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Friday, October 19, 2012


Full library of documents also available at (This is a backup site for our Scribd site which has had intermittent problems lately keeping our information about Facebook's conduct accessible.) You can also read the work of former NY Bloomberg TV reporter Donna Kline on this scandal at

  1. Sep. 28, 2012 - Briefing for Rep. Jim Jordan (OH), HOUSE JUDICIARY & OVERSIGHT COMMITTEES, "Federal courts are coddling a proven infringer," Sep. 28, 2012.
  2. Oct. 19, 2012 - Briefing for Rep. Jim Jordan (OH), HOUSE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE, "American and Russian Opportunities Undermining U.S. Sovereignty and Corrupting U.S. Financial and Judicial Systems," Oct. 19, 2012.
  3. Oct. 25, 2012 - Briefing for Rep. Jim Jordan (OH), HOUSE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE, Working Summary - "Revitalize and Expand Moral and Ethical Principles Embodied in the Business Judgment Rule," Oct. 25, 2012.
  4. Nov. 6, 2012 - Briefing for Rep. Jim Jordan (OH), HOUSE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE. "Abuse of Patent Reexamination Laws for the Purposes of Administrative (Political) Bullying, Business Harassment, Economic Dissipation, Dismantling of Patent Law, and Discouraging Small Inventors from Protecting Their Patents," Nov. 6, 2012.
  5. Nov. 14, 2012 - "Response to the DC Bar Association declining to conduct a disciplinary investigation of the Federal Circuit judges and Clerk," Nov. 14, 2012.


  1. Notice:

    Please be advised that the enclosed statement is evidence in two federal lawsuits. Anyone removing this information without reporting it to the United States Attorney's Office will be committing a felony.

    I am the Plaintiff in James Damiano vs Bob Dylan CV 95-4795 (Copyright Infringement)

    I've been watching the Ceglia facebook case and after reading the Michael f. McGowan deposition It appears evident that Gibson Dunn fabricated documents like they did in Bob Dylan's Stealing of James Damiano's Songs.

    In the James Damiano Bob Dylan case the facts of the case are totally inconsistent with Judge Simandle's decision to enter summary judgement and that In all major decisions of this litigation, this court continuously chose to honor the opinion of Bob Dylan's counsel Orin Snyder as opposed to plaintiff (Damiano's) true material facts.

    No publication of the facts of this case have ever been accurately reported by the mainstream media.
    I am in possession of declarations signed by Bob Dylan and Facebook's lawyer Orin Snyder Esq.. these declarations document to the record the fact that Orin Snyder will lie to the court at will and falsify evidence.
    Dylan's lawyer "Orin Snyder" created so called "Dylan creation materials" when he came to learn that my (James Damiano's) copyright registration predated Dylan's. The "creation materials" defense concocted by "Dylan and Snyder" was reviewed by my (James Damiano's)Harvard educated expert Dr. Greene who dismissed the material as fraudulent and stated that said materails did not show the independent evolution of Dylan's song Dignity.
    Short History
    It is publically and judicially uncontested that Bob Dylan and people in Bob Dylan’s entourage have solicited songs lyrics and music written by James Damiano for a period of over ten years and eleven months

  2. No artist can lay claim to the controversy that has surrounded the career of songwriter James Damiano. Thirty two years ago James Damiano began an odyssey that led him into a legal maelstrom with Bob Dylan that, to this day, fascinates the greatest of intellectual minds.

    Since auditioning for the legendary CBS Record producer John Hammond, Sr., who influenced the careers of music industry icons Charlie Christian, Billy Holiday, Bob Dylan, Pete Seger, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Ray Vaughan , James has engaged in a half a billion dollar copyright infringement law suit with Bob Dylan.

    As the curtain rises on the stage of deceit we learn that CBS / Sony international recording artist, Bob Dylan not only used songs and lyrics written by James Damiano but also solicited Mr. Damiano's materials for a period of over ten years and eleven months.

    As per Judicial filings Bob Dylan's name is credited to the songs. One of those songs is nominated for a Grammy as the best rock song of the year. Ironically the title of that song is Dignity.

    1. Bob Dylan Admits Plagiarizing His Greatest Hits L.A Times

      “Well you have to understand that I’m not a melodist. My songs are either based on old Protestant hymns or Carter Family songs or variations of the blues form. What happens is, I’ll take a song and simply start playing it in my head. That’s the way I meditate". “I wrote ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ in 10 minutes, just put words to an old spiritual, probably something I learned from Carter Family records. That’s the folk music tradition – you use what has been handed down. ‘The Times They Are A-Changing’ is probably from an old Scottish folk Song.”...."I'll be playing Bob Nolan's 'Tumbling Tumbleweeds,' for instance, in my head constantly -- while I'm driving a car or talking to a person or sitting around or whatever. People will think they are talking to me and I'm talking back, but I'm not. I'm listening to the song in my head. At a certain point, some of the words will change and I'll start writing a song.".......Bob Dylan

    2. On June 16th 2009 the following letter was sent to Bob Dylan's Attorney Orin Snyder written by James Damiano's Attorney in the Bob Dylan Damiano Plagiarism suit "Robert Church" regarding boxes of James Damiano's songs produced to Orin Snyder during discovery

      There were approximately fifteen to twenty five boxes filled with anywhere from 200 to 400 finished and unfinished songs in each box (thirty five years of writing) that were never returned

      Dear Mr. Snyder:

      I have one other matter. Mr. Damiano informs me that Steven Kramer (James Damiano's lead attorney) had several boxes of songs delivered to Parcher & Hayes during the discovery phase of his case against Dylan. Mr. Kramer never made copies of the documents, since I am presuming he felt pressed to comply with an overdue discovery request. Mr. Damiano informs me that he has never had all the original songs returned to his possession, even though the case is over. If you don’t mind, please explain what you can recall about Mr. Damiano’s song production. Do you still have songs unaccounted for? Can they be returned?

      Sincerely Robert Church


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