threats leveled against you to keep silent are unconstitutional. These folks are using the excuse of national security to line their pockets and those of their conspirators. You have no obligation to cover-up their sins. If you are afraid of retribution, post anonymous clues on blogs and websites. Point us in the right direction. Get moving!

For the preservation of the Republic, please come forward

* * *


  1. WOW! David Cisco, it is easy to see that you that you drink from the Facebook “cesspool”! Your statement is typical of trying to divert attention away from the FACTS!!!!
    You probably don’t believe there is anything going on about Benghazi or the IRS scandal! To think that just because the press is not “ravenously exploring” this scandal, therefore it can’t be true????????
    It is a tremendous scandal, but, greed and power overshadow it to try and cover up. People like you try and divert attention from it. Why not address some of the specifics such as, ethics violations from the parties involved. Missing hard drives that “miraculously” appear when it is needed for defense in another case, just to name a few items!
    Steve Forbes best described our news agencies when he was asked about the IRS scandal, he states,” It is a big cover up”, he then goes on to state, “major media outside of Fox has been studiously ignoring this thing!” (IRS Scandal)
    So, the IRS scandal is nothing too, according to your observations? That topic is for another blog anyway!

  2. "Facebook's illegitimate claims to "open source" technology are being cited as the justification to embed the Leader Technologies' inventions at and the IRS"

    Sorry but what are you smoking? Show me one example where Facebook has ever claimed its software was open source.

    And Leader's technology is now embedded into the IRS too? Your sense of self importance is absolutely legion. I'm sure the next post will claim that NASA is using Leader's patent.

  3. Sorry Mark. Not going to help you. If you aren't aware of these claims, you should double check with your client. Of all the facts here, for you to focus on this point is evidence enough of the Cartel's goal. The abuse of the U.S. Constitution, if continued, will destroy this country, and yet you fiddle like Nero. Shame.

  4. Just reread some of the Guardian UK coverage on the Snowden disclosures about the FISA Court and the NSA Operation Prism. Check out this quote:

    *****QUOTE, begin*****
    "The [FISA revisions to the original act] act also gives the director of national intelligence and the ATTORNEY GENERAL power to permit obtaining intelligence information, and INDEMNIFIES internet companies against any actions arising as a result of co-operating with authorities' requests.

    In short, where previously the NSA needed individual authorisations, and confirmation that all parties were outside the USA, they now need only reasonable suspicion that one of the parties was outside the country at the time of the records were collected by the NSA.

    The document also shows the FBI acts as an intermediary between other agencies and the tech companies, and stresses its reliance on the participation of US internet firms, claiming "access is 100% dependent on ISP provisioning"."
    *****QUOTE, end*****

    Hmmmmmmmmmm. Let's see. Attorney General Eric Holder is invested in Facebook, LinkedIn, Baidu, Dropbox, Workday, Accenture, Athenahealth, Castlight Health (, Groupon, Zynga, IBM, Wal-Mart, Verisign, Boston Scientific, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and Time Warner.

    Nonetheless, the FISA Court gives Holder almost dictatorial powers to monitor those same internet platforms. Isn't that the ultimate conflict of interest? As we're seeing now, many of the FISA judges hold those same stocks.

    Even more priceless, the FISA court has INDEMNIFIED those providers. No wonder their User License Agreements are so slimy. More crooked Washington and Silicon Valley lawyers writing sneaky s---t agreements.

    Who elso has the FISA Court SECRETLY INDEMNIFIED? The White House? Members of Congress? Heads of Agencies? The Patent Office? This is sick, sick, sick if true.

    *****CITATION, begin*****
    Here's the Guardian article:
    "NSA Prism program taps in to user data of Apple, Google and others" by Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian, Jun. 6, 2013.
    *****CITATION, end*****

  5. Your aren't going to believe this find. Sorry it's long, but it's good.

    Proof that Barack Obama lied about NSA spying on Americans on June 7, 2013:

    Pres. Obama: “…they're not looking at content”

    -White House:

    The five-page FISA court opinion on Dec. 12, 2008 (link below) proves that the President lied to the American people, when, in fact, the FISA Court―just one month after his election―expanded the NSA’s ability to collect actual content and not just metadata.

    Here’s the smoking gun legalese:

    Legalese: “the Court is persuaded that this objective is better served by the interpretation that the records sought in this case are obtainable pursuant to a section 1861 order.”

    English Translation: “Eric Holder can get whatever he wants to get, from whomever he wants to get it, and he can indemnify them from any liability for giving it to him.”

    (In 50 USCA Section 1861, “tangible things” means anything; it is not limited to metadata. Further, 1861 allows FBI agents, with only the approval of the Attorney General – soon-to-be Eric H. Holder, Jr. (appointed Feb. 3, 2009, 7 weeks later)– to simply certify their suspicions without coming to the FISA Court. Facebook signed on to the program on Jun. 3, 2009, according to Eric Snowden’s whistle blowing. Eric Holder and Chief Justice Roberts, among others, were invested in Facebook.)


    -Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) Supplemental Opinion, Dec. 12, 2008 (Judge Reggie B. Walton expanding FISA document production to include actual content and not just metadata)

    See also:

  6. Wow Rain. You get an attaboy/girl. Our people are on it.

  7. one difference between the Pentagon Papers and WikiLeaks is that the Pentagon Papers did not disclose illegal acts

    Americans as 'vulnerable' to NSA surveillance as foreigners, despite Fourth Amendment

    By manipulating Internet traffic to push American data outside of the country, the NSA can vacuum up vast amounts of US citizen data for intelligence purposes, a new report warns.

    Facebook (low information voter) "likes" are credited with winning obama the rigging of the 2008 and 2012 elections. AND THEY DID THIS KNOWING THAT FACEBOOK WAS STOLEN???? they got Obama in by micro election-targeting these voting subgroups on facebook and the pay of was Paulson Bernanke and Tim Geithner got in, and Paulson and Bernanke ask congress for $700 billion to bail out the banks IT WAS ALL A SET UP, Obama was in on this how can you resist 5 million blow-jobs by clicking the like button that was stolen from the Van der Meer family
    At the end of the day and all the lying Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea facebook, David contacted Van der Meer family to inform them about the stolen idea facebook and that mark zuckerberg was going to steal the idea the like Button from the Van der Meer family David london sent copy's of the emails of how Zuckerberg stole facebook Van der Meer contacted his law firm about this but you can see every one stole every thing


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