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Monday, February 25, 2013


Constitutional rights advocates demand that NCAA stop its copyright infringement in social media; ask Congress to preserve Zuckerberg's 28 concealed hard drives; call Ohio State and Harvard to task

Contributing Writers | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION | Updated Mar. 21, 2013 | PDF

New Update Mar. 18, 2013
(New: PDF Version)

Click here to jump to a list of judges, attorneys and Facebook cronies who are implicated in the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption scandal.

A new US v. Paul Ceglia filing reveals even more related corruption? The New York U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara who filed criminal charges against Paul Ceglia over matters already being tried in a Ceglia v. Zuckerberg civil case is a former attorney for Gibson Dunn LLP. This is a flagrant conflict of interest since Gibson Dunn is Facebook's attorney in that case. Suspiciously, Gibson Dunn LLP is deeply implicated in the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption scandal.

Ceglia's attorneys name U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in this suit, but we will leave Holder off the corruption watch list until we learn more.

AFI believes this Ceglia criminal suit is likely misdirection after Ceglia's attorneys started dismantling the Facebook forensic expert testimony. We believe they were getting uncomfortably close to gaining access to the 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard Email archives. That evidence could prove Ceglia's innocence as well as prove that Zuckerberg stole Leader Technologies' source code to start Facebook in "one to two weeks."
Is Facebook the Evil Twin of Leader Technologies?

(Mar. 11, 2013)—The evidence is now apparent that Facebook stole the core technology used to run Facebook from Leader Technologies of Columbus, Ohio. Equally apparent to any reasonable person are Facebook's efforts to corrupt the federal justice system. The "evidence" was fabricated by attorneys and federal judges intent on handing Facebook a win at all costs. (Federal Circuit Judges Lourie's & Moore's Facebook stock made handsome returns in the FB IPO that occurred during the case. See "Wall of Shame" in previous post.) Even so, Leader still proved that Facebook is guilty on 11 of 11 counts of stealing Leader's invention. These circumstances beg the question: "Where is the Facebook attorney hubris coming from?" Attorney arrogance is one thing. However, this level of disdain for U.S. law and justice is gargantuan.

Barbarians at the Gate

Facebook's only defenders appear to be their lawyers. Did these lawyers orchestrate this theft from inception? After all, we now see from public records that Fenwick & West LLP represented Facebook's first financier and director Accel Partners and James W. Breyer from 1998. Was Fenwick steering the best technology from other clients to Accel? After all, Accel was funded by KKR, the subject of the book Barbarians at the Gate. These lawyers appear to be posting haughty statements on this site like "Leader was put on notice" (about Facebook's copyright violations). This statement is backwards since it is the owner of the intellectual property that puts the copyright infringer on notice, and not the other way around. Think about it. Is it legal for your attorney to be feeding your trade secrets out the backdoor to bigger clients in order to blindside you with legal claims? This amounts to JUDICIAL ESPIONAGE. Facebook here appears to be telegraphing its conspiracy to defraud by indicating that they have been staging their theft from the beginning by stealing property, then taunting Leader into coming after them. Is this the haughtiness of lawyers who believe they have the American justice system in their hip pockets?

Pope John Paul II, Wikipedia
Leader's Michael McKibben
collaborated with Pope John Paul II
(see YouTube, esp. last 6 minutes).
Photo: Wikipedia
Untold histories of glasnost and peristroika

A new YouTube video has appeared (click here to view this video) showing how Leader Technologies' lead inventor Michael T. McKibben was a friend of Pope John Paul II. This video is remarkable on several levels. First, it is an important untold history about the beginnings of glasnost and peristroika in the Soviet Union. Second, it shows that Michael McKibben has earned his moral and ethical stripes. He, his wife Nancy, and a Gospel music group called Living Sound, collaborated with the Pope when he was Cardinal Karol Woytyla in Poland, during the height of the Cold War. The video even contains the Pope's own words about McKibben's efforts.

Click image to access video
The video begins by saying that this story has not been told before now because certain people involved had been threatened by the Soviet secret police (KGB), some went to Soviet prison, and one person was murdered by Soviet prison guards. Another layer of this story is the fact that certain money-interests in the "New Russia," namely Facebook's second largest investor that bought out Facebook insiders for billions of dollars in dubious unregulated transactions, are still warring against the rule of law; perhaps using their old KGB tricks of the trade, like lawfare (DST aka Digital Sky aka Yuri Milner/Goldman Sachs). Old habits die hard? Their new uniform appears to be a hoodie instead of jackets with hammer-and-cycle buttons. We hope this teaser will motivate you to watch the entire 30-minute video. Stay with it to the end, because much of the story about Pope John Paul II is described in the last six minutes. The cool, funky music background is by The Bull City Syndicate of North Carolina. The narration is text-based, so it is best viewed on a computer. We had to stop it in places to read it all. Also, suggest you select HD and Full Screen so you are able to read all the text. It is a fascinating Tom Clancy-type story, only this one actually happened!

McKibben organized music concerts in numerous places around the world like the USSR, Poland and Northern Ireland. In Belfast his efforts were described by Lord Hylton as more effective at helping bring peace to "The Troubles" of Northern Ireland "than all the pronouncements of the British Parliment." He organized joint Catholic-Protestant events while the two sides were still bombing each other. His friendship with Pope John Paul II is mind blowing. Who would've thought a group of young musicians could make such a difference? But it appears they did.

Pope John Paul II vs. Bernie Madoff

Bottom line, it appears Facebook is the evil twin of Leader Technologies. The moral contrast between McKibben and Zuckerberg could not be more striking.

In Michael McKibben we read a story of a young musician-engineer who hit the road in his youth to make the world a better place, then invented social networking; spending $10 million and 145,000 man-hours to do it. We see a person who collaborated with moral giants on the scale of Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

In Mark Zuckerberg we read a likely true story of a young pathological liar who stole McKibben's social networking invention (by his own admission in "one or two weeks"), with the help of well-healed former PayPal handlers and the law firm Fenwick & West. We see a person who collaborates with financiers dubbed "the barbarians at the gate" and other global financiers who make Bernie Maddoff and Charles Ponzi look like rookies.

Facebook appears to be Leader Technologies' evil twin?

Social media madness: App brings NCAA basketball tournament to Facebook

(Feb. 25, 2013)—In the wake of advertising leader Erik Lohmeier's call to the advertising industry to stop its social media copyright violations, and just a week before NCAA March Madness, the growing judicial and U.S. Patent Office (USPTO) corruption scandal (see sidebar) could spoil March Madness, the biggest money-maker of the year for the NCAA.

Most people know that the NCAA jealously guards its copyrights, logo and broadcasts. They rely heavily on Facebook to promote their events (357,000 "Likes" on Facebook promoting March Madness as of today.)

NCAA double standard?

However, constitutional rights advocates are now calling on the NCAA to fix their substantial violation of the copyrights and intellectual property of a small innovation company in Columbus, Ohio named Leader Technologies.

The engine running Facebook (and on which the NCAA now heavily relies for its advertising and promotion) is Leader's creative work, for which Leader holds multiple patents and copyrights. A "Boycott the NCAA?" handbill just appeared today (click here for the "NCAA Boycott?" handbill).

AFI encourages readers to circulate this flyer to the colleges and universities in your area. Ask them to consider boycotting NCAA events, including March Madness, until they either stop the copyright infringement, or start licensing the underlying technology upon which they rely for their social media promotions.

Universities ripe for Copyright-gate sanctions?

(Updated Mar. 1, 2013)—The following universities rely heavily on Facebook for communications. Since universities like to pride themselves on respect for the copyrights and other intellectual property of their professors, students and researchers, the double-standard is evident since Facebook has been proven to be the pirated invention of Ohio-based Leader Technologies.

Bob Woodward exposed Watergate. Whol will expose Copyright-gate?
The mainstream media appears to be either asleep at the wheel or drunk on the Facebook Kool-Aid. A free investigative press is one of the pillars of a healthy democracy. However, if the paid professionals are not going to do their jobs, perhaps that task now falls upon their younger colleagues. Many social movements have emerged from student movements—where students take up issues that their parents won't touch, simply because its the right thing to do. The mainstream media has been deafeningly silent on the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement case; a case that has now become a judicial corruption scandal of enormous scale. Have university administrations also drunk the Facebook Kool-Aid? Have students themselves, perhaps unwittingly?

Does the task of preserving a free press fall upon student journalists? Here is your chance to expose Copyright-gate, the biggest copyright infringement scandal in American history. So why haven't you heard about it? Exactly the point. If the silence gets any louder, we'll need earplugs.

Are you the next Bob Woodward?

Readers are encouraged to write these next Bob Woodwards. Provide them a link to the flyer. Encourage them to investigate and help fix this growing property theft cancer. The fact is that the entire social media industry was founded on a lie that has been perpetrated by a group of well-heeled tech financiers who were determined get what they wanted, no matter who they had to steal it from, or buy off, like juries, federal judges and the Patent Office. They found in Mark Zuckerberg a willing boy band leader.

The following are the university journalists email contact lists that our readers have compiled so far. Stay tuned, we will be adding to this list often.

University: Univ. Group (click to get Contact List): Copyright-gate Flyer:
(click to get Handbill):
The Ohio State University The Lantern OSU flyer
University of Cincinnati The Student Record UC flyer
Ohio University The Post OU flyer
University of Arizona UANews UofA flyer
University of Minnesota Minnesota Daily UofM flyer
Harvard University The Harvard Crimson Harvard flyer

University of Texas
The Daily Texan Texas flyer
Georgetown University Georgetown Administration & Faculty Georgetown flyer

Notre Dame University
Notre Dame Administration & Faculty Notre Dame flyer

DePaul University
DePaul The DePaulia Student Journalists & Administration Leadership DePaul flyer

Loyola University
Loyola Student Journalists & Educators Loyola flyer
New Mar. 13
Boston College
Boston College Journalists & Educators Boston College flyer

Congress asked to preserve Zuckerberg's concealed 28 hard drives of evidence

Zuckerberg withheld more information than these computers contained, and told Leader they were "lost."

In addition, a new round of congressional inquiries are being requested in order to preserve the 28 Zuckerberg hard drives that Facebook concealed during the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement trial. In that trial Leader proved that Facebook was guilty on 11 of 11 counts. Had Leader had access to those drives, they could have proved actual theft of source code, which would be a criminal offense, and plenty of motive to hide them. (Click here to read a copy of the congressional inquiry request.)

Facebook's attorneys exploiting the weaknesses of the jury system to steal inventions?
Dilbert strip by Scott Adams on a small company trying to protect its patent from a predator like Facebook

New: Updated Mar. 19, 2013
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  1. Comment by: Sweaty Palms

    LOL. Good going AFI. If I were playing basketball right now, I'd be having to wipe my sweaty palms out of concern it would throw off my shot.

  2. Comment by: An Author

    It just struck me that universities are almost ruthless about copyright violations for their professors, and yet, universities and the NCAA are using Facebook, which is literally infringing Leader Technologies' inventions. This is an unacceptable double-standard. Are we now going to use Wall Street's corrupt logic about too big to enforce?

    Since Leader Technologies has multiple copyrights and patents, Facebook cannot rely on their best-that-money-can-buy judicially corrupt "win." I have copyrights and have not had to sue once in my career to protect my creative works.

    University leaders need to step up for what is right. What if each of their professors had to be dragged through court every time someone infringed? The copyright system would die. Attorneys and courts are insufficient moral arbiters of copyrights. Citizens must do the right thing to have a civil society. Shame on the Facebook's management and attorneys for their moral profligacy. I fear we are seeing the underbelly of something very sinister here; something with tentacles that reach around the globe.

  3. Comment by: Takes Two to Tango

    Hey, since Microsoft and Facebook don't respect the intellectual property of others, why should we respect theirs either? Here's an overseas website that makes available free copies of "big infringers" software. Enjoy! (Don't click on anything that pops up while you're there, the site likes to install malware if you start clicking on other windows that it throws up at you. Just do the torrent download only.) Check out:

  4. Comment by: A neighbor of one of them

    The more I read, the more I believe that Gordon Davidson, the Managing Partner at Fenwick & West LLP is the legal mastermind behind this collusion. They have had every clever-girl angle covered; taking advantage of every weakness in our legal system that only they and other unscrupulous attorneys would know about. While that may have been true in the past, let's see how that works for them going forward. We have your numbers boys.

  5. Comment by: Buddy-love

    Neighbor, don't forget about slick Mikey, I mean Michael Rhodes, Facebook lead Cooley Godward LLP trial lawyer in Leader v. Facebook. He's a rooster who just loves his own reflection, like Narcissus. Talk about a "hired liar." He's the definition, with his buddies in this crime Mark Weinstein, Jeffrey Norberg, Heidi Keefe, Samuel O'Rourke and Theodore Ullyot.

    These guys all get awards for being "outstanding lawyers." Now we must ask, outstanding at what? Who is giving out the awards? Satan?

    There's a great website that breaks down their lying ways:

  6. Comment by: Judicial Corruption

    According to the SEC's Insider Trading site, Facebook's inside counsel Theodore Ullyot, Esq. is selling his stock as fast as he can! What's your hurry Mr. Chief Counsel?

    Oct. 31, 2012 149,075 shares $3,129,547
    Nov. 08, 2012 153,000 shares $3,141,656
    Nov. 20, 2012 112,030 shares $3,126,387
    Dec. 03, 2012 136,475 shares $3,126,479
    Jan. 07, 2013 51,270 shares $1,473,731
    Jan. 07, 2013 51,270 shares $1,473,731
    Jan. 29, 2013 68,360 shares $2,187,356
    Feb. 12, 2013 51,270 shares $1,413,622
    TOTAL:$ 19,072,509

    Word has it that Ullyot was orchestrating the trial theater in Leader v. Facebook.

  7. Comment by: Super Sleuth

    Read the "I'm tired" antics when Michael Rhodes was examining McKibben on the stand. McKibben ate him alive. Think about it, Rhodes has his star witness on the stand, and he says "I'm tired" four or five times... The way I read it, Rhodes wasn't getting anywhere, and that was his excuse for screwing up.... And, the jury supposedly bought this as supposed proof of McKibben's lack of integrity? I don't think so.

    Here's an analysis of this episode:

  8. Comment by: The Activist

    EVERYONE should send this latest post to their Senators and Congressman. Here's a look-up list for you State and District. These are web forms. You just type you message like its an email and Submit.

  9. Well..well..Just had another rude awakening on Facebook page of Lawless America. I was trying to communicate to these great loving, concerned ,driven, railroaded us about the 28 Hard drives that have reappeared, finally, in July .. and in the private message box that I was able to use just recently about DETAILS of our case has now become very selective on what it "allows me to say". It would not even print when I hit enter. So, obviously that's hard to fight when there is no documentation that I even printed it, and then it was removed. How smart they are.. I experimented right after and was able to push through a friendly, "hello, been wanting to catch up" to them right after, and that message went through just fine..hummmm. Can you say CENSORSHIP? Also, last weekend, I sent a friend request to Rise up America, and I had a notice/question pop up and ask me what my interests were concerning this specific group?? Really? What business is it of theirs, I asked??? Look out everyone ...Someone's tying to shut our doors.We all need to stay quick and get our foot planted.

  10. Comment by: Judicial Corruption

    Is Steve n amy's censorship experience another result of lawyers and judges sold out to the devil?

    We have given too much power to individuals (attorneys) who are intelligent, but who generally lack organizational, leadership and management skills. Those traits are a recipe for abuse of power. Without those skills, the systems and procedures they create are deficient and self-serving. However, instead of admitting and correcting those deficiencies, their instincts are to excuse them and cover them up. Since our legislatures have ceded judicial power to this group of people, they have permitted this group to create their own governance “self-policing” rules with no outside accountability.

    The result is inevitable. Attorneys have created rules that exclude unlicensed outsiders. And, while the rules sound good on paper, these "members of the club" turn a blind eye at every indiscretion. Worse, we have given these people powers over our constitutional rights. These powers far exceed their organizational, managerial and leadership abilities. The incompetence of those in power (50% who are attorneys) and injustices of our courts (100% who are attorneys) is the inevitable result.

    Solution: Our legislatures must act to (a) create better “checks and balances” over our lawyers and judges, and (b) place a majority of non-lawyers in both state and federal disciplinary committees.

  11. This blog has truly, truly run off the rails.

    Copyright now? What in the world is going on. Leader sued for patent infringement. They lost on the grounds that the patent is invalid. That matter is now dead and completely over; the Federal Circuit affirmed the ruling, and the Supreme Court denied cert. The invalidity of the patent is now completely, utterly, and forever enshrined. It cannot be overturned.

    The Leader v. Facebook trial had absolutely nothing to do with copyright infringement. The statute of limitations for a copyright suit has long, long expired. This matter can never be brought up again.

    And the idea that the NCAA and universities can be liable for copyright infringement, against an invalid Leader patent, and a copyright suit that was never brought? It's just nonsensical.

    It's unfortunately folks, but this matter is completely and utterly over. The Supreme Court was the end of the line. It's been far too long for any other causes of action to be brought against Facebook. Right or wrong, we're done here.

  12. Comment by: Law Blogger

    LOL. Facebook must be getting calls from the universities. Let's keep up the pressure folks... Before this is over we'll probably all need earplugs at the shouting and lying we will hear from the Facebook crooks.

    Not so fast Mr. John Craven. You conveniently forgot to mention a few things... like abuses of constitutional rights, fraud, judicial misconduct, withheld evidence... whoops. All these scandals are grounds to invalidate and discredit these ill-gotten rulings. The fact has not changed that Facebook has been found guilty on 11 of 11 counts of stealing Leader's invention. You patent crooks, sorry lawyers, don't respect the Constitution at all, do you? I have read through the trial transcript. If copyrights don't mean anything, as you say, then why did you Facebook crooks, sorry again, lawyers, try so hard to introduce the Leader copyrights into the case? LOL.

    You people are too predictable. You keep trying to throw the "the courts ruled" blanket over this scandal. Ain't going to happen boys and girls. Once fooled, shame on you.

    This will never go away until justice is served "John Craven," or whatever your real name is. Thomas Hungar? Heidi Keefe? Michael Rhodes? Jeffrey Norberg? Theodore Ullyot? Samuel O'Rourke? Gordon Davidson?

  13. comment by: Judicial Corruption

    Dear Law Blogger. Don't rule out the possibility that John Craven might be one of the federal judges who normally gets his or her way when he or she waves his wand. In this case, their abusive power is not working, and this case is spilling into the streets known as THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. My vote is with the citizens. American property and constitutional rights in this Leader v. Facebook scandal have been trampled and we cannot permit it.

    This scandal must be exposed, no matter where it leads. These crooked lawyers and judges are clearly out to line their pockets at the expense of democracy and justice.

  14. Comment by: Chris

    I think you cannot forget about the guy I call the "Judicial King Maker", the Clerk of Court for the Federal Circuit Jan Horbaly. Remember how the person was posting from a German spy website on Donna Kline and defending Horbaly's censorship of the docket and false statements until he was exposed? Horbaly is "tied at the hip" with Microsoft and Facebook's attorney firms
    (Fenwick & West, Cooley Godward, Gibson Dunn, Orrick Harrington, White & Case)

  15. Comment by: Paul Copyright Holder

    John Craven's comment is not credible. For example, he said "a copyright suit that was never brought?"

    Copyright holders generally DON'T have to file a lawsuit to protect their copyrights. I hold dozens of copyrights on which I am paid royalties, and have I have NEVER HAD TO SUE ANYONE TO PROTECT MY COPYRIGHTS. That comment tells me that John Craven is a lawyer. To a hammer, the whole world is a nail. To a lawyer, every American is a target? We need to put these predators back in their place. They're crawling all over us in every walk of life and they are ruining civilized discourse. If doing the right thing now requires a lawsuit to protect our property rights, then we're toast as a nation.

    I have just checked and yes, Leader holds federal copyrights in September of 2003. Perhaps John Craven doesn't know where to check the public records? That's pretty pathetic for an attorney. I am a civilian and know where the US Copyright Office public records are.

  16. Comment by: Pollyanna

    Lawyers love the "statute of limitations" one. That is their CYA for all sorts of crookedness. John Craven, or whoever he/she is, is just another crooked lawyer giving crooked reasons to cover his/her crooked tracks. "JC"... ironic acronym. The real JC would call you to repent. The truth will set you free.

  17. Comment by: Law Blogger

    A "statute of limitations" question is FACT based. Isn't it interesting that JC claims to know the facts well enough to give a blanket opinion. Hmmmm.

    Since by his own statement Leader's copyrights have never been litigated, how would Mr. J.C. have any facts to make such a blanket assertion?He cannot. Therefore, his "opinion" above is bogus. Meant to throw off the unsuspecting?

  18. Comment by: Big Brother watcher

    Thank you AFI for not censoring JC's comments like Facebook is censoring mine whenever I write about Leader v. Facebook in "private" Facebook messages. BIG BROTHER IS BACK. Do Facebook users realize they're getting censored whenever they discuss Facebook's misconduct in Leader v. Facebook. Are they feeling a guilty? And exposed? LOL.

    ABOUT MY SCREEN NAME: I am monitoring the voyouers running Facebook.

  19. Comment by: Shame on you

    American citizens have no duty to acknowledge or follow the decisions of corrupt(ed) courts. Facebook's corrupt attorneys corrupted the federal courts in a shameless IPO money grab... and the Federal Circuit judges cashed in too. This is shameless and a groundless "decision." Facebook, your schemes are exposed for all to see now.

  20. You are correct that the statute of limitations issue is a fact issue. But here, there is no factual dispute. Leader was put on notice years ago of a potential copyright violation. For whatever reason, the company did not pursue it. The statute of limitations has now long since expired. Facebook is forever insulated from the claim. This is just basic procedure.

    The notion that the NCAA or universities could be liable for copyright infringement is simply preposterous and completely out of touch with the law. These entities are not republishing any copyrighted works by Leader. That is the standard. By the logic of this blog, an advertiser on FOX would be liable in the event that FOX was found to be infringing the copyright of NBC. You can see how ridiculous this would be. I am highly doubtful that the NCAA or any university has ever even heard about this dispute. They are certainly not going to alter their advertising practices.

    I'm truly sorry folks, but the harsh reality here is that this dispute is over and done. It ran its course in the courts. Fully. It dead ended at the Supreme Court. It's done, and cannot be revived. Right or wrong, this is the end of the line. It's time for everyone to move on, and for Leader to focus on developing its platform, or whatever else may be on the horizon. Social networking already had its epiphany.

  21. Comment by: Judicial Corruption

    Well now, if we ever needed proof of your identity as a Facebook attorney, "John Craven," this settles it.

    Your presumptuousness is gargantuan in its pomposity. "Leader was put on notice." Hmmmmm. Since by your own words the issue has never come up in litigation with Facebook, how would you possibly know what is going on in the business of another? Whoops. Caught you lying again. You people have no capacity to tell the truth, do you?

    Another harsh reality that you apparently have yet to face is that truth is bigger than corrupted courts. LOL. "It's done and cannot be revived" is not even good law.

    We will unravel your schemes. Money does not buy truth. And truth will set you free.

  22. Comment by: CA Guy

    Hey Folks, Facebook has been sued by the patent holder of the "Like" button. The inventor died in 2004 but his family is bringing it. The inventor's name is Joannes Van Der Meer. The Pat. No. is 6,289,362. It's a solid claim from my read.

    LOL. Just guess who Van Der Meer's attorney was . . . Yes, the very same FENWICK & WEST LLP. For those just joining the AFI dialogue, FENWICK was also Leader Technologies' attorney IN 2002-2003 while the Zuck was still in high school.


    Isn't this interesting? It is appearing more an more likely that FENWICK gathered up all the technology needed to fufill the lusts and desires of another client, VENTURE CAPITALIST ACCEL PARTNERS, who then hired Zuckerberg as the boy band leader, got Harvard President Larry Summers to publicized the heck out of the 19-year old kid, and Breyer and Co were off to the races.... using FENWICK and their knowledge of the legal system to muzzle all comers with the sorts of legal sophistry that we so despise from unscrupulous attorneys.

    Accel Partner's James Breyer in public statements then was seeking a platform to compete with MSN, AOL, etc. and control transactions like PayPal. Sadly, he had to steal it from legitimate inventors.

    Looks like FENWICK threw certain of their tech clients like Leader and Van Der Meer under the bus and fed it to Accel Partners, who in turn blessed the boy Zuckerberg with riches to do their lying for them. A wholly attorney-concocted tech company was born.

    This explains their haughtiness. They think the search for truth and justice in America is only found in the CORRUPTED COURTS. COURTS CORRUPTED BY THEM. THIS DEFINES A BANANA REPUBLIC. American citizens have no duty to obey corrupted court decisions. I had to laugh with JC said he didn't think the advertisers would care. LOL. Do you think the bribe money is flowing freely? After all, it is known that Breyer as a part of Wal-Mart bribed senior officials of the Mexican government. What are a few bribes among friends of a few advertising buyers at the NCAA?

    Two of the three Federal Circuit judges holding Facebook stock during the case, then refusing to withdraw from the case is just for starters. That is just one of MANY proofs of the illegitimacy of John Craven's "it's done" false hope. What's done Mr. Craven is you and your cronies. Before we're done you will be tarred and feathered. Count on it. We will not let you corrupt American like this.

  23. Comment by: Law Blogger

    I just searched our patent databases. Fenwick DID NOT disclose the Van Der Meer patents on any of their later patent filings for Facebook. They also DID NOT disclose the Leader patents in any of the Facebook patents either. This is even after the examiner on an earlier Andreessen social patent in about 2005 forced Fenwick to disclose Leader as prior art. So clearly, they know about the prior art and HID IT from the Examiner? That's what it looks like to me from the public record.

    For non-patent people, it is called a fraud against the Patent Office to know about a piece of "prior art" and fail to tell the Examiner about it during the patent application process.

    In my opinion, it is absolutely scandalous and fraudulent for Fenwick & West LLP to have known about the Leader and Van Der Meer patents and for them to have clearly decided NOT to disclose them to the Examiner.

    The cleansed term for fraud against the Patent Office is "inequitable conduct." Inequitable conduct invalidates a patent.

    The fact that FENWICK failed to disclose Leader and Van Der Meer, in my opinion, probably means the entire Facebook 700+ patent portfolio filed by FENWICK is ***invalid***.

    This is certainly motive for Facebook's attorneys to corrupt American courts with bribes and undue influence to try and make Leader's and Van Der Meer's patents disappear ab initio (as if they had never happened).

    LOL. The truth is always "inconvenient" to thieves.

  24. Comment by: Coward Lawyer Needs To Speak

    Shame on you, John Craven, for your bad law. We attorneys take an oath not to mislead the American public. You very well know that all bets are off on court decisions founded on fraud, much less those founded on judicial corruption, espionage, new evidence, mistake, attorney misconduct, bribery, undue influence, etc. What you wrote is grounds to yank your law license... at minimum, in my opinion.

  25. Comment by: surfer dude

    Facebook must be worried if they have their hired liars, scratch that, attorneys, posting on blogs. Word on the streets here in Palo Alto is that the Facebook liars, smack my face, attorneys, are paid well... $800-$1000 an hour. LOL.

    Facebook was proved to be doing this earlier too, against Google I think it was.

  26. Comment by: Super Sleuth

    All: I have found a DIRECT connection between Fenwick & West and Accel Partners (Facebook's venture capital company) that goes back to ***May 1998***. MACROMEDIA and VERITAS were Accel-funded. This adds further support for the theory that Fenwick was gathering innovations from its other clients (like Leader Technologies and John Van Der Meer) and feeding them to Accel Partners/James W. Breyer, which they pushed out their door calling it "Facebook" in February 2004. The 19-year old Zuckerberg being nothing more than a front man. Heck look, even now he cannot speak without handlers, the chief being Sheryl Sandburg, Larry Summers' protege.

    Also interesting is that Accel has a tight relationship to KKR (the company that the book "Barbarians at the Gate" was written about)

    This corruption runs deep into American financial markets. No wonder Goldman and Morgan getting bailout money from the American public was a walk in the park with bambi.

  27. Comment by: Victim of Attorney Abuse

    I just spoke with a very experienced New York litigator today who said, "Unfortunately, it is easy for lawyers to manipulate the legal system, if they decide they want to. Judges accept the lies at face value. Once you figure out that the lawyer was lying, the case is usually well down the path. We take an oath not to lie. Their oath is the first lie."

    I like the suggestion to put a majority of non-lawyers in the disciplinary bodies. And, this notion that federal judges are not subject to discipline is just crazy. They're human (and therefore corruptible) too.

  28. Comment by: Nexus

    Compare Zuckerberg's moral stature to McKibben's. This YouTube video history was sent to me by a Hollywood musician friend. It is absolutely fascinating. Watch it all the way through. The music is very good BTW if you like jazz/rock. McKibben and his wife are/were ministry collaborators with Pope John Paul II of loving memory!!! That part of this history is in the last six minutes or so. Let's see.... friend of a saint vs. a thief. It appears that we've been supporting a charlatan.

  29. Comment by: History Professor

    I just pulled a CIA report, now public, from the 1981 time frame of the Mike McKibben video in the Nexus comment. 1981 was one of THE most tense times in Soviet-US relations since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The report says that the Soviets were actually preparing for a US attack. These Living Sound musicians were quite courageous in the face of the political climate, persecutions, threats, imprisonments and murders their friends were experiencing. I highly recommend this video history. It is truly an untold piece of modern American and world history. The deep involvement of Pope John Paul II with McKibben and his Living Sound band is quite interesting, since we now know that the Pope was using his moral influence to help bring an end to the oppression of communism.

  30. I for one am sick and tired of all the lies, deception and doublespeak. Enough is enough.

    This blog is written by Mike McKibben. "Kathy Craine" does not exist. Run a google search and you'll see. Remarkably, the commenters on Donna's site included "Kathy Craine", "Bill Craine", "Sandra Craine", and "KCraine". Remarkable. Every post on this blog is written by Mike. Virtually every post on the Donna Kline blog was ghost written by Mike. Virtually every single comment on that blog and this was written by Mike. All of Dr. A's papers were ghost written by Mike.

    Why the cowardice? You think you have a valid point? Man up and make it. You sit here and accuse Mark Zuckerberg and more than 30 other incredibly innovative people of disgusting conduct, yet you are too cowardly to put your name on the accusations? Revolting.

  31. So which one of the 30 incredibly innovative people of disgusting conduct are you?

  32. And one more thing, is "Derek Johannas" your real name, or are "you are too cowardly to put your name on the accusations?"

  33. Interesting how "Derek Johannas" defends "30 other incredibly innovative people." Hmmmmmmm. Does he really know all these people? Judges? Law Firms? Attorneys? Businesspeople? Patent officials? Etc. I guess if you are partners in crime with them, you would! Whoops. Ever notice how these Facebook-lover comments never address the substantive FACTS surround the conduct of these individuals? What did VP Joe Biden recommend: attack the idea not the person? Perhaps these people should listen to ole Joe. Could it be they cannot because they are guilty?

  34. Comment by: surfer dude

    Hey Derek, you left me off your list dude! I'm offended. I for one am sick and tired of being left off of other people's lists. LOL. Whenever I hear someone start out an argument with "I for one am sick and tired..." I know they have lost the argument. The more you FB-likers try and defend your hired liars, the more foolish you get. All us Mike-McKibbens of the world are on your tail now, dude. Don't look around, I may be blogging this comment right now, right over your shoulder. (You need to fix your hair. Geesh.) 8-O The Dude

  35. Derek (a.k.a, I would assume),
    As to your arguments that this site is run by Mike McKibben, where is your proof? As to your arguments that the aforementioned people only exist in Mr. McKibben’s mind, again, where is your proof? Certainly, I think a person with such stature as Dr. A is quite capable of writing her own words, don’t you think? Again, where is your proof of anything?
    Do I not, then, exist only in Mr.McKibben’s mind? The answer is, emphatically, no, I do not. I am a living, breathing person, just like everyone else who contributes here time to time. It is laughable, at best, to think that you are not involved in this case (perhaps ghost writing for boy wonder or his goon squad)?
    As for Ms. Donna Kline, you would be blessed to have a tenth of the dedication, steadfastness, and talent that woman possesses; so do even go there holmes! I, as well as many other “people” had our say on her site as well. For you to suggest otherwise just shows the desperation of FB’s team….you feeling the heat yet?
    As for you, Derelict, I mean Derek, name us one lie…just one that was uttered on this site, Donna’s site, on in Mr. McKibben’s mind that you claim. One!!
    Let’s trade facts:
    • Facebook is guilty of infringing Patent’761 (dispute it).
    • 2 of the 3 presiding judges in Leader v Facebook appeals possessed or purchased public holdings in FB IPO stock (dispute it).
    • Leader was denied its due process rights according to the 5th and 14th amendments (dispute it).
    • This last one is simple: prove you don’t work for Facebook.
    Game on Derek!!

  36. Comment by: BGX

    As usual the FB goons are spewing more false statements trying to dress them up as righteous indignation. Found this scholarly paper by McKibben. You remember, the person Derek says is hiding.

    Don't see any academics raising their hands to publish with the Zuck or his handlers. So Derek, I get it, you are sick and tired of getting your lies spoiled, aren't you? Is your nest of thieves, sorry "innovative people", getting a little crowded? We see they're all on the road right now spinning, spinning, spinning. Spin that yarn.

    I'll give Derek this, crooks are "innovative people" too.

  37. BOO!!!! I hope I didn’t frighten you too much Derek since you say there are a lot of ghost writers on this site and Donna Kline’s site. But, I guess when you are looking over your shoulder so much because you can’t keep the facts straight, I guess you would become a little paranoid.
    A couple of simple questions I have for you Derek are, since you want everyone to think that you know everything about the Leader v Facebook case, why did the Facebook lawyers lie and perjure themselves when they told Leaders lawyers in discovery that no hard drives existed????? Yet Facebook tried to conceal those hard drives in the ConnectU case by trying to get the records sealed. We now have proof from Facebook that 28 hard drives existed all along! The attorney’s had them all. No excuses with semantics. Now the second question, why haven’t you done the “moral” and “ethical” response and turned the lawyers and law firms responsible for that misconduct in, as a whistle blower since you want us to believe you??????
    If you can’t give a straight answer to those 2 questions and you try to misdirect the subject then there is not much integrity in you.
    Mike McKibben already had his testimony “twisted” at the trial by you lawyers. Then look what you have done with Paul Ceglia! If you don’t think there is collusion among lawyers, let’s see, hmmmmm, Gibson and Dunn are lawyers for Facebook. New York US attorney Preet Bharara is a former employee for Gibson and Dunn. Mr. Bharara files criminal charges against Ceglia. Now is anything starting to stink here. If you have read the complaint it is almost laughable because the complaint reads as a notebook from Gibson and Dunn instead of a Postal Inspector. One other thing that makes me scratch my head, though, by the way there are no fleas or bedbugs there, why hasn’t Mr. Bharara looked into the Facebook IPO debacle since he is known for going after the Wall Street crowd. Could it be his cozy relationship with the Facebook crowd that keeps him from looking into it???

  38. Comment by: Arasmus B. Dragon

    PRICELESS: the Silicon Valley, Wall Street and Moscow crooks and their goon lawyers hide behind their custom-made creation, Zuckerberg, and have the audacity to complain that others blog anonymously /// Isn't that the definition of a "hacker" who steals your stuff without identifying himself? /// Notice how they are attempting to redefine "innovative" to describe their clutch of crooks and thieves? Judging from all the press they're getting, they must have every news editor in America and Europe in their pockets (or threatened). /// Hey Newsrooms, who is going to be the whistle blower? "She sold her soul to have a job" is not a good thing for your tombstone.

  39. Don't you just love the convincing arguments Facebook's goon squad is making: "truly, truly"?

    Wow. Profound. What was I thinking???!!! They have not argued one FACT. That's 'cause they KNOW they bought off Judge Lourie and Judge Moore. Those facts are already public and provable. Now, like the neighborhood bully, they're trying to shout everyone down. LOL. All us little guys eventually banded together and took down our bully. He reformed his ways and made something out of his life. He thanked us years later.

  40. The one great principle of English Law is make business for itself; Charles Dickens, Bleak House.

    "Thieves for robbery have their authority when judges steal themselves"

    Shakespeare, Measure to Measure,"Follow the Money"-Common Sense

    And again Derek..This is no ghost, but you are scared aren't you. Should be. There are a lot of us and we are all real.. Bob(Steve n Amy's friend)

  41. Derek, before you go off on other tangents, the reason Preet Bharara is mentioned is because of the strange circumstances that he is involved in the Ceglia v Facebook case. Doesn’t it seem odd that a criminal suit against Paul Ceglia was filed before his lawsuit against Facebook has gone to trial? What information are the collaborators trying to hide? Could it be that they are trying to cover up and destroy the hard drives that Facebook and it’s “lawyers” (multiple) perjured themselves in the Leader v Facebook case by stating that none existed. Yet here we are in the Ceglia case and we have “scads” of hard drives that “miraculously” appeared, unbeknownst to the Facebook lawyers!!!! Halleluiah!! They only seem to appear when Ceglia’s case was starting to go against Facebook. Now when Facebook’s document experts seemingly forgot how to examine and store evidence and the Ceglia and Zuckerberg “contract” seems to have a high probability of being valid, all of a sudden you have criminal charges filed against Paul Ceglia. Ceglia in his lawsuit against Facebook hasn’t defrauded anyone (remember the expert witnesses have not testified yet) or taken someone else’s money. No one is calling Ceglia a saint either. One has to ask why Mr. Bharara is even involved in this case. Who asked him to get involved, the Postal Inspector? I doubt it. Could it have been Gibson & Dunn, Facebook attorney’s, former employer of Mr. Bharara which seems a more likely candidate? Mr. Bharara has a very respectable reputation and a criminal lawsuit against Paul Ceglia seems way out of the ordinary with the situations that he normally goes after! Others question why he doesn’t go after more of the Wall Street crowd. Did the request come as a favor? The charges read as directed by Facebook lawyers. Did the “Postal Inspector investigate the hard drives himself with his own “experts” or did he just interview Facebook’s witnesses? That would seem a little prejudicial if he used Facebook’s “experts”. I’m sure there were no budget concerns. So many other questions arise because of past actions by the Facebook entourage. Google Preet Bharara and see the outstanding job he has done and the people he has gone after and then ask yourself, what made him get involved in this case? A reasonable person would ask that question!
    Just one “Ghost” opinion.

  42. Comment by: math guy

    just confirmed this proposition with my stats prof. the correlations of "coincidences" in the leader/facebook case are impossible without coordination. i.e., the odds of these people just showing up in all the right places at all the right times like a bunch of forest gumps is off the charts. no... its not off the charts... those odds exist in some other galaxy. face book is outed by the math alone. i choose not to give my real name because i don't want zuckerberg and his goon squad targeting me. they've hacked my university many times doing their "research". not all us techies are unethical folks.

  43. Sorry this is a long post, but its important!

    Charlie Rose (PBS) interviewed Hank Greenberg the other night. This is a must watch video for AFI readers. Here's the link:

    Greenberg inasmuch said that the 2008 "financial meltdown" was a fabricated crisis led by Goldman Sachs (Facebook's IPO underwriter). Greenberg was forced out as the longtime CEO of AIG in 2005. He says he was betrayed by three board members whom he had brought in, namely:

    1. Frank G. Zarb
    2. Ellen V. Futter, and
    3. Bernie Adenoff

    Greenberg said these people essentially permitted the U.S. government to illegally nationalize the assets of a private company that only became distressed after his ouster demanded by... government officials. Sieg Heil! He said his financial controls would never have allowed the risky investing that occurred AFTER he was forced out. He said the impact of an AIG failure on the rest of the financial system was wildly overblown (implying: to CREATE a panic and cajole Congress).

    This Greenberg interview got us to start digging into the three people that betrayed Greenberg and their possible connections to the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption scandal. We found plenty.

    For example, ELLEN V. FUTTER (an attorney) appears to be a friend of scandal. Besides her approval of the nationalization of AIG, she was on the JP Morgan Risk committee that lost $2 billion. She was on the Bristol-Myers audit committee settled for $300 million to avoid prosecution.

    FRANK G. ZARB ran NASDAQ during the dotcom era... this means he turned a blind eye to the stock option scams that have put Bernie Ebbers (Worldcom) and Joe Nacchio (Qwest) behind bars.

    Now, BERNIE ADENOFF (another attorney) is the most interesting subject. The Internet appears to be almost completely "cleansed" of any information about him. Hmmmmmmm. That is suspicious in and of itself. My children have more Google hits than this guy. What tech-Nazis don't want us to know about him? However, we did discover that he worked at the NY law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell LLP.

    BINGO. Sullivan & Cromwell is a direct and close relationship to Accel Partners, James W. Breyer, Fenwick & West LLP and Microsoft. Accel Partners was essentially started by KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.) -- the "barbarians at the gate." Sullivan & Cromwell is KKR's favorite law firm.

    Sullivan & Cromwell has done deals for VERITAS Corporation which is owned and directed by Accel Partners, James W. Breyer and counsel Fenwick & West LLP.

    Specifically, it was easy to find one of the partners that was a lead-barbarian -- MATTHEW M. FRIEDSTEDT, Partner, New York,, Phone (212) 558-3370, Fax (212) 558-3588. His bio says he knows how to structure senior management compensation and change of control. I'll bet he does...

    Here's an annotated link to Friedstedt's bio: (this is marked with connections to Goldman Sachs, KKR, LBOs, Accel Partners, Fenwick & West LLP, James W. Breyer)

    Hear the shredders firing up?

    These ties place the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption scandal squarely in the same wheelhouse with the people who fabricated the 2008 financial crisis. That crisis, according to Hank Greenberg, was totally unnecessary. For what purpose? Consolidation of power and wealth no doubt. It appears that this group of conspirators wanted to steal Leader Technologies' communications inventions to help consolidate this power via a global platform that THEY CONTROLLED?

    And, just like Greenberg said we have a constitution that prevents the government from siezing AIG's property. That same constitution says that the government cannot permit Facebook to steal Leader Technologies' property.

    Vigilence! The chickens are finally coming home to roost.

    1. Morgan stanley was selling mortgage securities it was betting against A lawsuit alleges that morgan stanley knew that the CDOs were junk Although they were rated triple A they were CRAP JUNK AND WERE BETTING THEY WOULD FAIL.

      Facebook IPO: MARK ZUCKERBERG made sure all his insiders could pull their money out before future investors could sell theirs. This was the glitch. There was no real glitch. It was all Facebook cabal manipulation. Their finger pointing to NASDAQ is a lie meant to fool the unsuspecting.

      Mark Zuckerberg never was anything but a puppet. The PayPal boys teamed with Larry Summers to prop Zuck up in front of this new global transaction system scam and Goldman Sachs knew that zuckerberg stole the idea facebook he had the emails?
      The FBI was warning about an epidemic of mortgage fraud and the FBI know that zuck had stolen the idea facebook

  44. Comment by: Judicial Corruption

    More offshore bank accounts to investigate...
    1. Frank G. Zarb
    2. Ellen V. Futter
    3. Bernie Adenoff

    The Leader v. Facebook Federal Circuit Judges Alan D. Lourie, Kimberly A. Moore, Randall R. Rader and Clerk Jan Hobaly must have been a part of this global property land grab. What about the Supreme Court clerks? What about Judge Leonard P. Stark?

    Do we have any officials in the federal government and justice system that aren't on the take?

  45. Comment by: BrainyQuotes

    "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."

    Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's Chief of Staff

  46. Here is a YouTube version of Charlie Rose's March 18, 2012 interview with Hank Greenberg (former AIG CEO) since some of you said the Charlie Rose video does not display on your mobile phones:

    1. Go see the film

      A crime storylike no other in history

  47. Hey folks, I think we have figured out why we have heard nothing but crickets from the mainstream media. They have not only drunk the Kool-Aid, but they are part owners in the bar. Look at this page buried in Facebook's user license. FOX NETWORKS was compromised long ago. That's why you conservatives have never seen any coverage of Leader v. Facebook. Also explains why Shibani Joshi tried to blindside McKibben, and explains how Fox got inside information from the Federal Circuit. Both the left and right media have been compromised by a grossly cynical Facebook syndicate.


  48. Comment by: Itoldyouso

    LOL. So much for FOX being "fair and balanced." Proves the right can be bought just as easily as the left. This proves that the controlling "third" party is some secretive group of greedy power-mongers who manipulate both parties. Notice how the Zuck-puppet is sweet talking Gov. Chris Christie on their behalf? It's time for the spurned Wall Streeters to out their former "friends" in a mass-cleansing of this cabal. Greenberg's efforts and book are a good start. Spitzer sure looked guilty, didn't he? Bullies always try and shout people down and demean what they are trying to say.

  49. Well, I guess now we know why, after pounding Fox News correspondents, with a daily deluge of emails, that Amy and I received not one response. Not one note saying, “Thanks for contacting us; we’re presently looking into the matter”. I guess is it something one would have to wrestle emotionally, know your role and play ball or get out of the game altogether and do the right thing. Fox News must have a deep bench (to use a March Madness metaphor).
    If a reporter claims to be credible, you’d think he or she would want this story. They would own it. They would make it their bread and butter. Their money shot!! But alas, nothing.
    So much for “fair and balanced”.
    Does anyone remember how Mike McKibben was blind-sided by Shibani Joshi on Fox Business? It did seem strange how their network anchors knew of the outcome of a Federal Circuit Ct. ruling before one of the litigating parties? Just how did they know this? Follow the money….or in this case…3rd party vendors?
    ….Give us an ad promoting your services, and on behalf of Facebook, we’ll promote it.
    So, on one hand you have a network that appears above the fray. A network that appears to model themselves as a champion of unbiased news. A network that notably takes criticism from other obviously, left-leaning networks. But on the other hand…(excuse me Randy Travis)…you have a network that is drunk with Kool-Aid. A network that is the midst of a corruption orgy. By your actions, your network has become the very thing you claim to stand against.
    When in Rome….

  50. LIBOR The strategy wasn’t a secret. Each morning at a meeting of UBS’s interest-rate-derivatives desk in Tokyo, Mr. Hayes would change his status on his Facebook page to reflect his daily desires for Libor to move up or down Originally, the purpose of the feature was to allow users to inform their friends This feature first became available in September 2006 updates were followed by the "What are you doing right now in March 2009, the question was changed to "What's on your mind? (move it up or no move it down ) Facebook than added the feature to tag certain friends (or groups, bankers lawyer Shady traders etc.) The ponzi scheme had everything it needed

    Facebook there where a lot of people who new FB was stolen (Sean Parker Facebook extortionist James W. Breyer david kirkpatick
    Lisa Simpson New York litigation partner at Orrick. (Judge Lourie and Judge Moore new that mark zuckerberg sign the contract to Paul Ceglia and new that FB was stolen and the cod

    Did zuckerberg work on facebook NO he was working on Wirehog, Zuckerberg's Side Project That Almost Killed Facebook but it was facebook that was the side project zuckerberg was going to dump facebook zuckerberg only stole facebook out of spite and it was

    David kirkpatick Sean Parker and James W. Breyer that killed Wirehog in late 2006 and set up status feature on FB in September 2006 and zuckerberg was there puppet and now there is Yuri Milner knows that facebook was stolen and they are making millions of dollars and thought it was because they where smart.

  51. This link was just posted by one of my friends on Facebook! How perfectly ironic. I hope you repost it in PDF.


    I still find it sad that the "free press" is supporting the Facebook criminals instead of our real American heroes. I guess we are just going to have to do their jobs for them.


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