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Friday, July 15, 2016


Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg drives fake "Lean In" feminists   for the secret spy agency formed by Bill Clinton in 1995—Trump threatens their hegemony

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Jul. 15, 2016, Updated Jul. 19, 2016 | PDF
Hillary's kept girls of silicon valley
Fig. 1–On Feb. 16, 2011, Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl K. Sandberg emailed Hillary Clinton and her chief aide Cheryl D. Mills. This email was stonewalled by the State Department during a Judicial Watch FOIA request and was only released recently by Judge Sullivan’s order. The email gives detailed insight into the massive collusion among Hillary Clinton, the State Department, the Obama Administration, Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Sandberg invited Hillary to attend a private dinner in her home titled “the Women of Silicon Valley.” She cited a CNN Money–Forbes article that highlights four woman in the puffery article as new female leaders in Silicon Valley. However, we now know that these women were chosen not for their skill and creativity, but for their willingness to follow the orders of a secret White House spy agency that President Bill Clinton first established in 1995 by Executive Order No. 12958. The truth is, these women are nothing more than kept women from Silicon Valley for Hillary and Bill Clinton and their crony capitalist co-conspirators in a massive RICO racketeering organized crime syndicate.

The meaning of "Handlers" is explained below.
Base Photo: Robert Maxwell..

(Jul. 15, 2016)Silicon Valley media pumps out endless self-adulating drivel about the Valley's supposed genius for innovation. Given the continuous references to “smart people in Silicon Valley” it is clear that America’s political class has been taken in.

Thinking pundits are finally seeing the cracks in the fabricated monument to Silicon Valley.

Few know or remember that Silicon Valley started after the U.S. government set up electronic silicon chip manufacturing there back in the days when computers with the computing power of an iPhone took up whole city blocks to operate. Message: Feed a monkey enough play money and even he will eventually get it right.

That's not inherent genius, that's trial and error with We The People's tax dollars. The flow of taxpayer dollars into the Valley never stopped after that. The dirty little secret about the Valley is that it was founded with taxpayer dollars and driven by spies.

That was during the Cold War when the enemy was clear: the Soviet Union and Communism.

As the Soviet Union was collapsing, the direction of Silicon Valley shifted when Bill Clinton became president in 1993. Hindsight shows now that it became a monument to greed and power mongering as these former spies began lining their pockets while still using "national security" as the overarching rationale and excuse for secrecy.

Silicon Valley's mission shifted from fighting communism to lining crony pockets

The American public was oblivious to this shift in priority from anti-Communism to the self-enrichment of spies and their crony capitalists, mainly because these purveyors used the old secrecy rules to hide their collusion.

Just about the time questions started being asked about the logic of the trillions of dollars being pumped into Silicon Valley, these insiders realized that they needed a new enemy that could continue to justify their secrecy. A majority of these unscrupulous individuals were from Harvard Law.

Uh, terrorism. That's the ticket. Yeh, that's it. Global too. Yeh.

Global terrorism was born. It has served them well as a worthy replacement for the U.S.S.R. threat.

Bill Clinton signed an Executive Order No. 12958 in 1995 that was the foundation for the current American spy state abuse of the U.S. Constitution. It is all legal. Sort of. A White House spy agency crafted out of Executive Orders is accountable only to the President and not Congress. The authority for such executive orders is constitutionally dubious. In this case, the abuse of power is so far over the top, it is undoubtedly illegal. This secret agency has been feeding dirt on everyone on the planet to these insiders for more than a decade.

No wonder Bill and Hillary get $200,000+ speaking fees by snapping their fingers. No wonder normal give and take in Washington, D.C. and in the world is so upside down. When Constitutional respect for privacy and property was so wantonly ignored by those in whom we placed our trust, abuse of power replaced it.

Blackmail: No wonder Bill and Hillary get $200,000+ speaking fees by snapping their fingers.

This spy state agency dictates the new rules in Silicon Valley. It funds companies that support their hidden agenda, and provides no funding to those that follow the U.S. Constitution.  Experience shows most take the money and become companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Intel, Microsoft, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype, Cisco, Oracle, yada yada yada. You get the picture.

Hillary Clinton appointed Secretary of State by Barack Obama in 2009

Barack Obama appointed Clinton as Secretary of State and then gave her near free reign over America’s foreign policy. That was the first tip off.

Turns out, we believe, that Barack Obama himself was a Manchurian candidate for this secret White House executive order spy agency. He was put in place to enable the secret Clinton spy agency to perfect a full global digital takeover under the cover of his presidency. We will present enough proofs in this post to prove this beyond doubt. The evidence uncovered is now unmistakable. The IBM Eclipse Foundation was the technical driver.

Barack Obama appointed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State on Jan. 21, 2009.

On Jun. 03, 2009, we know from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden that Facebook began illegally feeding all user data, including that of American citizens, to the NSA.

On Jul. 09, 2009, Hillary, shadow adviser Sidney Blumenthal, and chief policy adviser Ann-Marie Slaughter were drafting strategy documents to use Facebook and Twitter as their go-to "eDipolomacy" communications tools.

On Sep. 26, 2009, Hillary and the State Department contracted with Facebook for a “template for winning elections.” Never mind that it is illegal for federal officials to tamper with U.S. elections. Never mind that Columbus innovator Leader Technologies had filed suit against Facebook for infringing their social networking patent, rending Hillary's activity obstruction of justice, and making the Hillary's collaboration with Facebook RICO racketeering—organized crime.

During this period Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook stonewalled all discovery of Zuckerberg’s 2003-2004 Harvard files, documents and emails. After the Federal Circuit appeals court protected Facebook too it was discovered that his attorneys lied about their full possession of 28 Zuckerberg computer devices and Harvard emails. It was also discovered that the spymasters inside this secret and unconstitutional White House spy agency got most of these Leader v. Facebook judges their jobs.

Leader later proved in federal court that the engine running Facebook was indeed Leader’s social networking invention on all 11 of 11 claims. Nonetheless, a sycophant judiciary including Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. (appointed in 2005 at the recommendations of the spymasters) rallied around Facebook in evident collusion with the White House.

On Dec. 31, 2009, Barack Obama signed Executive Order No. 13536 making Hillary part of an inner circle of seven calling all the shots on national security.

On Jun. 29, 2010, Hillary approved the Uranium One deal with Vladimir Putin that generated over $150 million in donations to The Clinton Foundation. It also gave the Russians control of part of America’s strategic uranium reserve.

On Jul. 19-20, 2010, the Leader v. Facebook trial resulted in a split verdict. Leader proved Facebook infringes its social networking patent on 11 of 11 claims.

Hillary clearly did not care that Facebook used stolen property—she obstructed justice to exploit Facebook for Clinton Foundation

On Sep. 30, 2010, Hillary entered a $265,000 contract with Facebook for a "template for election winning."

On Oct. 01, 2010, The Social Network false narrative movie about Facebook’s supposed origins was distributed. A sycophant mainstream media accepted the story without question—proof that the Free Press was complicit, having been paid off by billions of dollars in Wall Street funding long before.

On Nov. 16, 2010, a Raytheon whistleblower leaked video of Riot software for tracking anybody on social media 24x7x365. Riot combined Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, personal photos, personal information, family, friends, colleagues, biographical profile, police records, property records, writings, predilections, chats, video, etc. Clearly, Facebook was in the spy state plan and Leader Technologies’ patent claims (and those of others like Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam and Johannes Van der Meer) were not to be acknowledged.

Hillary and State DEPT stonewalled these exchanges among Hillary, Mills and Sandberg—proof of collusion with Facebook and Silicon Valley

Hillary and the State Department stonewalled a Feb. 16, 2011 email exchange between Hillary (“H”), Cheryl D. Mills and Facebook COO Sheryl K. Sandberg.

The email is an extraordinary recitation of the collusion among Hillary, Facebook and the State Department.

In now familiar sycophantic form, Sandberg praised Hillary for her “important and thoughtful speech” on Internet Freedom. Never mind that Facebook helped draft the speech and included four mentions of Facebook and three about Twitter.

Among the remarkable revelations is Sandberg’s discussion of “field testing elements of the framework” which we now know from other stonewalled emails included many contracts to build “a template for winning elections” focused on the 2010 midterms. (See Sep. 26, 2009 and Sep. 30, 2010 above.) This American Secretary of State had turned software framework developer, even though FBI Director Comey just testified that Hillary was not very technically sophisticated. Question: Who was driving this bus? Answer: The spy state Cartel. No wonder Hillary did not want her emails on State Department systems.

Sandberg invited Hillary to speak at an exclusive and “always completely off-the-record” dinner series in her home named “Women of Silicon Valley.”

Laughably, after telling Hillary the dinners were confidential, Sandberg gave Hillary a CNN Money-Fortune link titled “The new valley girls” featuring Sandberg talking about the dinners. Sandberg thus deceived the U.S. Secretary of State by saying her dinners were “completely off-the-record” when, in fact, she had already made them public.

The CNN-Fortune article touts four Silicon Valley women as the new face of female executives in technology.

Look at us folks, we're powerful girls!

Fig. 2–On Feb. 16, 2011, in an email to Hillary Clinton and her aide Cheryl D. Mills, Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl K. Sandberg cited a CNN Money–Forbes article that highlights four woman in a long puffery article as new female leaders in Silicon Valley. The reality is these girls are merely good order takers for their spy state Cartel handlers Larry Summers, James W. Breyer and Marc Andreessen. From left to right: "Gina Bianchini, CEO of Ning, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy runs Asian and Latin American ops at Google, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, and Theresia Gouw Ranzetta deploys capital at Accel Partners."

Note that the two girls on the left are mere props with absolutely no prior distinction in their lives other than looks (tee hee). The two on the right, Sandberg and Ranzetta, are long-time James W. Breyer, Accel Partners LLP venture capital goats.
Photo: Robert Maxwell..

New Jul. 16, 2016!
The New Silicon Valley Girls are the best girls that NSA money can buy

The best faked Silicon Valley gender diversity that spy state money can buy

Truth is these women are mere props for the NSA spy state Cartel. None of them is distinguished by anything other than their ability to follow the orders of their male handlers. None have created anything.

What they are good at is sucking up to their male handlers, cashing their checks, dying their hair black and wearing black power suits. In short, they clean up well.

The attractive ones didn’t earn that either. They got that from their parents. Nonetheless, they are well known in the Valley for throwing around their cuteness with aplomb in order to divert attention from questions about their actual accomplishments.

The clear message of this CNN-Fortune article is: It is just too bad that you poor, unattractive female sods are not as successful as us [hair dutifully thrown over the left shoulder on cue].

The Kept Girls of Silicon Valley

Far from liberating women, these women reinforce the negative stereotypes of the kept woman. In their cases, they are kept in Silicon Valley to give the world the illusion of gender diversity in technology, when in fact, they are female slaves to a spy state organized crime racket that pays them well.

It is worth noting that Sheryl Sandberg’s husband, David Goldberg, died recently under dubious circumstances while on vacation in Mexico with the kids. The official story is that he fell off a jogging machine in the hotel next to where he was staying, hit his head and died of a brain aneurysm. He was only 47. Yeh, right. Goldberg's death joins an epidemic of JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank alleged "suicides" that are never fully investigated. Curiously, both banks are Facebook/Sandberg underwriters.

At Goldberg’s funeral, Sandberg delivered all too perfect tears and a made for TV eulogy. Message: Hillary's main Silicon Valley girl is free again. Rumor has it that she and her serial boss, Larry Summers, have been sweet on each other since her Harvard days in the early 1990’s. Summers was her senior thesis adviser before dragging her along with him to the World Bank, then to various Treasury Department offices, and eventually his chief of staff as Bill Clinton's Treasury Secretary.

Hillary's kept girls of Silicon Valley featured in the CNN-Fortune article are:

  1. Sheryl K. Sandberg―Facebook
  2. Gina Bianchini―Ning
  3. Sukhinder Singh Cassidy—Google
  4. Theresia Gouw Ranzetta―Accel Partners

The spy state men driving these women are a now familiar group of criminals:

  1. Lawrence H. “Larry” Summers
  2. James W. Breyer
  3. Marc Andreessen

The spy state handlers of the Silicon Valley's Girls

Lawrence H. Smummers
Lawrence H. Summers

For new AFI readers, Larry Summers has led this charge to takeover the global digital infrastructure ever since Bill Clinton came to power he became Clinton’s Treasury Secretary. Summers is almost single handedly responsible for destroying the Glass-Steagall separation of banks between investments and everyday bank. This failure to check banker greed has given rise to “too big to fail banks” like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, State Street, Barclays, HSBC and UBS. Tellingly, Obama put Summers in charge of dolling out the 2008 bail out funds that these banks used to fund the social media world, starting with Facebook. This world had two objectives, takeover global digital infrastructure and permanently takeover political infrastructures controlled by these crony capitalists.

James W. Breyer
James W. Breyer

James W. Breyer is managing partner of Accel Partners LLP. Breyer was Facebook’s first official venture capital. Former chairman and still a director. Largest inside Facebook stockholder after Zuckerberg. Directed the pump-and-dump Facebook initial public offering. Moving all his marbles to China where his father, John P. Breyer, set up shop 20 years ago (IDG-Accel Capital). Was chairman of the National Venture Capital Association in 2004 with the CIA venture firm In-Q-Tel. What more do you need to know about his secret spy state agenda. (There is a lot more to know about his abandonment of American entrepreneurs in favor of all things China. Readers should also know that Breyer cashed in $6.51 billion (with a "B") of his Facebook stock on the third day of public trading. Insiders are supposed to hold stock, not dump it like that. However, Breyer's Cartel people were running the SEC, so he knew there would be no consequence. In fact, the SEC Chair Mary L. Schapiro, held more Facebook interests than anyone in the Obama Administration—51 funds.)

Marc L. Andreessen
Marc Andreessen

Marc L. Andreessen helped invent the Netscape browser at the University of Illinois. Everything since then has been fraudulent. He is a Facebook, Ning and Instagram director. At Instagram he brought in Larry Summers as a director right before that public offering. Andreessen filed for patents in 2005 that listed Leader Technologies’ invention as prior art, but his law firm, Fenwick & West LLP, Leader’s former counsel, subsequently failed to disclose Leader invention on hundreds of Facebook patents subsequently filed. This constitutes massive fraud on the Patent Office. But the Patent Office has turned a blind eye, of course. Obama's Patent Office has been run by former IBM chief intellectual property counsel, David J. Kappos—the co-founder of the IBM Eclipse Foundation in 2001. Eclipse distributes the platform source code to the entire spy state (Eclipse IDE-Integrated Development Environment).

Obama met with Hillary's Silicon Valley boys and girls the day after Sandberg's email

A day later, on Feb. 17, 2016, Barack Obama hosted a private dinner in Silicon Valley for his private social media intelligence agency. Obama’s dinner included:

Barack Obama (U.S. President), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO), Steve Jobs (Apple CEO), Steve Westly (Westly Group Partner), John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins Partner), Ann Doerr (John Doerr Spouse), Eric Schmidt (Google CEO), Art Levinson (Genentech Chairman), John Chambers (Cisco CEO), Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO), Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO), John Hennessy (Stanford Univ. President), Carol Bartz (Yahoo CEO) and Dick Costolo (Twitter CEO)
Fig. 3—On Feb. 17, 2011, President Obama toasted their deception of the American public and the world with 13 members of the IBM Eclipse Foundation NSA Spy State Cartel in Silicon Valley. Conspirators pictured are Barack Obama (U.S. President), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO), Steve Jobs (Apple CEO), Steve Westly (Westly Group Partner), John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins Partner), Ann Doerr (John Doerr Spouse), Eric Schmidt (Google CEO), Art Levinson (Genentech Chairman), John Chambers (Cisco CEO), Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO), Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO), John Hennessy (Stanford Univ. President), Carol Bartz (Yahoo CEO) and Dick Costolo (Twitter CEO)
  1. Bartz, Carol —Yahoo
  2. Chambers, John —Cisco
  3. Costolo, Dick―Twitter
  4. Doerr, John & Ann―Kleiner Perkins Partner
  5. Ellison, Larry—Oracle
  6. Hastings, Reed —Netflix
  7. Hennessy, John―Stanford University
  8. Jobs,  Steve —Apple
  9. Levinson, Art—Genentech
  10. Schmidt, Eric—Google
  11. Westly, Steve―Westly Group Partner
  12. Zuckerberg, Mark—Facebook

Other leading computer hardware and network members of the spy state Cartel were captured in an IBM photo on Mar. 16, 2015 (since removed from the IBM website). Those participants were:

On Mar. 02, 2015, President Obama met with chief beneficiaries of the stolen Eclipse Foundation code:IBM, Xerox, Dell, Micron, Qualcomm and EMC. Given the timing of this meeting―a week after the radical “Net Neutrality” changes to Internet regulation by the FCC—the real agenda of this group was most likely to discuss progress on their common agenda—the IBM et al “The Internet of Things” takeover of global digital infrastructure
Fig. 4On Mar. 02, 2015, President Obama and senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, met with chief beneficiaries of the stolen Eclipse Foundation code:IBM, Xerox, Dell, Micron Technology, Qualcomm and EMC. Given the timing of this meeting―a week after the radical “Net Neutrality” changes to Internet regulation by the FCC—the real agenda of this group was most likely to discuss progress on their common agenda—the IBM et al “The Internet of Things” takeover of global digital infrastructure, which the FCC changes to Internet regulation helped facilitate.
Photo: IBM..
  1. Burns, Ursala M.—Xerox
  2. Dell, Michael S.—Dell
  3. Durcan, Dermont Mark—Micron Technology
  4. Jarrett, Valerie—White House
  5. Mollenkopf, Steven M.—Qualcomm
  6. Rometty, Virginia M.—IBM
  7. Tucci, Joseph M.—EMC

For more information on the secret White House spy state Cartel, see People You Trusted Are Now Hijacking the Internet Timeline.

Hillary's Silicon Valley boys and girls do not like Donald Trump

It should be no surprise now why these Silicon Valley spy state criminals are lining up against Donald Trump. A Trump presidency will likely ruin all their plans for their globalist domination. Go Donald.

Silicon Valley unites against Donald Trump

Fig. 4Stephanie Condon. (Jul. 15, 2016). Silicon Valley unites against Donald Trump. ZDNet.

Conclusion: Hillary’s Good Little Valley Girls

The CNN-Fortune article that Sandberg disclosed to Hillary was a pure puff piece. Thanks to the tenacity of Judicial Watch, the American public is learning the depth of the corruption that has overtaken Washington, D.C. and the world. In her email, Sandberg was reminding Hillary of her insider status and assuring her that she was only to happy to play along. . .

. . . like a good little girl.

These are exactly the wrong kinds of morals we want for our daughters.

Message to the Silicon Valley Girls: Perhaps the first of you to turn state's evidence can avoid going to jail. Time is awasting.


Word has come as this article was being fact checked that Facebook today started censoring the search term "Muslim terrorists" and replacing it with "Muslims are not terrorists." Presumably they know they can get away with such totalitarian conduct at least while Barack Obama's Justice and Commerce Departments sleep.

* * *

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo.


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  1. Email comment by TEX:

    Question : Are we tired of mass killings, media bending the truth, economic lethargy, class divide, attacks on our police ?

    Let's think about this. Where are we?
    Our policy on terror. We declare peace . Obama said the war was over and Islam is a religion of peace. ISIS hasn't and won't stop until we are dead or they are dead. We release known terrorists. ISIS beheads infidels. We apologize for America. ISIS agrees. If they fight and we don't, what are the odds of an American victory. Abject failure for America, large advance for ISIS.

    Illegal border crossers have increased and visas are being overstayed. American and other world progressive leaders do not care who infiltrates our societies. ISIS sets up shop in America, Europe, Australia, etc. They construct mosques to advance Sharia law. They kill us and Obama/Hillary claim that a few are just bad actors and are local criminals. This is an abject failure for America. Large advance for ISIS.

    Economy has been retreating for seven years. The rich get richer, the middle class and poor are going backwards. Abject failure for America. Being prosperous is a core tenet of our society. Socialism is evil.

    US military forces have been marginalized, military equipment is old and deteriorating. Troops told to be politically correct and not allowed to fight our enemy. Abject failure.

    Our healthcare is no longer the best in the world. We are losing physicians, new drug research , and other important pieces to a robust healthcare system . Even are military vets are suffering while the current leaders invite the world to overwhelm our healthcare system. Abject failure.

    Class divide is at all time highs. Political themes are based in class versus class. Hate is growing. We see it on many fronts every day. Abject failure.

    Hillary calls for meetings and summits to respond to Paris/Orlando/Nice/ Dallas mass killings. Trump wants to go after ISIS caliphate , their sources of revenue, their transportation, food and water supply, and their source of new warriors. Hmmmm, Hillary and Barry have had eight years of meetings and summits. How has that progressed? Trump wants to win. Let's try that.

    Hillary is corrupt to her bone marrow. She does whatever she needs to do to be Hillary. Trump is brash and outspoken. He offends some people that perhaps should be offended. In doing so , others are shocked . Big deal. If Trump had done anything close to the crimes Hillary has crafted, his golden hair would be in prison. I believe Trump , I don't believe one word from any politician especially a Clinton. Bill and Hillary are serial liars. They are corrupt, and she is actually a complete phony. Let's give a new face, some new ideas, and new approaches a chance.
    Let's make America great again.

    Have a great day, TEX=

  2. Email comment by The Intercept:

    Douglas Gillison, Nick Turse, Moiz Syed. (Jul. 13, 2016). THE NETWORK: Leaked Data Reveals How the U.S. Trains Vast Numbers of Foreign Soldiers and Police With Little Oversight. The Intercept.

    At 9:30 A.M. on a gray winter Monday, the State Department officials began certifying the names at a rate of one every two minutes and 23 seconds.

    In rapid succession, they confirmed that 204 police officers, soldiers, sailors, and airmen from 11 countries had committed no gross human rights violations and cleared them to attend one of more than 50 training efforts sponsored by the U.S. government. The programs were taking place at a wide variety of locations, from Italy, Albania, and Jordan to the states of Louisiana and Minnesota.

    Thirty-two Egyptians were approved for instruction in, among other things, Apache helicopter gunship maintenance and flight simulators for the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk. Azerbaijanis were cleared for a U.S. Army course on identifying bio-warfare agents in Maryland and underwater demolition training with Navy SEALs in San Diego. Thirty-three Iraqis were certified to attend a State Department training session for bodyguards, held in Jordan. Bosnians were bound for Macedonia to prepare for deployment to Afghanistan. Ukrainian police were selected for peacekeeping training in Italy. Romanians would study naval operations in Rhode Island and counterterrorism in Skopje.


      From The Intercept article above:

      "The data show training at no fewer than 471 locations in 120 countries — on every continent but Antarctica — involving, on the U.S. side, 150 defense agencies, civilian agencies, armed forces colleges, defense training centers, military units, private companies, and NGOs, as well as the National Guard forces of five states. Despite the fact that the Department of Defense alone has poured some $122 billion into such programs since 9/11, the breadth and content of this training network remain virtually unknown to most Americans."

    2. More...

      "The investigation raises serious questions about U.S. government oversight, safeguards, and accountability. The investigation found:

      • A global training network without any coherent strategy, carried out by scores of agencies and offices with no effective oversight, centralized planning, or a clear statement of objectives.
      • The lack of any means of testing and evaluation, let alone a comprehensive way to count or track foreign trainees.
      • Vetting procedures designed to weed out human rights abusers that examine trainees so rapidly that experts question their worth."

    3. Most people probably don't understand what the State dept does, or is supposed to do, but IT IS MINDBOGGLING THAT Hillary's State Dept has been essentially training foreign mercenaries, which is DEFINITELY NOT the role/mission of the US State dept. Their main mission is supposed to be to manage relationships and solve diplomatic problems around the world. What the H*** is going on?? Is there ANYTHING that Hillary does right, or on the up and up??

  3. Email comment by TEX:

    If I were a Clinton , I would be very upset that AFI was writing an unauthorized biography of their lives.......sadly, most folks think that the presentation by AFI is fiction. Clearly , the culmination of their 40 years of criminal activity is the Clinton Foundation. It is their way to collect on favors both from the past and into the future. Soon their wealth will zoom to billions . It's comical to watch our national authority buckle under their powerful pressure. The FBI, the Federal judges, the minions involved in our government agencies, the women that Bill raped, the IRS in their scrutiny of the Foundation, and so on. I have to laugh that the IRS tried to destroy the tiny Tea Party but simultaneously turned a blind eye from the billions of crooked and illegal money flow going in and out of the Foundation.

    Historians, hopefully ,will peruse the facts presented here. The facts are clear. The results are clear. It truly is biographical and the Clintons should be upset that they will get NO royalty.

    Have a great day, TEX =

  4. SERIOUS RUMOR: There is a rumor spreading that Obama and Hillary are discussing how the country will be able to operate if their idea of banning all trucks as potential tools of terror is enacted.....

  5. The Republicans are having Peter Thiel speak at the convention. Are you kidding me? That's like having Adolf Hitler speak at the Jews for Israel convention. He is a Facebook director where Donald Trump and the RNC are being ACTIVELY OPPOSED and their proponents censored daily.

    Worse, Thiel is a vendor to the illegal NSA spy state. He and Joseph Londsdale started Palantir Technologies in 2004 that quietly sells snooping software to the NSA that enables the NSA to hijack ANY computer device and grab personal data. The software they provide is illegal as hell.

    The RNC is either naive or stupid. Either way, not good. Somebody needs to tell them to get their heads out of their butts.

    1. The connection between Thiel, Palantir, PayPal, Facebook and the NSA was exposed by Wikileaks. Here's a previous AFI post showing this evidence:

    2. Thiel knew Facebook was a fucking stolen idea PayPal the payment idea that was a fucking stolen idea you then on sold this stolen idea thinking it was a dumb idea pay pal the payment idea was going to be used for Bitcoin payment, Thiel didn't see the viable impact of this didn't you Thiel, this what you get when you have a MENTAL age of a FUCKING 12 year old

      Last month, BATS PROPOSED a rule CHANGE that would result in the listing and trading of the Winklevoss Bitcoin Shares issued by the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust. Now, in response to that request, SEC assistant secretary Jill Peterson has opened the proposal for comment from the public. ......comment ANY ONE.

      The owner and creator of the idea BITCOIN Mr London set up the idea so that every coin and every transaction can be followed and tract back to its original source and the only thing that was open source, The Winklevoss say BITOIN was open source (IT WAS NOT) Mr London expand that to the Winklevoss in Emails to them?? The Winklevoss say they heard about the digital currency while holidaying in Ibiza in 2012, BULL SHIT, The Winklevoss know the truth about bitcoin SAYING BITCOIN IS OPEN SOURCE SO THEY CAN STEAL THE IDEA LIKE FACEBOOK
      Bitcoin was Never Never OPEN SOURCE, And it was Mr London that register the name Bitcoin

  6. AFI got it right, yet again! FINALLY others are paying attention. Check out how your Comey-Clinton-HSBC connection is finally getting coverage. Good job guys!!! "God can do great things through people who don't care who gets the credit."

    Kurt Nimmo. (Jul. 16, 2016). New Report: FBI Director James Comey Connected to Clinton Foundation. InfoWars/RedFlag.

    Republicans are demanding answers from FBI boss James Comey.

    On Monday, they sent a letter demanding to know why he didn’t recommend federal charges against Hillary Clinton over her use of private email servers. Clinton “clearly placed our nation’s secrets in peril,” the letter states. “No one is above the law, and the American people deserve a more robust explanation for your decision to not recommend criminal charges.”

    The letter sent by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, and committee member Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, also mentions emails deleted by Clinton and forensically recovered by the FBI. They want to know if the emails had anything to do with the Clinton Foundation.

    Director of HSBC Holdings

    James Comey did not recommend federal charges in part because he is connected to the Clinton Foundation through the Swiss bank HSBC.

    1. Here is one of The Guardian (UK) articles cited in the Red Flag / InfoWars article above:$81m-from-clients-of-controversial-HSBC-bank-by-Paul-Lewis-James-Ball-The-Guardian-UK-Feb-10-2015.pdf

      The sidebar video in The Guardian HTML version below has a revealing short video (on the left) of the HSBC Swiss Leaks by whistleblower Henri Falciani covered extensively in past AFI blogs and the Timeline:

    2. FBI Director James Comey Connected to Clinton Foundation. InfoWars/RedFlag.


    3. HAY Craig Wright GOT SOMETHING JUST FOR YOU ass hole

      List of intelligence agencies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      This is a list of intelligence agencies. It includes only currently operational
      institutions. Contents. [hide]. 1 Agencies by country. 1.1 Afghanistan; 1.2 Albania;
      1.3 Algeria; 1.4 Argentina; 1.5 Armenia; 1.6 Australia; 1.7 Austria .... Federal
      Penitentiary Service Intelligence – Inteligencia del Servicio Penitenciario Federal
      ; Airport ...

      ‎Ministry of State Security - ‎British Intelligence - ‎Intelligence agencies of France

  7. Email comment by TEX:

    Investigator Bill Whittle lays out the evidence of Hillary's guilt with undeniable , verified evidence.

    Whittle calls on The American People to stop being cowards, take on and eliminate these criminals from our country.

    This is a must see 5-minute video:

    Bill Whittle. (Jul/ 13, 2016). IS HILLARY GUILTY?. BillWhittleChannel.

  8. Email comment by GH:

    Get ready folks, the Hounds of Hell lyin' astroturfers (fake grassroots commenters) are being unleashed for Hillary.

    Shaun King. (Apr. 25, 2016). KING: Hillary Clinton camp now paying online trolls to attack anyone who disparages her online. New York Daily News.

    Many moons ago, David Brock, now the head of a Hillary Clinton Super PAC, used every resource available to ruin the life of Anita Hill and anyone who supported her. He would lie, cheat, and blatantly misrepresent facts if it meant getting Clarence Thomas through the Supreme Court nomination process.

    Brock openly admitted it.

    Now, it appears Brock, who is no doubt great at what he does, is using his same old tools, but for a new cause in a new technological era.

    All of this comes after the revelation from POLITICO that "NBCUniversal, News Corporation, Turner Broadcasting and Thomson Reuters are among more than a dozen media organizations that have made charitable contributions to the Clinton Foundation in recent years, the foundation's records show. The donations range from the low-thousands to the millions."

    All of this, of course, muddies the waters to the point of us not being quite clear who's a crony, who's a donor, or who's a staffer for the Clinton campaign. So much money is exchanging hands that it is impossible to tell who's been bought and sold.

    1. 11 Jun 2013 ... As I reported later for, Palantir eventually connected with Berico
      and ... group opposing the Chamber, and then subsequently exposing the ...
      agency contractors in the past for supporting whistleblowers and WikiLeaks. ...
      led by libertarian billionaire Peter Thiel and Facebook's Sean Parker.


      AFI has covered Sharyl Attkisson's expose on fake grassroots blog commenting sometimes called "astroturfing." For those too young to remember it, "Astroturf" was a brand name for fake grass installed in sports stadiums.

      Sharyl Attkisson. (Feb. 06, 2015). Propaganda and Astroturf: Recognize it. Sharyl Attkisson.

      Sharyl also did a TED Talk at the University of Nevada on the subject that is very good:

    3. Firms like Palantir—a Palo Alto–based business that helps intelligence agencies analyze large sets of data—exist because of the government’s post-9/11 rush to develop a “terror-detection leviathan” of high-tech companies. Named after a stone in the Lord of the Rings that helps both villains and do-gooders see over great distances, the company is well-known within Silicon Valley for attracting support from a venture capital group led by libertarian billionaire Peter Thiel and Facebook’s Sean Parker. But Palantir’s rise to prominence, now reportedly valued at $8 billion, came from initial investment from In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the CIA, and close consultation with officials from the intelligence-gathering community, including disgraced retired admiral John Poindexter and Bryan Cunningham, a former adviser to Condoleezza Rice.

    4. 30 Sep 2013 ... Palantir investor Peter Thiel speaking to a roomful of interns at the ... The
      journalists linked Palantir to the NSA, the Federal Bureau of ... PayPal CEO who
      dumped half a million dollars into Facebook the ... WikiLeaks and its supporters,
      including writer Glenn Greenwald. ... Promoted Links Promoted Links.

    5. Thiel and Palantir (whose software customers include “many branches of the US government, especially in the intelligence community, and recently JP Morgan“) were also in the spotlight for having contributed to a plan to oppose Wikileaks back in 2011. Thiel rebutted the claims that he was involved in developing cyber attack systems:

    6. Will Egypt impose taxes on Facebook ads?

      Since early July, the Communications Committee in the Egyptian parliament has been considering a draft bill to levy taxes on advertisements carried by Google and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, in an effort to secure “tax returns for the public budget.” This proposal was preceded by a lawsuit brought by an Egyptian lawyer, Mohamed Hamid Salim, who called for social media activity in Egypt to be suspended, particularly that of Facebook, to compel them to acquire a license to operate in Egypt and to obtain tax revenue from their advertisements.

      Read more:

  9. 11 Dec 2013 ... The 50,000-pages of documents obtained by NSA whistleblower ... working
    relationship and cooperation between the two entities- NSA and PayPal
    Corporation. .... Here is what WikiLeaks had to say about Pierre Omidyar and his
    PayPal ... to PayPal being directly implicated in documents exposing NSA's ...




    1. French authorities serve notice to Microsoft for Windows 10 privacy failings

    2. DUBLIN (Reuters) - The United States can join a landmark case on the legality of cross-border data transfers, an Irish court ruled on Tuesday in a move that gives U.S. authorities a platform to defend their surveillance laws before the European Union's top court. [USING FACEBOOK GOOGLE AND MICROSOFT]


  12. Email comment by TEX:

    Ted Cruz claims Texas as his home.......he might want to move. He embarrassed the entire state last night with his drivel about freedom as if Trump will take our freedoms, and while indicating that he wouldn't. He talked about stand up Americans. He said his speech wasn't about himself or any other candidate. Really ? It was both. Yet later he said that he is still upset that Trump castigated his wife for being a Wall Street elitist and his father for something, who knows what. Both his wife and his father had repeatedly blasted Trump for everything . Even though he "pledged on his honor" that he would support Trump if Trump won , he didn't . They all SIGNED a pledge. All other defeated candidates kept their word, Cruz lied. I can see why Cruz has no friends in his workplace (the US Senate ). Cruz , you dipstick, you blew are showing traits of a man destined to lose because you have no idea how to win. You were the FOOL in the room last night. Maybe Trump was a little unkind about your family, Mr Cuz, but you called an entire state ( New York) bankrupt on "values". Politics is a blood sport. You want to be above it all . You're not. You just went to the cellar.

    In my opinion , Trump has upped his game , especially in identifying possible future conservative jurists, naming Pence as his VP candidate, and working with the GOP. I wouldn't be shocked if he named his Cabinet tonite. This man has accomplished great things in business. He has developed and mentored hundreds of successful business folks, he obviously is a great family man, he obviously is tough and focused. He is known by his family, his partners, his adversaries, and all who have met him , as a compassionate , very smart, and brutally honest man. How do these things separate Americans from their freedoms ? How does supporting our military and police suppress our freedoms? How does controlling undocumented people at our borders suppress our freedoms ? How does expanding our security through a booming economy, energy independence, and controlling our runaway spending , suppress our freedoms ? It's exactly the opposite, Mr Cruz.

    In 2008 , Barack Obama told us that he was a constitutional scholar. Ted Cruz tells us that he is a preeminent constitutional scholar. Obama had no friends. Ditto Cruz. Narcissism in both is just overwhelming. Both use preacher's voice inflection to deliver speeches. Both try to look really smart while saying really stupid things. Not Trump......he looks like he really means what he says because he does. He talks more like a military commander than a TV evangelical preacher. Occasionally, we get a curse word......shocking. Maybe we need a few off color words to change the direction of our country.

    Ted Cruz pulled a stunt last night that should end his political career......Texans don't like liars. We don't like cry babies . We don't like wimps. We don't care for losers that cry wolf about losing our freedoms when the one man that will fight brilliantly to regain them has received our nomination.

    Have a great day, TEX

  13. Email comment by DL:

    WARNING: IBM soy state Cartel is moving to assume control of "blockchain" technology behind BITCOIN. This would ensure their global control of digital money that is under the control of corrupt international bankers and multinational corporations aligned with them, and not controlled by sovereign countries.

    Ian Allison. (Jul. 12, 2016). IBM to open Blockchain Innovation Center in Singapore. IBT.

    "IBM is opening a Blockchain Innovation Centre in Singapore in collaboration with with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

    IBM, which is a leading voice in the world of blockchain research and development, will also be looking to connect shared ledger technology with the physical world of global trade and logistics via the Port Authority of Singapore, the world's largest container transhipment port."

    This is a truly dangerous development to the citizens of the world.

  14. Email comment by GH:

    Amy Moreno. (Jul. 21, 2016). Corrupt HSBC Global Bank Exec Arrested, Links to Hillary, James Comey and Loretta Lynch. Truth Feed.

    Also read:

    Rupert Neate, Jill Treanor. (Jul. 20, 2016). FBI arrests senior HSBC banker accused of rigging multibillion-dollar deal. The Guardian (UK).

    A senior HSBC banker has been arrested by the FBI as he attempted to board a transatlantic flight and charged him with fraudulently rigging a multibillion-dollar currency exchange deal.

    Mark Johnson, a British citizen and HSBC’s global head of foreign exchange trading, and a colleague are accused of “defrauding clients” and alleged to have “corruptly manipulated the foreign exchange market to benefit themselves and their bank”.

    He was arrested on Tuesday night shortly before he was due to fly to London from New York’s JFK airport, and was due to be formally charged by a judge at Brooklyn federal court later on Wednesday. He was later released on bail.

    A second Briton, Stuart Scott, who was HSBC’s European head of foreign exchange trading in London until December 2014, is accused of the same crimes. A warrant was issued for Scott’s arrest.

  15. Email comment by Gran:

    From Amazon Listing: Today, very few people fully understand the extensive consequences of President Obama’s two terms in office. Life as we know it in America will never be the same. In Revealed: Obama’s Legacy, the details are presented.

    William Koenig. Revealed: Obama's Legacy. Christian Publications, McLean, VA. Amazon Kindle.

  16. Email comment by Gran/Sue:

    Today, on July 22, 2016, Dinesh D'Souza's new movie "Hillary's America - The Secret History of the Democratic Party" goes into theaters across America.

    Here's information on how and where to get tickets:

  17. Email comment by TEX:

    " Good morning , America.....thank goodness that big gathering in Cleveland is over. I am so sick of that man being critical of me and my former boss. I am sick of his beautiful , articulate wife and his fantastic kids. I am sick of hearing about his life built on winning. I am sick of the GOP moving into my territory.... what is he doing? The LGBT group, women, racial minorities are mine. How dare him tell them that he wants them to participate in our society and have a better life. Does he not know that these folks can not survive without government assistance? They just don't have the brains or work ethic to compete in this mean country.

    Today , I am going to name my VP choice. It came down to Michael Moore , Kim Kardashian, anyone named Muhammed , Ted Cruz, and Tim Kaine. Later on today, I will pick one of these names out of a hat . Well , maybe the pocket of my large pant suit.....what difference does it make ? Tomorrow, I will begin my official journey as your nominee to the White House. As you know America is doing just fine. We are so close to utopia because of the strong leadership of Barack Hussein Obama. He has gutted our military, neutered our police, disintegrated our sovereign borders, put success on the back burner, and apologized for our 250 years of world leadership. That is exactly what Americans needed......a big piece of humble pie and I pledge that I can make it even less important. How else can we totally wipe out our long history of being the shining star in the world ? How else can a one world order be implemented? We have to be mediocre.... and I guarantee that I will "keep America mediocre again !"

    This morning I assigned several government prisoners with the task of vetting incoming Muslim refugees to America. We decided to put the GITMO detainees to work. Since the remaining prisoners have not joined ISIS on the battlefield like our released prisoners have, they must love our new idea of America. I believe that Islam is a religion of peace . Removing a head or two is within the margin of error in the definition of peace. These GITMO guys have said that for years. I know that Trump wants to stop this flow of new Democrats , but my first task as your new worst president will be to send these new peace loving, Syrian refugees to neighborhoods all over this great, about to be socialist country. Building Mosques creates new jobs.... Burying beheaded Americans sells caskets and funeral plots , all new jobs. Besides, that will drive Trump and his kids crazy !!!!

    So in closing, I am asking for a nice speaking fee for this speech, I am asking for some new chick to call my husband ( he is pawing at me again) , and I am asking for your pledge to help me lie and cheat without questions. Thank you and God Bless our politically correct language! I will be the first woman president of the United STATE of America. The rest is unimportant"
    Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Have a great day, TEX


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