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Monday, January 7, 2013


U.S. Supreme Court passes on hearing Leader v. Facebook

Contributing Writers | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION | Jan. 7, 2012

(Jan. 7, 2013)—The U.S. Supreme Court issued its Jan. 4 conference orders this morning. Leader Technologies’ petition was denied, along with 462 others. The Court gave no reason. Neither did even a single justice disclose holdings in Facebook. At least in some cases the Court commented that certain Justices “took no part” in that decision. Leader’s denial is on page 6 (click here).

Does any reasonable person think that no Justice or family member is invested in Facebook? The Code of Conduct for United States Judges requires judges to disqualify themselves from participating in a decision where their impartiality can be questioned by such holdings. Strike three for judicial ethics.

Facebook did not return our calls by press time.

"It's a sad day for American justice and property rights"

Leader’s Chairman Michael McKibben said “It's a sad day for American justice and property rights. We are disappointed, of course. We hoped for justice, but what we received was more of the same, justice denied. If Facebook thinks this is over, they think wrong. We're just getting warmed up.” Asked what Leader would do next, all Mr. McKibben would say is that we'd know when it happens.

Mr. McKibben did say “Facebook stole our technology on 11 of 11 counts. We proved that and this won’t change. The technology running Facebook is Leader’s invention. Zuckerberg also withheld massive amounts of evidence during the case [AFI: Evidence that could prove outright theft of Leader's source code.]. This too has now been proven from their expert's own testimony in other cases. The district court heard with its own ears after the trial that the jury made their decision without evidence. Our investors have been cheated and their property stolen.” He continued, “I am very sad as an American citizen as well. Facebook failed their legal case, so they relied upon judicial corruption to get what they wanted. An ill-wind blows.”

We were also able to speak with Leader’s Chief Operating Officer Jim Sobwick who was asked for his reaction. Mr. Sobwick said “I looked for a silver lining in the Court’s actions and found two. The Court disbarred two attorneys.” One of Mr. Sobwick’s former companies was instrumental in developing and popularizing the pre-paid calling card industry.

Evident Judicial Corruption

This decision, or rather lack of a decision, will now likely escalate from smoldering embers to a raging inferno. The evident judicial misconduct started at the district court when Judge Leonard P. Stark’s allowed the new on-sale bar flip-flop claim after discovery closed; blocking Leader from mounting a defense. Then, the corruption matriculated to Federal Circuit Judges Alan D. Lourie, Kimberly A. Moore, Evan J. Wallach, Randall R. Rader and Clerk Jan Horbaly who brazenly ignored their own (and the Supreme Court’s) precedents for evaluating the district court’s mistakes/misconduct. This does not even count the undisclosed stock holdings in Facebook by the judges and their families.

Next Step: Impeachment

AFI has learned of a citizens’ plan to move for impeachment of these federal judges for dereliction of duty. We pay our judges to judge rightly. When they don’t, the only discipline available to the citizenry is impeachment.

Almost 50% of Washington is attorneys

Last week we published a proposal that could change America. The proposal highlighted the fact that 50% of the power positions in Washington were held by one profession - attorneys. The article stated the obvious: That any organization with such predominance of one profession would be dysfunctional. Click here for that article.

Psychopathic conduct in Washington

MediaBistro’s Vicki Salemi has just published a piece revealing that the legal profession is second most likely to attract psychopaths, followed next by media, then salespeople. She cites a Kevin Dutton piece saying that there are more professional psychopaths than disturbed criminals. The personality attributes are superficial charm, egocentricity, persuasiveness, lack of empathy, independence and focus. Click here to read Vicki’s article.

Sound familiar? Leader Technologies’ shareholders, inventors and the whole inventor community is suffering right now from “superficial charm” passing itself off as Lady Justice.

MEDIA ALERT: President Obama may propose Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg as a contender for either Secretary of Commerce (thus head of the U.S. Patent Office !!!) or a new cabinet post called "Secretary of Business." Besides the fact that such a post would have carte blanche to make up new rules and procedures without oversight or accountability, it is inconceivable that Sandberg does not know that Mark Zuckerberg stole Leader Technologies' patent, and therefore, would continue to make disingenuous claims about supporting American business and innovation. Many observers now consider former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, and his protégé Sheryl Sandberg, to be the "Boy King's" handlers, along with their Moscow compadres.

Sandberg is also a 20-year protégé of former bail out chief Lawrence Summers. Summers appears to have been instrumental in arranging for Facebook's largest outside shareholder, Russian Juri Milner (another of his protégés from World Bank days), to receive Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley bailout funds that may have been routed through Dubai to invest in Facebook's pre-IPO. This move may have provided the funds Milner's DST aka Digital Sky needed to become the second largest pre-IPO shareholder in Facebook . . . not counting the holdings of Leader v. Facebook federal judges (sorry, couldn't resist). Goldman Sachs was a pre-IPO shareholder in DST Moscow, and we believe still is.

Nasty stuff if true.

More to come. Stay tuned.

* * *


  1. Comment by: Judicial Corruption

    Yes, let's appoint Sheryl Sandberg, a proven patent property thief and hacker-phile, as "Secretary of Business." That sends a great message of innovation, inventor-ship, stability, competency and integrity to the markets.

  2. Comment by: Cecil B.

    By not settling with Leader Technologies, Sandberg and Facebook simply show us further proof that these thieves know only one kind of "negotiation" - bribery. We don't need more of this kind of haughtiness and criminality in Washington. HP's former CEO Carly Fiorina rightly pointed out yesterday on Face The Nation that negotiation is the art of win-win. Sandberg shows only a capacity for win-lose. Not a good character trait for "Secretary of Business."

  3. Comment by: Linda C.

    Is the court system just as broken too? Does this give these white collar criminals free reign now? In addition to impeaching scoundrels, placing a limit on the number of attorneys that can hold state and federal power positions sounds like a great first policy change. Let's get started.

  4. Comment by: Andras

    This case is now a cause celeb. Leader took the ethical high ground and our U.S. Courts did not. We must champion this case until justice is served. A friend of mine was just ready to give up on this case a few minutes ago until I reminded him that a corrupt court system in my grandfather's native Hungary never stopped him from being a freedom fighter. The freedom fighters won and the corrupt judges went to jail.

  5. I suggest everyone send this to their elected officials (day and night)...

    The Honorable ## ##:

    This letter is to inform you that your office will be bombarded (night and day), until justice is given to leader technologies. We ask that:

    1. Impeachment proceedings begin on federal Circuit ct. Justices Alan D. Lourie, Kimberly A. Moore, Evan J. Wallach, Randall R. Rader and Clerk Jan Horbaly
    2. A congressional investigation be launched into financial holdings of all Supreme Ct. justices
    3. A Continental Congress convene to determine the meaning of “Separate but Equal” branches of government
    4. Congress move on the introduction of a bill that reduces the amount of attorneys in high ranking government jobs – (see..
    5. That Cheryl Sandberg, Coo Facebook, Inc. be blocked from obtaining any presidential appointment

    A law-abiding taxpayer and American

  6. Comment by: surfer dude

    Oh yeh, let's make Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg - one of the most flagrant patent infringers on the planet IMHO - in charge of the US Patent Office.


  7. Comment by: lady ga ga ii

    "judicial ethics" and "attorney ethics" appear to be cruel hoaxes on the American public. It's nothing more than a crony protection racket. When those charged with protecting the rule of law abuse it, our democracy is not a democracy, its some sort of nouveau-aristocratic state ruled by confidence tricksters... con men and women in black robes.

    Steve and Amy got it right. We need a Constitutional Convention to remake a broken judiciary. Facebook's attorneys are running a protection racket and the judges are their b____ches.

    Leader v. Facebook was a gift (Leader is true to its name... leading the way). This case PROVED the corruption that is normally boiling just below the surface. Thank you Donna, Dr. A, Leader's honest lawyers (you prove that "honest lawyers" is not an oxymoron) and others for your courage and persistence. I get it. Keep up the fight, otherwise corruption wins. Good people cannot permit that.

  8. This case has sickened me the way it has turned out. Never did I think that the Supreme Ct would not have taken a good look at the corruption and horrible misconduct that transpired with this case within our Judiciary system. This village that has been created needs to be destroyed.These so-called honorable people are killing the entrepreneurial dreams and the American way way of life. I have had many moments of tears and it is beyond words to describe the true depths of my frustration and disappointment that I have learned. May God have mercy on all of you that contributed. Eighteen bullet points! Really, you Justices...are a bunch of hypocrites! I would like to say more...believe me!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.


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