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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


The theft of social networking dwarfs the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Bernie Madoff and Fannie Mae

The media is silent about the crime because it feeds at the social media trough

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Dec. 30, 2015, Updated Jan. 27, 2016 | PDF
WANTED: Information leading to the conviction of thieves at IBM, Harvard, NSA, Accel Partners, Eclipse Foundation who stole Leader Technologies' social networking invention. REWARD: 10% of up to $1 trillion in recovery of funds (Seriously.)
Fig. 1—Wanted: Whistleblowers.
America cannot tolerate a group of insiders conspiring in secret to undermine our Republic. If you have information that leads to the exposure of these malcontents, you are encouraged to come forward before it is too late. Click here to read the full 1990-2015 Cyber Hijack timeline. The facts don't lie.
Graphic: AFI, Oakdome.
Richard G. Andrews
Richard G. Andrews
News Update, Jan. 15, 2016:
JPMorgan muscling Judge Richard G. Andrews to kill another important patent in Delaware

Judge Richard G. Andrews, Delaware federal district court judge, stubbornly refuses to recuse himself from the Pi-Net/Arunachalam v. JPMorgan patent infringement battle surrounding web transactions. Andrews was appointed by Barack Obama on Nov. 7, 2011.
Leonard P. Stark
Leonard P. Stark, Chief Judge
He has ADMITTED IN AN OPINION that he holds JPMorgan stocks and that he worked formerly for another JPMorgan law firm, Mayer Brown LLP. JPMorgan's Daniel A. DeVito with Skadden Arps LLP (Hillary Clinton's former chief of staff's and chief judge Leonard P. Stark's former firm) is now pressuring Andrews to sanction Dr. Arunachalam for daring to sue JPMorgan. They call her suit "frivolous," like bad guys always do.
Sue L. Robinson
Sue L. Robinson, former Chief Judge
Andrews dug in his heals even after his fellow judge, Sue L. Robinson, recused herself for similar conflicts after ruling against Arunachalam in an important Markman Hearing after only a week on the job. Robinson had helped institute dubious changes to judicial mutual fund reporting in 2001 in the Judicial Conference, with Federal Circuit Executive, Jan Horbaly. These changes have been used as the excuse for judges to not report stock portfolio holdings, like JPMorgan, if they are held inside a mutual fund. We call it the "Mutual Fund Scam." (Eight of the Supreme Court justices hold JPMorgan stocks, but did not recuse themselves in Dr. Arunachalam's petition just denied.) Judges Andrews and Stark, both Obama/Chandler nominees, are central actors in "The Greatest Financial Crime in the History of the World." JPMorgan is their central banker. Click here for Dr. Arunachalam's latest motion. Dr. Arunachalam is the former Director of Network Architecture for Sun Microsystems as the commercial Internet was emerging.
Mar. 26, 2012 Hillary Clinton dinner scheduled with Sheryl Sandberg, Cheryl Mills and Marne Levine, Case No. F-2014-20439, Doc. No. C05789834.
Bookmark: #marne-levine
News Update, Jan. 03, 2016:
Hillary Clinton Dec. 2015 Email release reveals another "All in the (Spy State) Family" cartel member: Marne L. Levine (Deutch)
Marne L. Levine (Deutch), serial employee for Lawrence "Larry" Summers; confesses to having no vision and "meandering with a sense of purpose"
Fig. 2: Marne L. Levine (Deutch), serial employee for Larry Summers ever since her Harvard days in 1993.
On Jun. 24, 2010, three weeks before the Leader v. Facebook trial, Levine left Summers and Obama at the White House and joined Facebook. On that same day, the federal district court in Leader v. Facebook forced out the judge and replaced him with Obama's fresh nominee, Leonard P. Stark. He immediately allowed a new Facebook on-sale bar claim and blocked Leader discovery to prepare a defense. Can anyone say fraud and corruption?
Evidently she was the main dirty tricks legal coordinator between Facebook and the White House during Leader v. Facebook. Turn yourself in Marne. For your children's sake. They will read this sad story one day and wonder why you didn't do the right thing.
i Ricchi Restaurant, 1220 19th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20036.On Mar. 27, 2012, Hillary organized a private dinner with Facebook / Summers / Obama / Clinton sycophants Sheryl K. Sandberg and Marne L. Levine (Deutch) at i-Ricchi Restaurant in Washington, D.C. Levine is a new name in our Spy State Cartel investigation. Levine's father-in-law, John M. Deutch, is the disgraced former C.I.A. director under Bill Clinton (1995-1996).
John M. Deutch, C.I.A. Director (1995-1996). Marne L. Levine (Deutch)'s father-in-law.
Clinton pardoned Deutch for keeping classified documents on his home PC. Birds of a feather, flock together? Remarkably, Deutch's tenure coincides with James P. Chandler's whirlwind of security law creation and executive order manipulation initiated under Clinton. Could the corruption of Washington, D.C. be Deutch's revenge? He arranged for his son to marry Levine to be his mole? Levine (Deutch) now runs Instagram. Be warned folks. Deutch's unelected people are taking notes and names on both Facebook and Instagram.
Hillary R. Clinton
Sheryl K. Sandberg
Marne L. Levine (Deutch)
Cheryl D. Mills
Hillary's dinner occured four days after IBM sold 750 "junk patents" to Facebook and 21 days before the Patent Office Director and former IBM/Eclipse chief counsel, David J. Kappos, ordered an unprecedented third "reexamination" of Leader Technoloiges patent for social networking (after Leader had won the same arguments four times previously). Earlier, on the same day (Jun. 24, 2010) as the court switched out a veteran judge in the Leader v. Facebook for a fresh Obama nominee, Leonard P. Stark, Levine-Deutch left her position as Larry Summers' chief of staff to go to Facebook. Levine's career clearly stalks Leader Technologies.
At this same time, Clinton's previous emails revealed that she was publishing four "Facebook field guides" for State Department employees. So clearly, there was to be no justice for Leader Technologies. The Hillary-Soros-Summers-Barack New World Order agenda was just too important. Six weeks later, the Federal Circuit ruled against Leader Technologies and protected their Facebook investments.
Levine-Deutch has been a gopher for Larry Summers since 1993. Levine is now chief operating officer at Instagram, where Summers is a director along with Facebook director Marc Andreessen. Click here for downloadable Marne L. Levine Timeline.
Marne L. (a.k.a. "Marnie" Levine (Deutch) employment timeline
Click here to watch Marne L. Levine (Deutch)'s Washington Post "meandering" confession. She is a very confused woman. Meandering purpose? This is nonsense. There's no meandering in her resume, she has gone from one Larry Summers job to another. She has no vision, that is why she struggles in this interview. She does what her man Larry tells her to do. Yet more Instagram-sham (Facebook Jr.). Run folks, before the rats beat you off the ship.

Is MArne L. Levine (Deutch) a truthful woman? (Hint: She is married to the son of disgraced former C.I.A. spymaster, Director John M. Deutch (1995-1996), who like Hillary, kept classified information on his home PC, and would have been gone to jail, but Clinton pardoned Deutch on Bill's last day in office.)

Marne (aka Marnie) Levine. (Dec. 6, 2012). Facebook VP of Global Public Policy. Washington Post Live. Marne (aka Marnie) Levine. (Dec. 6, 2012). Facebook VP of Global Public Policy. Washington Post Live. Marne (aka Marnie) Levine. (Dec. 6, 2012). Facebook VP of Global Public Policy. Washington Post Live. Marne (aka Marnie) Levine. (Dec. 6, 2012). Facebook VP of Global Public Policy. Washington Post Live. Marne (aka Marnie) Levine. (Dec. 6, 2012). Facebook VP of Global Public Policy. Washington Post Live. Marne (aka Marnie) Levine. (Dec. 6, 2012). Facebook VP of Global Public Policy. Washington Post Live. Marne (aka Marnie) Levine. (Dec. 6, 2012). Facebook VP of Global Public Policy. Washington Post Live. Marne (aka Marnie) Levine. (Dec. 6, 2012). Facebook VP of Global Public Policy. Washington Post Live. Marne (aka Marnie) Levine. (Dec. 6, 2012). Facebook VP of Global Public Policy. Washington Post Live. Marne (aka Marnie) Levine. (Dec. 6, 2012). Facebook VP of Global Public Policy. Washington Post Live. Marne (aka Marnie) Levine. (Dec. 6, 2012). Facebook VP of Global Public Policy. Washington Post Live. Marne (aka Marnie) Levine. (Dec. 6, 2012). Facebook VP of Global Public Policy. Washington Post Live.
These photos show a women who's soul and words are in moral conflict. What kind of ethical world is Levine (Deutch) intending to leave for her children whom she purports to care about so deeply. [Gag.] She has left an ethical wasteland in the wake of the theft of Leader Technologies' social networking invention. Her empire is built on a big lie. Gee Mommy, should we do as you say, and not as you do?
Graphics & Photos: U.S. Dept. of State, i Ricchi, AFI, The Washington Post Live.


(Dec. 30, 2015)—Drug pushers give away free drugs to get users hooked. They know that once hooked, users will beg, borrow and steal money for the next fix.

Similarly, purveyors of social networks give away free services. They’ve learned that the user will stay with them once they become dependent. The mainstream media, for example, has become hooked on the digital drug. This addiction has lured them into silence about the perpetrators of this fraud. They ask no questions, get no answers, and remain silent, or rather, muzzled.

Michael T. McKibben
Fig. 3: Michael McKibben (2013). Photo: WCMH-TV.
Click here for AFI backgrounder on Michael McKibben, the real inventor of social networking.

However, the social world is operating illegally, as we show below. The software invention that enables social networking was the brainchild of Columbus, Ohio innovator, Michael McKibben and his company, Leader Technologies.

Leader and McKibben hold the patents and copyrights, yet have not received a dime of compensation from an invention that rivals Thomas Edison’s light bulb in importance.

Trillions of dollars are owed Leader Technologies

The theft of social networking is without doubt the greatest financial crime of all time. The loss to Leader’s shareholders easily reaches into the trillions of dollars.

This crime dwarfs Lehman Brother’s ($600 billion), Fannie Mae’s ($400 billion), WorldCom ($104 billion) and Bernie Madoff ($65 billion).

Fig. 4—World's Largest Greed-driven Corporate Scandals.
The theft of social networking makes Bernie Madoff's fraud miniscule by comparison.
Graphic: AFI, Oakdome.

perfect storm of greed, fraud and hubris

This crime is the perfect storm of greed, hubris, fraud, opportunity and perverted notions of public service.

It did not happen overnight, it started percolating at Harvard in the early 1990s.

What does this crime mean for you as a user of social networking?

If you are given a car for your free use, but later learn it was stolen, what would you do?

Keep it? No, you’d give it back. Alternatively, you’d pay the rightful owner.

Likewise, you have enjoyed Leader Technologies’ social networking invention for years. Granted, you were lied to about the supposed "open source" nature of the software, but that aside, now that you know, you cannot just keep using it in silent assent to the criminals who stole it.

Now that you know your social platform is ill-gotten gain by your provider, one of three things must occur. Either: (1) you stop using the service and settle up with Leader for past use, (2) you order your provider to settle up with Leader and start paying license fees going forward, or (3) you start paying Leader a license yourself.

How did we get in this mess?

Harvard sycophancy created this crime

In the early 1990s, an ambitious Harvard economics professor named Larry Summers was itching to try out his economic theories somewhere in the world.

Summers saw in the collapsing Soviet economy his opportunity for malevolence.

In 1993, Summers left Harvard and joined the World Bank as chief economist. From this perch he proceeded to shove his half-baked theories down Russia’s throat because they needed the hard currency.

Summers' World Bank recommendations doomed Russia to mob rule since the mob were the only ones with the hard currency to buy Summers' ill-conceived privatization vouchers.

What does this have to do with the theft of social networking, you ask?

Clues: Summers’ World Bank interns included his Harvard student, Sheryl K. Sandberg, and Yuri Milner. Sandberg later was Summers' chief of staff under Bill Clinton, then became a Google vice president. She is now chief operating officer at Facebook and a Hillary Clinton confidante. In fact, they are so close that the State Department just classified some of their communications.

Milner used dubious Russian funds from oligarch Alisher Usmanov to pump Facebook’s pre-IPO valuation to $100 billion. Facebook started at Harvard. Summers came back to Harvard after being Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary just in time for Facebook to start. 19-year old Mark Zuckerberg came under Summers' wing at Harvard and received more Harvard Crimson news coverage in 6 months than any world leader or event. Leader Technologies' treacherous patent attorney taught at Harvard. Facebook's first venture capital investment was from a Harvard alum.

Do you believe in such coincidences?  We’re just getting warmed up.

While Summers was busy fleecing Russia, his Harvard colleague, law professor James P. Chandler, III, was busy seizing the reigns of America’s national security.

Chandler wrote esoteric laws and executive orders on national security for Bill Clinton. They were so convoluted that he was assigned to advise the three branches of government on what they meant and how to interpret them.

Chandler continued from Bill Clinton through the Bush Administration. He prepared the way for Barack Obama. His cronies all received senior Obama appointments, including Eric Holder, who became Attorney General, and David J. Kappos, IBM's insider intellectual property counsel, who became director of the Patent Office.

Chandler’s behind the scenes super-interpretive role for his newly-minted laws and Executive Orders were too big a temptation for him not to exploit.

During that time, many major companies beat a path to Chandler’s door, including IBM. He hatched a plan with these companies to develop a “public-private” cooperation around national security.

Chandler’s model was to steer cyber security contracts to his cronies in exchange for their cooperation with the NSA for things like warrantless snooping.

NSA spy state invasion of privacy wreaks havoc with the separation of powers

That illicit personal information has surely been used for all sorts of blackmail, coercion, bribery and intimidation of judges, politicians, businesspeople and average citizens alike. Indeed, NSA employees were caught using such information against their two-timing girlfriends. Just imagine the damage to the separation of powers if this information is used against a member of Congress or the Judiciary to get a favorable decision.

We believe this is the reason Washington, D.C. has become so dysfunctional. The NSA and their cronies will never admit they're doing this. But Washington's dysfunction infers it.

This circumstance alone is why nobody, not the NSA, FBI or Congress should have access to unlimited amounts of personal information.

How easy is it to manipulate people when you know what they are thinking and planning? You never have to compromise. The NSA has all that information and uses it to get what they want.

Chandler was not satisfied just being a consultant. He and his cronies secretly formed private shell companies to implement their policy recommendations. Then they fed their companies government security contracts. Various companies associated with Chandler have popped up, like James LLC, Market LLC, Eurotech, AccelPath, EOIR Technologies, Markland Technologies, Technest, The White Oak Group. Many if these companies have untraceable Cayman Island stockholders.

IBM and Microsoft figure prominently in these Chandler plans because they were his clients, their legal departments were his former law students, and they were Chandler’s platforms of choice in his emerging plans for a spy state platform.

Chandler has famously said in Washington, D.C. circles that he believed the only way for the United States to stay on top of global spying was to outspy America's adversaries with technology.

He knew that such ubiquitous spying required control of the underlying software and hardware. IBM and Microsoft agreed to play.

We are now in the late 1990s in this chronology. The Internet browser wars were on (Internet Explorer and Netscape).

Both IBM and Microsoft had bet their futures on "client-server" technology. Their corporate collaborative systems were called "groupware" under brand names like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Websphere and IBM Lotus Notes. Novell GroupWise was a distant third.

Chandler believed that IBM and Microsoft would supply his spy platform.

IBM and Microsoft were behind the Internet curve

However, the ground began to shake under both IBM and Microsoft. Their client-server technologies were not able to handle the transaction volumes required for the Internet. In short, they could not rise to the occasion. Try as they might to speed up their platforms, nothing was working.

Columbus entrepreneur, Michael McKibben, had a better idea. McKibben was fresh off his success at rebuilding AT&T’s email system, AccessPlus 3.0. He also learned firsthand from Bell Labs and AT&T's sales force why their alliance with Lotus Notes was being scrapped. He was told that Lotus Notes was a kluge, and was not able to meet large scale requirements.

McKibben raised his own funds, hired his “dream team” and ran the design teams himself.

In late 1999, McKibben and his team had an epiphany. They realized that client-server could never scale to the requirements of the Internet. They determined that a completely different approach to managing and storing data was required.

This was mind blowing to McKibben’s team. They had collectively built many of the largest systems in the country in telecommunications, banking, defense and commerce. What they realized was that the tech world was in a stifling group-think about client-server approaches. It had become their religion, and as with any religion, had its own orthodoxy not quickly challenged.

McKibben believed this widespread groupware orthodoxy insulated him from competition since his colleagues were thinking apples when he realized oranges was the solution. So, he kept it to himself while his team quietly put their heads down and developed what we now call “social networking.”

McKibben knew he needed the best patent attorney he could find to make sure the applications were filed correctly. Through referrals he was introduced to law professor James P. Chandler, III.

What McKibben did not know was that Chandler, IBM and Microsoft were already well down their path toward building their spy state platform. When Chandler learned about McKibben’s inventions, he immediately knew this was what his cronies needed to fix their scalability problems. So, he agreed to be Leader's attorney and even agreed to be a director.

However, neither IBM nor Microsoft could reprogram their legacy groupware group-think quickly. So instead, they elected to let McKibben and Leader Technologies do the research and development heavy lifting while they waited. They knew McKibben could do it since he had already competed against AT&T Bell Labs, arguably the best R&D team on the planet, won the contract, then delivered on time and in budget their new corporate messaging system. The plan was for Chandler to secretly feed it to IBM when it was ready.

McKibben was very protective of his source code, so while Chandler knew generally what Leader had invented, he didn't have the full picture and he did not have the source code. So, Chander's Cartel began to shadow Leader’s every development.

IBM Eclipse Foundation started Nov. 29, 2001 with a $40m IBM "donation"

Chandler thought Leader was ready in late 2001, so IBM formed The Eclipse Foundation on Nov. 29, 2001. They started giving away pieces and parts of IBM code and Leader ideas as Version 1.0.

Then, Chandler schemed a way to get his hands on a complete copy of Leader’s source code. He cooked up a “Smart Camera” project with his cronies at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Leader went along as a way to validate their technology in government applications.

Chandler wrote a 71-page contract that included a source code custody provision that was Chandler's excuse to get a copy of the source code. That was Jun. 06, 2002. However, Chandler still needed Leader's interface designs.

So, in early August, Chandler insisted that Leader file copyrights on its interface designs. Hindsight shows that was so the Cartel would see how the source code connected to the various user screens. Leader had invested $750,000 in those designs alone (as a part of the more than $10 million and 145,000 man-hours invested in Leader's overall research and development in the invention).

Aug. 29, 2002—Ground Zero of the theft

Click here for more Ground Zero criminal Detail

Then, on Aug. 29, 2002, IBM Eclipse published Version 2.0.1 that included all of Leader’s innovations given to Chandler on Jun. 6, 2002.

From Eclipse Foundation minutes we have learned that Leader's code was given simultaneously to AltoWeb, Borland, Catalyst Systems, Flashline, Fujitsu, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Instantiations, MKS, Oracle, Parasoft, QNX, Rational, Red Hat, SAP, Scapa Technologies, Serena Software, SlickEdit, SuSE, TeamStudio, Telelogic, TimeSys, TogetherSoft, MontaVista Software and Sybase.

However, about this time, Leader discovered a substantial problem in the implementation of the invention’s database design. That problem took a year to resolve.

Mutual Fund bribery scheme

In the meantime, Mark Zuckerberg had been recruited to be the Harvard student Bill Gates front man narrative. While they waited during 2003 for Leader to complete their engineering, Zuckerberg busied himself stalling the four other campus facebooks that were trying to emerge (Winklevoss Twins, Paul Ceglia, Aaron Greenspan and Harvard's Admin).

About this time, yet another Harvard guy, James W. Breyer, was organizing the banks to fund this theft. Everyone jumped in, including JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, In-Q-Tel (C.I.A.), Vanguard, UBS, Wells Fargo, you name it.

Also during this time, Chandler used his influence to rewrite the financial ethics rules to allow politicians, judges and judicial employees to hold mutual funds without disclosing the portfolio companies inside those funds.

James W. Breyer got his mutual fund friends to invest in his companies. This way, judges and politicians could load up on Breyer's funds without having to disclose the crony holdings themselves. In short, Chandler legalized judicial and political bribery. Indeed, he has famously complained that judges are underpaid. With this Cartel mutual fund scam system, these judges could guarantee their high returns simply by favorable rulings whenever those cases came before them.

Leader solved their year-long engineering problem on Oct. 28, 2003. Magically, on that very night, Zuckerberg hacked the dormitory servers at Harvard, writing in his online diary: “Let the hacking begin." Three months later, on Feb. 4, 2004, Facebook went live during IBM EclipseCON-2004 (Feb. 2-5, 2004).

2004 and early 2005 was the beginning of the Cartel’s public takeover of digital infrastructure worldwide.  The following events occurred in rapid succession:

  1. Google launched Gmail (4/1/04),
  2. Breyer joined National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) as chairman (5/13/04),
  3. C.I.A.’s Louie Gilman joined NVCA as director (5/13/04),
  4. JPMorgan loaned IBM $10 billion to sell PC Group to Lenovo (China) (5/27/04),
  5. Chandler formed (6/29/04),
  6. Obama introduced at the Democratic convention (07/27/04),
  7. Peter Thiel invested $500K in Facebook (08/01/04),
  8. Google went public, underwritten by Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan (08/18/04),
  9. IBM, Motorola and Nokia announced intention to build embedded [spy] systems (08/31/04),
  10. Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) joined Eclipse (10/27/04),
  11. IBM Eclipse announced that it lost track of the original code contributor (Leader)(12/08/04),
  12. IBM sold PC Group to Lenovo, facilitated by Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan (12/08/04),
  13. Breyer formed WininChina LLC (03/02/05),
  14. Breyer and Accel Partners invested $13 million in Facebook (05/26/05), and
  15. Yuri Milner startsed Digital Sky (which eventually invested in Facebook (06/01/05).

Click here for a full timeline.

On Feb. 10, 2007, Barack Obama candidacy announced on Facebook.

On Sep. 11, 2007, Microsoft started feeding user data to the NSA.

On Mar. 12, 2008, Yahoo began feeding user data to the NSA.

On Mar. 14, 2008, Sheryl K. Sandberg left Google and joined Facebook.

On Aug. 01, 2008, David Kilpatrick published The Facebook Effect lies about Zuckerberg.

By Sep. 2008, IBM Eclipse boasted 191 members.

On Oct. 15, 2008, the SEC granted Facebook an unprecedented waiver of the 500-shareholder rule.

On Nov. 07, 2008, Barack Obama elected to his first term. Promised to "fundamentally transform America."

On Nov. 19, 2008, Leader Technologies sued Facebook for patent infringement.

On Nov. 23, 2008, Obama appointed Larry Summers to oversee the bank bailout. Fed $33 billion to Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

On Dec. 01, 2008, Eric J. Holder, Jr. nominated Attorney General.

On Dec. 05, 2008, Donald K. Stern, Facebook attorney, became Obama’s justice adviser

On Dec. 12, 2008, FISA Court gave Attorney General almost dictatorial powers to approve domestic surveillance by NSA.

On Jan. 14, 2009, Google started feeding user data to the NSA.

The "public-private" duplicity among Obama, Silicon Valley and Wall Street is off the charts—any network built by these players will be corrupt by nature

In 2009, Hillary Clinton nominated Secretary of State; announced plans to use Facebook in foreign policy.

On Jun. 03, 2009, Facebook began feeding user data to the NSA.

On Apr. 01, 2010, Patent Office started a Facebook page.

On Jul. 27, 2010, Leader proved that Facebook infringes its patent for social networking on 11 of 11 claims. However, the federal courts rallied behind Facebook anyway; failed to disclose their financial holdings in Facebook interests; failed to disclose their relationships to Facebook attorneys.

Barack Obama (U.S. President), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO), Steve Jobs (Apple CEO), Steve Westly (Westly Group Partner), John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins Partner), Ann Doerr (John Doerr Spouse), Eric Schmidt (Google CEO), Art Levinson (Genentech Chairman), John Chambers (Cisco CEO), Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO), Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO), John Hennessy (Stanford Univ. President), Carol Bartz (Yahoo CEO) and Dick Costolo (Twitter CEO)
Fig. 5—On Feb. 17, 2011, President Obama toasted his Alinsky deception of the American public and the world with 13 members of the IBM Eclipse Foundation NSA Spy State Cartel in Silicon Valley. Conspirators pictured are Barack Obama (U.S. President), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO), Steve Jobs (Apple CEO), Steve Westly (Westly Group Partner), John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins Partner), Ann Doerr (John Doerr Spouse), Eric Schmidt (Google CEO), Art Levinson (Genentech Chairman), John Chambers (Cisco CEO), Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO), Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO), John Hennessy (Stanford Univ. President), Carol Bartz (Yahoo CEO) and Dick Costolo (Twitter CEO).

Then, on Mar. 02, 2015, President Obama and senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, met with his chief Alinsky beneficiaries of the Eclipse Foundation code (stolen from Columbus innovator, Leader Technologies): IBM, Xerox, Dell, Micron Technology, Qualcomm and EMC. Given the timing of this meeting―a week after the radical “Net Neutrality” changes to Internet regulation by the FCC—the real agenda of this group was most likely to discuss progress on their common agenda—the IBM et al “The Internet of Things” takeover of global digital infrastructure, which the FCC changes to Internet regulation helped facilitate.  
Obama, Dell, EMC, IBM, Xerox, Qualcomm, Micron Timeline of Corruption, 2015
Photos: UPI. (top); IBM (bottom).

On Feb. 17, 2011, Barack Obama met with Cartel software vendors in Silicon Valley. See Fig. 4.

In 2011, Hillary’s State Department published four-part “Facebook field guides.”

On Nov. 03, 2011, IBM, Eurotech and Eclipse gave messaging software to Facebook.

On May 18, 2012, Facebook went public.

On May 22, 2012, Facebook's Cartel insiders sold $13.26 billion of their share. This included James W. Breyer, Accel Partners, Yuri Milner (, Mark Zuckerberg, Goldman Sachs, Peter Thiel, Meritech Management and Microsoft (Gates & Balmer).

On Feb. 08, 2015, HSBC Whistleblower Hervé Falciani revealed the Cartel used offshore money laundering to fund illicit activity.

On Mar. 02, 2015, Obama met at the White House with key Cartel hardware vendors: BM, Xerox, Qualcomm, Micron Technology, Applied Materials, Dell and EMC. See Fig. 4.

On Oct. 10, 2015, Obama made a secret trip to meet with Qualcomm.

On Oct. 12, 2015, Dell announced acquisition of fellow Cartel member EMC who had just met with Obama at the White House on Mar. 02, 2015.

NSA lies to protect this theft

On Nov. 20, 2015, The New York Times reported that the NSA lied about stopping their illegal domestic surveillance programs.

$1,000,000,000,000+ damages—
The Greatest Financial Crime in History

The collective revenues of the companies embroiled in this theft are in the multiple trillions of dollars. Since all revenue associated with social networking relies on Leader Technologies’ invention, that revenue is ALL ill-gotten gain.

This makes the theft of Leader Technologies’ social networking invention the greatest financial crime in the history of the world.

10% to whistleblower(s)

Leader Technologies has indicated they are willing to pay a 10% reward for information that leads to the recovery of funds by their shareholders.

Click here for hijack of the cyber world timeline and database.

* * *

Bookmark: #stop-the-cartelStop the Cartel
Letter to Congress:
Word Doc


The Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment empowers Congress to legislate a payday for Leader Technologies shareholders. This would provide adequate financing for Leader to offer a rational social networking environment—one that offers the application utility that people have come to enjoy about Leader’s invention without sacrificing security and privacy.

Contact your elected representatives and ask them to use Congress' power of the purse to pay Leader Technologies and unplug the Cartel.

Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America - Saul Alinsky's Playbook for community organizing
Fig. 6—Obama's Fundamental Transformation of America. His wheel of corruption.
Graphic: AFI.

Click here for hijack of the cyber world timeline and database.

Bookmark: #spy-state-surveillance
Fig. 7—The evidence is unmistakable. A Cartel of private companies, in collusion with the NSA, collect ALL relationship data between American citizens and the federal government. Much of that data is stored overseas, e.g., Lulea, Sweden, outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. Constitution ("Inside the Arctic Circle, Where Your Data Lives," Business Week).
Graphic: AFI.
Bookmark: #spy-state-players
Primary Participants in the American NSA - C.I.A. Spy State "Public-Private" Cartel
Fig. 8—Primary Participants in the American NSA - C.I.A. Spy State "Public-Private" Cartel. See AFI. (Oct. 19, 2015). The social networking patent property case every American needs to fight. Americans For Innovation.
Graphic: AFI.

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.


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  1. Email comment by TEX:

    Hey Obama, as you bathe in the warmth and beauty of Hawaii, playing golf, eating sushi and playing big shot, your hometown of Chicago is imploding. Washington, DC, is leading the country in murders per capita. Your buddy, Rahm Emmanuel , has driven Chicago into the ground. In Cleveland, your community organizers are threatening to burn the city down because a police officer defended himself when a young man pulled an authentic looking weapon and pointed it at the officers. As thug after thug faces the local police and loses, more and more minority neighborhoods are burned . How ugly can this get before you, Obama and Hillary, get off of your pompous perches and deal with the core causes of this terrible dysfunction in our inner cities ? Where are the parents, especially the fathers ? Why are we not trying to strengthen the core family , inculcate goodness in our communities, and improve the jobs market ? How about making better education available in the trades such as plumbing, carpentry, electricians, etc. . We can't all be community organizers and disbarred lawyers. These kids need authority to help them.....believe it or not, the police folks truly care about our safety but the government is incapable of being a good parent, in any form.

    And , BTW, abortion centers killed more than 15 million young black babies since Planned Parenthood became the local community hangout . And half of those little people that were mutilated were girls. How's that for " women's rights" , Hillary ? Black lives matter , right Obama? Stop this hideous ritual of human mutilation. I hope we can see how this ties together.

    The basic problem with our country is now political. As we deteriorate individually in our base morals and ethics, we deteriorate exponentially as a society. Each political side points fingers in order to win the next election. Who wins in that? Politicians. Who loses ? The hard working Joe that has a decent job, a mortgage, and pays his taxes. We hammer the productive for the sake of the unproductive, we castigate the good citizen that owns a weapon, and make it easy for the bad guys to run rampant without fear. The average citizen in our country has consumed more than he has produced since 2006. This can't work. What are we doing folks? More taxes and more regulations will strangle our economy. A spy state community will not survive, I promise. Never has, never will.

    This next election is really important to our future. It will be a seminal moment. Pick your poison.

    Have a great day , TEX

  2. Email comment by TEX:

    Had our annual New Years EveEve dinner with Flavia and Mavis, and they once again presented their list of serious questions for discussion. We have to do it each year before New Years Eve because they always end up in a fist fight that night. Here are a few of their questions in no particular order.

    -Why is Bill Cosby in jail and Bill Clinton considered a national icon ? Didn't they do the same thing? If Obama had a grandfather, wouldn't he look like Cosby? Racism?
    - Why was General Petraeus fired and dishonored for giving away a couple of "Confidential" memo's while Hillary Clinton gave away years of national secrets to any hacker that wanted it , yet she is being honored as she seeks the presidency? Shouldn't she be in jail? Is that gender bias?
    - Why are Democrats still the party of minorities ? They have had control of our government for 8 years, and during this tenure, blacks unemployment reached ALL TIME highs, poverty reached modern times highs, female unemployment is skyrocketing, and the economy recorded the worst recovery from a recession EVER. Wasn't George Wallace a Democrat?
    - Why is Al Sharpton called " Reverend"? He never studied religion, attended a seminary, or pastored a church ? Is reverend a hip hop word for con artist? Is he the best " black" leader available? Why wouldn't the blacks want a national voice like Ben Carson ?
    - How in the world did America allow Barack Hussein Obama to dismantle our military, force the invasion of unknown immigrants, destroy our sovereign borders, negotiate an absolutely certain nuclear weapon for Iran ( without Congressional approval), and turn his back on Americans held and beheaded by ISIS? Who does he really represent?
    - 2015 saw the highest US tax revenues ever........what did the taxpayer get in return? What did non taxpayers get?
    - Did our healthcare get better or worse, less expensive or more expensive, under Obamacare?
    - Why is America embracing a " fatherless" society? Is that what we really want or are we afraid to speak out?
    - If Americans are so disenchanted with their elected officials, why do we keep electing the same folks over and over? Is that stupid or what?
    - Why would we want to take away self defense weapons from the good guys while the bad guys laugh at how ridiculous that notion is? The twins will give up their weapons when Barack Hussein gives up his protection. And when Hillary gives up hers. How many soft targets are there in Chicago versus soft targets in Ft Worth? Just asking.
    - Why o' why is Hillary considered "prepared" to lead this country while Trump is considered a clown? Which one cuts to the chase ? Which one has built a functioning , successful enterprise? Which one is not owned by the WallStreet power players and the lobbyists? Which one understands that capitalism regards personal property , individual productivity , and freedom as sacrosanct ? Trump has advanced degrees in economics, Hillary wrote her college thesis on Saul Alinsky's brilliance. What are the twins missing here?

    So the girls will go into 2016 with a few questions to answer as do we, the American citizen. Let's figure this out together. The timeline written above about the ginormous theft of Leaders technology is really a microscopic example of one of the many reasons our great nation is collapsing before our eyes. We allow it........that's the reason. The thieves have an open path. Power and wealth are defeating goodness, freedom, and American values. Pucker up, folks. We have a battle to wage.

    Happy New Year. TEX=

  3. Email comment by GH:

    Greenwald, G. (Dec. 30, 2015). Spying on Congress and Israel: NSA Cheerleaders Discover Value of Privacy Only When Their Own Is Violated. The Intercept.

    The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the NSA under President Obama targeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his top aides for surveillance. In the process, the agency ended up eavesdropping on “the contents of some of their private conversations with U.S. lawmakers and American-Jewish groups” about how to sabotage the Iran Deal. All sorts of people who spent many years cheering for and defending the NSA and its programs of mass surveillance are suddenly indignant now that they know the eavesdropping included them and their American and Israeli friends rather than just ordinary people.

    The long-time GOP chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and unyielding NSA defender Pete Hoekstra last night was truly indignant to learn of this surveillance:

    In January 2014, I debated Rep. Hoekstra about NSA spying and he could not have been more mocking and dismissive of the privacy concerns I was invoking. “Spying is a matter of fact,” he scoffed. As Andrew Krietz, the journalist who covered that debate, reported, Hoekstra “laughs at foreign governments who are shocked they’ve been spied on because they, too, gather information” — referring to anger from German and Brazilian leaders. As TechDirt noted, “Hoekstra attacked a bill called the RESTORE Act, that would have granted a tiny bit more oversight over situations where (you guessed it) the NSA was collecting information on Americans.”

    But all that, of course, was before Hoekstra knew that he and his Israeli friends were swept up in the spying of which he was so fond. Now that he knows that it is his privacy and those of his comrades that has been invaded, he is no longer cavalier about it. In fact, he’s so furious that this long-time NSA cheerleader is actually calling for the criminal prosecution of the NSA and Obama officials for the crime of spying on him and his friends.

  4. These articles are becoming so ridiculous I don't even know where to begin. Let's go with the basics.

    1) The Leader patents were invalidated by a jury. That verdict was then affirmed by the federal circuit court of appeals. An appeal was denied by the supreme court. The bottom line is that leader has no patent on these issues.

    2) You're telling us that the whole scheme here was to get hundreds of tech companies involved in some consortium to share software with the NSA, FBI, CIA, and other agencies? So basically to involve thousands upon thousands upon thousands of employees in some grand scheme? And not one of those employees would say anything? You have to be kidding.

    3) If Leader's code was made "open source", where is there a single example that is was made public? By definition, "open source" software is available to everyone. If anything about this story were true, we would see an example of the code out in the open. Let's deal with the facts here.

    1. Michael, your Saul Alinsky polemics are growing tiresome.

      Alinsky Step 5: Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.

      Alinsky Step 10: If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.

      As this blog has shown in detail, the judicial decisions you rely on were riddled with corruption. Fraudulent judgments are null and void. Law 101, but you missed that class too.

      Hundreds of tech companies signed on to Eclipse. that is a fact. Sorry you have such a problem with facts.

      On Leader's source code which you have been probing about repeatedly, you'll just have to wait to your trial. You already know this answer since your bosses stole it.

    2. Email comment by TEX:

      Good morning , Mr Krecht, welcome back and Happy New Year. You ask great questions. I humbly suggest that you read the results of a mind boggling study performed some 50 years ago. In 1963, a professor asked questions similar to those you proffered today as to why so many good men would follow the actions of a few really evil men and ultimately kill millions of Jews in Germany. That professor, Stanley Milgram, a psychologist from Yale University , performed what is now known as the Milgram Experiment. He focused on the conflict between obedience to authority and personal conscience. In other words, would a person violate their conscience while " just following orders".

      Without going into gory details, the conclusion was that human beings will ,in fact , follow authority and impose pain beyond their normal mind set if , 1) the authority is morally or legally based and 2) if the means justify the ends. In this case of the Leader theft, once the Federal Circuit abandoned the patent protection for Leaders invention, the path became a free for all. Prior to that decision, the Chandler cartel believed that the "ends justified the means". They used arcane and false facts in a judges chamber of the Federal Circuit to overturn a large jury decision from a lower court. Apparently thousands of man hours, millions of risk dollars, and 11 patents don't deserve protection under the law. This part of the story involved only a few criminally intentioned folks , not the thousands upon thousands you suggest.

      You paint the facts as "unbelievable" because it involves so many people. Of course, no one believes that all were complicit. Some just followed orders. The work they were doing seemed innocent. The same was true with Madoff, Enron, and, yes, the Nazis. The " authority" in all of these cases knew what was happening and they knew the power and wealth that could be captured by stealing this brilliant idea. You, Mr Krecht, can not believe what you are espousing. You obviously have a dog in this fight. Have you considered privately calling the Leader hotline number and telling what you know. It could be worth more than what your law firm is paying you.
      You could probably buy them. 2016 could be a big year for you and your family.

      Have a great day, TEX =

  5. Yet more confirmation of the sad truth of this post:

    Allen, M. (May 07, 2012). Facebook and the Revolving Door. Future Of Capitalism.

    Politico has an article about Facebook's Washington, D.C. operation:

    On the Republican side, Joel Kaplan, a former member of President George W. Bush's White House staff, runs the Washington office. Greg Maurer, director of public policy, was director of member services for [House Speaker] Boehner. He works with House members.

    Myriah Jordan, a former Bush administration aide and counsel to Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), is manager of public policy for Facebook and works on the firm's Hill team on the Senate side. Marne Levine, vice president of global public policy, was chief of staff of the National Economic Council under Larry Summers.

    Other hires are mentioned by Washington insiders as smart: Chris Herndon, manager of public policy, who worked with Republicans on the Senate Commerce Committee and now works on the House side with Maurer; Louisa Terrell, director of public policy, who was a former White House special assistant to the president, will work on Facebook's Senate team with Jordan.

    The Politico link is no longer accessible. Hmmmmmm.

  6. So, the daughter-in-law of a former C.I.A. director (Deutch) is running INSTAGRAM. How many ways can that go wrong for our privacy?

    Obama and his spy state cronies have flushed the American Republic down the toilet.

    If Hillary gets elected, she will protect these criminals and their secrets. I don't believe for one minute that Soros and Obama are not communicating. That email was fabricated and out of context.

  7. Obama on gun control Don't vote for anyone who opposes it well he CRIED out of one eye.....(VOTE RIGGING)
    The Winklevoss Twins knew Facebook was stolen, at a party you had, you said to someone Facebook was not your idea and this someone who knew facebook was stolen and said well facebook was not your idea as well??, (The Winklevoss extorted millions out of facebook )

    Zuckerberg stole Leader’s invention by re-labeling it with IBM and Eclipse the C.I.A.’s plan, along with the "PayPal Mafia" consisting of:
    James W. Breyer,
    Peter Thiel,
    Reid Hoffman,
    Matt Cohler,
    Joseph Lonsdale,
    (Yuri Milner and Sheryl K. Sandberg were lurking in the shadows—Summers' protégés from his days as chief economist for the World Bank).
    IBM knew facebook was a stolen idea the Facebook–CIA Cartel so that citizens can be digitally manipulated for decades, and you thought Zuckerberg wrote the code. Sucker! David Kirkpatrick knew facebook was a stolen.

  8. Email comment by GH:

    Herridge, C., Browne, P. (Jan. 07, 2016). Clinton's private email account exploits FOIA loophole, report says.

    EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton’s unorthodox use of a private email account and personal server for government business exploited a loophole in the State Department's FOIA, or Freedom of Information Act, process, according to the findings of the first Inspector General report to stem from her email scandal.

    Given Clinton's use of a private account, where more than 1,000 classified emails have been identified, including at least two at the Top Secret level, it appeared ironic that the report states employees had not been reminded of their FOIA responsibilities "...since March 2009, when former Secretary Clinton sent a message commemorating Freedom of Information Day."

  9. Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton’s ’s unorthodox use of a private email account and personal server for government business

    Hillary Clinton had all the IMs and Emails on her personal server about how facebook was stolen

    1. Email comment by GH:

      Tomlinson, L., Dean, M., Rowland, K. (Jan. 08, 2016). Latest batch of Clinton emails contains 66 more classified messages. FoxNews/AP.

      The latest batch of emails released from Hillary Clinton's personal account from her tenure as secretary of state includes 66 messages deemed classified at some level, the State Department said early Friday.

      In one email, Clinton even seemed to coach a top adviser on how to send secure information outside secure channels.

      All but one of the 66 messages have been labeled "confidential", the lowest level of classification. The remaining email has been labeled as "secret." The total number of classified emails found on Clinton's personal server has risen to 1,340 with the latest release. Seven of those emails have been labeled "secret."

      In all, the State Department released 1,262 messages in the early hours of Friday, making up almost 2,900 pages of emails. Unlike in previous releases, none of the messages were searchable in the department's online reading room by subject, sender or recipient.

  10. Email comment by GH:



    MacCallum, M. (Jan. 09, 2016). Clinton email about non-secure fax re-ignites concerns about her sidestepping security measures. FoxNews.

    A recently released email from Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state appears to show her coaching an aide on how to send a fax on a non-secure system, renewing criticism about her perhaps skirting security measures.

    Clinton wrote the email as part of an exchange in June 2011 that started when aide Jack Sullivan wrote to say his staff was having problems getting her documents on a secure fax.

    Clinton responded by saying she hadn't received the documents and that Sullivan and his staff should “turn (the messages) into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure."

  11. Email comment by TEX:


    In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the
    University of Edinburgh , had this to say about the fall of the
    Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: "A democracy is always
    Temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent
    Form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until
    The time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous
    Gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority
    Always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from
    The public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally
    Collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a

    "The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the
    Beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200
    Years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

    From bondage to spiritual faith;
    From spiritual faith to great courage;
    From courage to liberty;
    From liberty to abundance;
    From abundance to complacency;
    From complacency to apathy;
    From apathy to dependence;
    From dependence back into bondage."
    The Obituary follows:

    " United States of America ", Born 1776, Died 2016
    It doesn't hurt to read this several times.
    Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in
    St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning
    The last Presidential election:

    Number of States won by: Obama: 19 Romney: 29
    Square miles of land won by: Obama: 580,000 Romney: 2,427,000
    Population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million Romney: 143 million
    Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:
    Obama: 13.2 Romney: 2.1

    Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory
    Romney won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.

    Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low
    Income tenements and living off various forms of government

    Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the
    "complacency and apathy" phase of Professor Tyler's definition of
    Democracy, with some forty percent of the nation's population
    Already having reached the "governmental dependency" phase..

    If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million
    Criminal invaders called illegal’s - and they vote - then we can say
    Goodbye to the United States of America and welcome in the United State of America. Our Republic will cease to exist.

    This is serious stuff. The ultimate "final word" is our Supreme Court. The next President may appoint two or three. Will it be our turnaround or our demise? We have a choice. The next President will have to want America to be great again. The next President will have to have courage. The next President can not be owned by forces of evil in this country. The next President may be our best ever or it may well be our last. Have a great day, TEX

  12. Email comment by GH:

    Yet again, AFI investigators are ahead of the curve in exposing the fraud in Silicon Valley.

    You wrote this post on November 6, 2015:

    AFI (Nov. 06, 2015). Complicit encryption geeks enable the American spy state. Americans For Innovation.

    Then AFI further exposed Juniper's ties to the Cartel on December 23, 2015

    Now this came out yesterday:

    Goodin, D. (Jan. 10, 2016). Juniper drops NSA-developed code following new backdoor revelations
    Researchers contradict Juniper claim that Dual_EC_DRBG weakness couldn't be exploited. ArsTechnica.

    "Juniper Networks, which last month made the startling announcement its NetScreen line of firewalls contained unauthorized code that can surreptitiously decrypt traffic sent through virtual private networks, said it will remove a National Security Agency-developed function widely suspected of also containing a backdoor for eavesdropping."

    MY CONCLUSION: These people supposedly "securing" our data networks are all just flaming LIARS.

    1. Here is a complete NIST List of companies who embed the Dual_EC_DRBG backdoor in their code.

      Apple's Tim Cook says that Apple products don't have security back doors, but this list definitively proves that they do. Here are Apples NIST entries:


      It appears Tim Cook and the Obama Administration are playing footsies too?

  13. Email comment by GH:

    Herridge, C., Browne, P. (Jan. 11, 2016). FBI's Clinton probe expands to public corruption track. FoxNews.

    "EXCLUSIVE: The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email as secretary of state has expanded to look at whether the possible “intersection” of Clinton Foundation work and State Department business may have violated public corruption laws, three intelligence sources not authorized to speak on the record told Fox News.

    This new investigative track is in addition to the focus on classified material found on Clinton’s personal server.

    "The agents are investigating the possible intersection of Clinton Foundation donations, the dispensation of State Department contracts and whether regular processes were followed," one source said."

    1. There is definitely something to this Clinton Foundation intersection. Here is our previous analysis:

      AFI (Aug. 12, 2015). Hillary & Bill shill for a secret intelligence agency cartel. Americans For Innovation.

    2. David Bowe: My Gods love be with you always; and don't look up Obama only if you have a black book

  14. Email comment by Sheryl Attkisson:

    Attkisson, S. (Jan. 11, 2016). FOIA: Officially, Undeniably Broken - House Oversight Staff Report: FOIA is Broken “Executive Branch culture encourages an unlawful presumption in favor of secrecy.” Sheryl Attkisson / Full Measure.

    "Secrecy is the order of the day at many federal agencies when it comes to their actions and to public records. That’s according to a new report today from the House Oversight Committee staff.

    Today, the House votes on ideas to reform the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) sponsored by House Oversight Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz and the lead Democrat on the Committee: Rep. Elijah Cummings. The action is an outgrowth of hearings held last June by the Oversight Committee.

    In one unprecedented session, I and other journalists (from Newsweek and Vice News) testified to the Committee about the seriously broken system. Instead of being an effective tool to help the public obtain public information, the FOI process has been perverted by federal agencies and is now used to obstruct the release of public information."

  15. Hillary Clinton Made More in 12 Speeches to Big Banks Than Most of Us Earn in a Lifetime.

    By Zaid Jilani - Jan 8, 2016

    Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders this week assailed Clinton for taking large speaking fees from the financial industry since leaving the State Department.

    Clinton Made $2.9 Million From 12 Speeches to Big Banks

    Clinton’s most lucrative year was 2013, right after stepping down as secretary of state. That year, she made $2.3 million for three speeches to Goldman Sachs and individual speeches to Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Investments, Apollo Management Holdings, UBS, Bank of America, and Golden Tree Asset Managers.

    The following year, she picked up $485,000 for a speech to Deutsche Bank and an address to Ameriprise. Last year, she made $150,000 from a lecture before the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

    It's a IBM Eclipse Spy State Cartel love fest . . .

    Ameriprise $225,000
    Apollo Management Holdings $225,000
    Bank of America $225,000
    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce $150,000
    Deutsche Bank $485,000
    Fidelity Investments $225,000
    Golden Tree Asset Management $275,000
    Goldman Sachs $675,000
    Morgan Stanley $225,000
    UBS $225,000

    6 of the 10 were primary Facebook IPO underwriters.

    1. Here's this INTERCEPT article as a PDF (we appended our previous post AFI. (AFI (Aug. 12, 2015). Hillary & Bill shill for a secret intelligence agency cartel. Americans For Innovation.) We also attached the XLSX and PDF summaries of Bill & Hillary's Speaking Fees from 2001-2015.

      Here's the spreadsheet of Bill and Hillary's speaking fees from 2001-2015:

  16. Email comment by TEX:

    Obama finally made sense to me last night. He has been a great leader and we , the people , have been terribly inept. It is our fault that he just made up stuff and lied to us because we, the people, failed to make it happen. If we had made it happen, it would not have been a lie. He once told us that all new government ideas would first be discussed on CSpan, especially the Obamacare issues. It wasn't his fault that CSpan is closed at 3am when Harry Reid used arcane rules to pass it. It wasn't Obama's fault that Syria couldn't see that "red line". Are they color blind or what? And anyone , anywhere that doesn't follow his path to the destruction of America is, how do we say it, an obstructionist. The Republicans are racists, and obstructionists. It's not his fault that Muslim visitors to our country blow us up........he wanted to close GITMO and we didn't. They are killing us because of GITMO. Wait a minute there buddy, was GITMO a GITMO in Sept 2001 ? It's our fault that there wasn't a GITMO then , not his. It's not his fault that terrorists are streaming into our country unabated . It's our fault because we drive SUV's and burn natural gas in our warming is our biggest enemy and we don't see it. Oh wait, I am confused gain. Did he say that immigrants caused global warming or did we, the people ? And if we build a wall , how will the terrorists get out? This will force them to stay. It's all very confusing. And it's not his fault that unemployment in the minority classes is soaring, it's our fault because we have not approved gay marriage , we fight the abortion issue, and are opposed to minimum wage fixing. And global warming . And oh thanks to our God Obama, Joe's gonna cure cancer. If we cure cancer, we can walk on the moon. I am exhausted. Maybe he didn't make sense. And, BTW, I can see red, Mr Presidente.

    Have a great day, TEX=


    Hay Obama turn and face the cha-cha changes, stop focusing on your own legacy its full of shirt

  18. The New York Times hypocrisy:

    "Ted Cruz Didn't Disclose Loan From Goldman Sachs for His First Senate Campaign" by Mike McIntire, The New York Times, January 13, 2016

    Despite the NYT being barraged by information from this and other sites about the massive non-disclosures of judges, politicians and bureaucrats of their Cartel "dark pool" holdings in Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, yada yada,

    ... they suddenly get religion about a single Ted Cruz holding???

    This proves in my mind the contention that the "mutual fund scam" would be used for blackmail if the holder did not tow the party line.



  19. The Wasington Examiner is finally getting with the program, check this new article out:

    Nine times Clinton Foundation donors got special access at State.

    1. Wowa Rain, good find. The article makes reference to previously unpublished Hillary Clinton meetings on March 23, 2012 with George Soros and Sidney Blumenthal. (The State Department records do not show these meetings... but Hillary's stonewalled emails do, for the first time.)

      That date is significant in the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption. Get this sequence of uncanny events (we updated the Timeline (upper right hand corner of this page) with this new revelation:

      Mar. 22, 2012 - IBM sold Facebook 750 junk patents
      Mar. 23, 2012 - Hillary met with Soros and Blumenthal
      Mar. 27, 2012 - Hillary met with Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook
      Apr. 17, 2012 - David Kappos issued invalidation order against Leader's patent
      May. 08, 2012 - Federal Circuit ruled against Leader without disclosing Facebook financial holdings
      May. 18, 2012 - Facebook went public

      Here are the related proofs, also in the Timeline citations.

      Westwood, S. (Jan. 14, 2016). Nine times Clinton Foundation donors got special access at State. Washington Examiner.

      Of the nine Clinton Foundation donors cited in this article, five are members of the IBM Eclipse Foundation that fed Facebook Leader's sources code: Cisco, Morgan Stanley, GE, Boeing and George Soros.

      United States. Department of State. Hillary Clinton unpublished meetings with George Soros and Sidney Blumenthal, Mar. 23, 2012, Judicial Watch v. U.S. State Department (FOIA), Doc-No-89736, Case No. F-2014-20439 11/30/2015

      United States. Department of State. Hillary Clinton Public Schedule, Mar. 23, 2012.

  20. To all you corrupt lawyers and Judges...

    The last words of Steve Jobs -
    I have come to the pinnacle of success in business.
    In the eyes of others, my life has been the symbol of success.
    However, apart from work, I have little joy. Finally, my wealth is simply a fact to which I am accustomed.
    At this time, lying on the hospital bed and remembering all my life, I realize that all the accolades and riches of which I was once so proud, have become insignificant with my imminent death.
    In the dark, when I look at green lights, of the equipment for artificial respiration and feel the buzz of their mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of my approaching death looming over me.
    Only now do I understand that once you accumulate enough money for the rest of your life, you have to pursue objectives that are not related to wealth.
    It should be something more important:
    For example, stories of love, art, dreams of my childhood.
    No, stop pursuing wealth, it can only make a person into a twisted being, just like me.
    God has made us one way, we can feel the love in the heart of each of us, and not illusions built by fame or money, like I made in my life, I cannot take them with me.
    I can only take with me the memories that were strengthened by love.
    This is the true wealth that will follow you; will accompany you, he will give strength and light to go ahead.
    Love can travel thousands of miles and so life has no limits. Move to where you want to go. Strive to reach the goals you want to achieve. Everything is in your heart and in your hands.
    What is the world's most expensive bed? The hospital bed.
    You, if you have money, you can hire someone to drive your car, but you cannot hire someone to take your illness that is killing you.
    Material things lost can be found. But one thing you can never find when you lose: life.
    Whatever stage of life where we are right now, at the end we will have to face the day when the curtain falls.
    Please treasure your family love, love for your spouse, love for your friends...
    Treat everyone well and stay friendly with your neighbours.

    1. Thanks Nico,

      We will never know for sure whether Steve Jobs wrote these words or not. Regardless, they point us to our higher calling as human beings on this planet. The corrupt judges and lawyers to whom you write should take heed, since a special dark place awaits those who betray the public trust.

  21. Email comment by TEX:

    In the past I have been fairly timid in my posts. So today, I will write more boldly and clarify a few points.

    Islam is more than just a religion. It is an entire, integrated society based on teachings of a book. The Muslim society teaches , through this book, destruction of all non Muslim " societies". Obama calls it a peaceful religion. What religion controls the laws, the military, the schools, the lifestyle, and the worship ? Only one, Islam. What society sends out killers to rape women, behead infidels, and control the world . Only one. Islam. Stop conflating and obfuscating the difference, Mr Barack Hussein Obama. Islam is a society with a mandate to destroy all other societies. Islam fights within its own religion because it started out as tribal societies, it evolved as tribal societies, and it will continue to be tribal societies. If it was just a peaceful religion as Obama knowingly misstates, then why do the Sunni and Shi'ite continue to kill each other. They have the same religion, don't they? Peace has not been in their playbook for 1400 years.

    Obama does not get the fact that even gun clingers want gun safety and do not want bad guys or sickos to get guns. The NRA says the same thing. But Obama wants total government "gun control" , not just safety. It's his words that create misunderstanding. I don't know one gun owner that disagrees with the following statement. Guns and legal gun owners are not an enemy of safety, or freedom. Just the opposite. Privately owned guns keep us safe and free. They have in the past, and will in the future.

    According to Obama, we are a nation of laws. How does he know, we ask ? Because he is a constitutional law professor , he answers. So given that, how can he stand by and let Lois Lerner walk away ? Why isn't Eric Holder in prison? How can he watch Hillary ignore the Federal law regarding the legal responsibilities of the Secretary of State as they relate to security of our nation ? How can he usurp ALL immigration laws? How can he write a treaty with Iran without Congressional approval ? How can our USPTO become so corrupt ? It's now just a toy room for the richest of thieves. How can he continue to totally disregard our laws and how can our elected officials from both sides just do nothing ?

    And hey, Obama. Climate has been changing in large swings for 4 1/2 billion years. You and big Al Gore are liars and deceivers. The science isn't settled. Science is never settled. You want to fix something, check out how dangerous the Yellowstone volcano is. Fix that and you will actually do something that , if left unchecked, could wipe out a large portion of our country. I can't wait to see your reaction when a real American leader unravels your tangled web of " transforming" America. If GITMO is available, maybe you and Hillary could spend some time there. You could think about the damage you've done. You could review all of your lies. We will let you play soccer, have color television, a hot daily bath, new clothes, and a new Koran. We'll see if it is a recruiting tool for ISIS. Of course Hillary will want to pass on the exercise , the soul searching, and the orange jumpsuit, but that's a story for another day.

    Now for elected officials as a group. Get em all out. Everyone of them. Bring in a new set leaders. Let's elect brash, unafraid , loud mouths that are not " owned" by the lobbyists. Bring in someone that wants to win . I need a glass of Cabernet.

    Have a great day, TEX

  22. Obama visit the Pop not long after Google visit the Pop this is the same Google that sold out to NSA How easy is it to manipulate people when you know what they are thinking and planning? Harvard student, Sheryl K. Sandberg, and Yuri Milner. Sandberg later was Summers' chief of staff under Bill Clinton, then became a Google vice president. She is now chief operating officer at Facebook and a Hillary Clinton confidante. In fact, they are so close that the State Department just classified some of their communications.
    Yuri Milner knew facebook was stolen, Hillary Clinton got all the IMs and Emails on how facebook was stolen Summers knew how facebook was stolen Milner used dubious Russian funds from oligarch Alisher Usmanov to pump Facebook’s pre-IPO valuation to $100 billion Peter Thiel invested $500K in Facebook (08/01/04), and he knew facebook was a stolen idea

    69+2=BLACK STAR
    Zuckerberg's $1.7M Real Estate Deal Fight Gets April Trial

  23. Email comment by TEX:

    The Dem debate last night was fascinating.......for example :

    Not one question by the moderators about terrorism. Not one comment about terrorism by any of our potential Commanders in Chief . Not one.

    Apparently each of these potential leaders of the free world believe that $15 minimum wage will protect us. Apparently they believe that our men in blue (cops) are more of a problem than a theocratic society that wants each and every one of us DEAD. They believe that are planet is being killed by an atmospheric gas that is only 400 parts per 1,000,000. And the terrorists are really upset because of global warming and GITMO and a film about Muhammed.

    Apparently it is not important to discuss the current FBI investigation of the leading candidate to lead the free world , our friend Hillary. And what if Donald Trump's wife had molested hundreds of men , wouldn't that be a topic of conversation. Hillary said she is focused on equal pay for women, but I guess that a women's freedom from Bill's groping is out of bounds. And BTW, women working on her campaign make less than men doing the same things.

    Apparently Hillary loves the job Obama has done the last seven years. She feels good that nearly 1/3 of those that CAN work, aren't . She loves the fact our unemployment rate if hovering around 5 % because , after all, it was 9% eight years ago. Simple number understanding shows, however, that unemployment percentages improve when folks give up looking for work. In others words, when millions are taken out of the formula, the rate magically improves. But what about the minorities ? They have been devastated. The inner cities are a mess. Our kids are dying, the schools are terrible, and divisiveness is growing exponentially. Any questions or answers about that ? Nope.

    And how about Bernie? A socialist in the United States of America is closing in on the nomination. What are we doing? The millennials love him. Who raised these idiot kids that are attending Ivy League schools and are supporting a proven destroyer of liberty and freedom. The professors , that's who. These tenured ideologues have no clue about innovation, competing, winning and losing, and the dignity of contribution. Remember Wade Churchill ? Look him up. He's everywhere in our higher education. Obama was Wade Churchill. And Obama has run our country into the arms of socialists.

    *** END, TEX comment, Part I ***

    1. *** BEGIN, TEX comment, Part II ***

      And finally , some of the world leaders are opposing Trump. Why? Because he is touting the fact that the US has been had by foreign interests and the citizens of this country are paying for it. We are not in the business of making the world happy at the expense of our hard working folks and Trump knows it. Why no questions about that?

      Here's the bottom line. Democrats are out of ideas and they are hiding Hillary from the public as it relates to her major warts ( including Federal crimes) They are totally dependent on winning the presidency by crushing the productive hard working Joe, taxing him into oblivion, and sending the unearned emoluments to their voting base. Free stuff. Vote us in and you will get it. Free food, free medicine, free college, free phones, and so on. Vote for a Republican and they will be asked and encouraged to actually participate in our productive society. And if that doesn't do it, let's eliminate voters ID 's so 11 million non citizens can vote in socialism.

      I mentioned these facts before but it seems to remain pertinent. The TOTAL wealth in the whole wide world is about $240 trillion . The US has debt of approximately of $19 trillion. The total " dollars" in circulation in the whole wide world is around $3.5 trillion , about 1/5 of our debt. Now read this carefully......our total committed but UNFUNDED future obligations ( Medicare, Medicaid, government pensions, Obamacare, social security) are more than $120 trillion , 1/2 of the total wealth in the world. If only half of our citizens are working and paying for this, how in the world is more free stuff going to end?

      Have a great day, TEX

  24. I thought you might be interested in this article:

    EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton's emails on her unsecured, homebrew server contained intelligence from the U.S. government's most secretive and highly classified programs, according to an unclassified letter from a top inspector general to senior lawmakers.

  25. Email comment by GH:

    This notice about Goldman Sachs appeared a week ago, on January 14, 2016, in USA Today:


    Goldman Sachs Group (GS) has reached a nearly $5.1 billion tentative settlement of a federal and state investigation of the investment banking giant's handl

    ing of mortgage-backed securities before the national financial crisis, the bank said Thursday.

    "We are please to have reached an agreement in principle to resolve these matters," Goldman Chairman and CEO Lloyed Blankfein said in a statement announcing the deal.

    And not a single Goldman Sachs executive was fired or prosecuted. This criminality is breathtaking. Lloyd Blankfein has got to be one of the most despicable human beings on the planet.

    1. Citation for this article:

      McCoy, K., Whitehouse, K. (Jan. 14, 2016). Goldman Sachs agrees to tentative $5.1B mortgage settlement. USA TODAY.

  26. Email comment by TEX:

    Just thinking out loud....

    Why do the world elite political leaders ,including our own , dislike Trump? Why do the financial elites now attending meetings at Davos fear Trump? Why do the leaders of both the Democrats and Republicans dislike and fear Trump ? Why do big money political Super PACS on both sides despise Trump? Why does the NY Times and Washington Post blast Trump? And why do the minions ( me and you, the American taxpayer) exploited by these groups love Trump? DUH.....

    Have a great day, TEX

  27. Email comment by GH:

    Hillary could obviously care less about people's lives and laws. It's all about her. If we elect this woman, we are brainless.

    Herridge, C., Browne, P. (Jan. 22, 2016). EXCLUSIVE: Clinton email exposed intel from human spying. FoxNews.

    At least one of the emails on Hillary Clinton's private server contained extremely sensitive information identified by an intelligence agency as "HCS-O," which is the code used for reporting on human intelligence sources in ongoing operations, according to two sources not authorized to speak on the record.

    Both sources are familiar with the intelligence community inspector general’s January 14 letter to Congress, advising the Oversight committees that intelligence beyond Top Secret -- known as Special Access Program (SAP) -- was identified in the Clinton emails, as well the supporting documents from the affected agencies that owned the information and have final say on classification.

    According to a December 2013 policy document released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence: “The HSC-0 compartment (Operations) is used to protect exceptionally fragile and unique IC (intelligence community) clandestine HUMINT operations and methods that are not intended for dissemination outside of the originating agency.”

  28. Email comment by A.T.

    Thought AFI readers might be interested in this comment I received from one of the persons I forwarded the Pay-to-Play link to ...

    My Subject: Re: Pay-to-Play New World Order proponents stole Leader Technologies' social networking invention

    "The patent system started to change about 20 years ago. My current company had a patent issued in the mid 90's and we quickly found out that it was "our" responsibility to police the patent. Over a 10 year period we brought quite a few companies to court, with a lot of evidence showing that they were infringing upon the patent, only to have the courts reject our claims because we were the big bad company (2,500 people). If there is a buck to be made, people/individuals will infringe on the patent and rely on the present legal system to protect them!"


    I notice that SQUARESPACE is advertising heavily on Pandora right now. SQUARESPACE is a member of the Cartel:

    They are funded by:

    James W. Breyer
    Accel Partners LLP


    They want youR data folks. You don't have to give it to them!!!


  30. IBM confirmed that it has acquired live streaming company Ustream in what amounts to a bet that video will become a valuable marketing and data asset for enterprises.

    Terms of the deal weren't disclosed, but Fortune previously reported that the price tag was about $130 million in cash.

  31. Righhhhhhhtttttttt.... Rivals the light bulb. And no other media outlet has ever picked up on this. And hundreds of companies are supposedly involved in the conspiracy. Yet not a single employee has ever come forward.

    It's really time to accept reality. Leader has an invalid patent. The Supreme Court already addressed that. If Leader had any claim to a valid patent, it simply would have filed a new lawsuit to reinstate it. It's pretty simple.

  32. Bill you are such a narcissist. Your logic: Everybody or nobody does it, so it must not be true. Not a single true innovation in world history has ever emerged like you propose. That is not the nature of vision or invention, but you wouldn't know that, because you only have experience with theft and deception. Your momma must've coddled you too much. Poor baby. When your bubble finally pops perhaps you'll gain a little humility and life perspective. Right now you have none.


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