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Sunday, March 26, 2017


Blow the lid off of the rogue C.I.A. Deep State’s digital surveillance and collusion with Russian oligarchs before  Putin who funded Facebook
Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Mar. 26, 2017, Updated Mar. 31, 2017 | PDF
We can stop mass spying. Defend Constitutional Rights!
Fig. 1: Barack Obama is the fourth modern day Deep State globalist President who has worked to destroy America's Republic in favor of a U.N. controlled "one world government" run by unelected multinational corporations and international bankers. Hillary Clinton was his designated heir. He lied to the American people in too many ways to count at this point. He is a complete radical Islamic fraud. He even lied to us about being a Christian. Americans have been suckered by this Harvey smooth-mouth. He is now making plans in his new offices set up near the White House to destroy the new administration of Donald Trump, and the Republic itself. Unfortunately, we must expect more made-for-TV protests and "false flag" crises (Wizard of Oz: "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain") fabricated by these globalists before these frauds are routed.
Graphic: Buffalo Chronicle / Police State.
Bookmark: #stellar-wind
Breaking News Mar. 28, 2017:
"Stellar Wind" surveillance sweeps up Donald Trump too, always has... on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Email, Phones, etc.
Traitor to the U.S. Constitution
John C. Yoo
John C. Yoo, Bush Deputy Assistant Attorney General, the ONLY legal official in the Justice Department who knew about the illegal mass surveillance of Americans for the first 1.5 years of the Stellar Wind program (not even his boss Jay S. Bybee knew)... that he had unilaterally approved. Yoo's "novel" opinion was declared "legally and factually flawed," by the Inspector General (OIG. Vol. 3, p. 420). The IBM Eclipse Foundation was formed at the same time to hijack digital networks, thus ushering in radical Islamic jihad and thus eclipsing the Constitution.
Project "Stellar Wind" was first authorized on Oct. 4, 2001 by President George Bush and conducts mass surveillance on every American without a warrant—including Donald Trump. The single attorney who gave the authorization was John C. Yoo, a Harvard classmate of Barack Obama. Both George Bush and Barack Obama have reauthorized the program many times. As recently as Jan. 12, 2017, with just days left in his presidency, Obama signed Executive Order 12333 to make it even easier for the intelligence agencies to share unfiltered, raw streams of information about innocent people.

Therefore, the argument that Obama did not order the wiretapping a.k.a. surveillance of Donald Trump is more fake news deception. He ORDERED it on everybody, including Donald Trump, his family, friends and colleagues. The parsing of words that he may not have said "Donald Trump", his chief political enemy, specifically, is ridiculous given the FACTS of the Stellar Wind, surveillance program, or whatever it is called now, run out of the White House.

Read the Office of Inspector General's (OIG) Jul. 10, 2009 assessment of the "Stellar Wind" illegal surveillance program:

Vol. 1 (82 pgs, 19.3 MB)

Vol. 2 (240 pgs., 38.5 MB)
Vol. 3 (424 pgs, 118 MB).

The document provided by a FOIA release employed all the usual unscrupulous lawyer tricks. The heavily redacted documents were unsearchable. Key pages were heavily skewed (as seen below on perhaps the most damning disclosure in the 674 page document) to escape optical readers. All those impediments have been fixed in the download links above. The documents are now searchable. The arrogance of the Deep State is evident in the quotes below from the Inspector General's scathing report on the absence of normal checks and balances for a subject as serious as our fundamental privacy protections in the Bill of Rights.

NSA Project Stellar Wind - warrantless mass surveillance of American citizens


(Mar. 26, 2017)—You cannot make this stuff up. Readers are encouraged to follow these facts where they lead, then act to preserve our Republic from this Deep State takeover attempt.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is growing increasingly bold in his arrogance. He forces native Hawaiians off their land. He builds high fences around his Silicon Valley compound while decrying a border wall. He implements Chinese-style censorship while declaring Facebook to be transparent. This arrogance appears to emerge from a belief that his crimes will never be punished and that he is above the law.

The House Intelligence Committee should investigate Zuckerberg and analyze his 28 stonewalled computers, now.

Yesterday, we asked Michael McKibben, the true inventor of social networking and founder of Columbus-based innovator Leader Technologies, Inc. to review documents from WikiLeaks Vault 7: DEEP MATTER.

Specifically, we asked him about a leaked C.I.A. document named “Triton 1.3 User Guide.” According to the guide, "Triton is an automated implant" designed to hijack target Mac computers for data extraction. In more familiar terms, Triton is very sophisticated malware used by the C.I.A. to completely takeover Apple computers.

The Triton 1.3 User Guide describes how the C.I.A. infects Apple Macs (other related user guides target iPhones) via “Listening Posts” in the Internet to which “Beacon” programs installed on smart phones and computers send data and receive instructions for further intrusion of an “infected target” device.

McKibben said “just substitute the words ‘social platform’ for ‘Listening Post’ and ‘app’ for their ‘beacon’ and it is easy to understand that the Triton 1.3 manual describes illegal surveillance using social apps in the Internet.”

Also identified in the document is DROPBOX as the "cloud" data repository for stolen user data.

C.I.A.'s own document admits illegality of Triton 1.3

“The manual even admits that the C.I.A. knows what they are doing is illegal."

"They use the word ‘Exfiltration’ in one of their headers. Exfiltration means unauthorized access to a computer and data theft, generally by cyber criminals,” McKibben continued.

He confirmed that Leader’s invention is described in the Triton 1.3 document.

McKibben said “earlier we obtained whistleblower evidence that proves C.I.A. agents had orchestrated the theft of our social networking invention in 2001—at the founding of the IBM Eclipse Foundation on Nov. 29, 2001 with a $40 million IBM donation to promote “open source.” See TIMELINE for People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet.

McKibben added, “almost anyone in technology knows that using the words ‘IBM’ and ‘open source’ in the same sentence is a joke. IBM owns more patents than any other company on the planet. They are anything but open source where everything is free. So what was Eclipse giving away if not IBM’s secrets? Leader’s stolen invention, obviously. Hindsight is 20-20.

Clearly, IBM formed the Eclipse Foundation to distribute our social networking invention to the technology world so long as those companies gave the IBM Eclipse C.I.A. handlers a backdoor key for mass surveillance. Most assuredly, these C.I.A. rogues held out the promise of future government contracts in exchange for these technology companies turning a blind eye to their abuse of the Bill of Rights.”

“Another ‘coincidence’ is the fact that our patent attorney in 2001, James P. Chandler, was also IBM’s chief outside intellectual property counsel. IBM’s inside counsel at the time, David J. Kappos, was appointed Patent Office director in 2009 by Obama,” said McKibben.

IBM Eclipse Foundation started giving away Leader’s social networking invention in 2001, just as the NSA fired William Binney, the architect of the NSA’s lawful surveillance system.

IBM Eclipse gave away Leader’s invention in 2001, while NSA fired Binney

NSA whistleblower William Binney points to 2001 as the time when the NSA went rogue. McKibben continued “it seems obvious that the rogue C.I.A. group who stole my social networking invention wanted to replace William Binney’s earlier platform architecture with ours.” Binney ‘retired’ in Oct. 2001, just one month before the IBM Eclipse Foundation started with IBM, Chandler, Kappos driving the bus.”

McKibben said that it was well known at the time that Chandler was also consulting closely with then Assistant Attorney General Eric Holder.

McKibben said investigators have been hard at work in the days since the U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider the Leader v. Facebook appeal in Jan. 2013, thus protecting Facebook.

“Being red-blooded Americans who inherently respected our courts and judges, we were stunned that our highest judges would just ignore the law and precedent in favor of Facebook’s crimes that we had just PROVED with mountains of evidence and expert testimony. The lower federal court jury actually RULED that Facebook was GUILTY of infringing all eleven patent claims. What we witnessed was patent theft by the judiciary!”

"We were suckered by Bill Clinton's chief intelligence and national security attorney, James P. Chandler, who pretended to be our attorney while he was sucking us dry."

By way of metaphor, McKibben said about their research to figure out where this corruption led, “for the longest time we would open the door on a subject area in our investigation, like Zuckerberg’s 2003-2004 computers and Harvard emails, and catch glimpses of shadowy figures darting out of the room. This has happened maybe 500 times now.
Leader v. Facebook corruption investigation encountered shadowy figures darting out of rooms for years. Whistleblowers helped put names and faces to these intelligence agents and their globalist minions. Photo: Spies.

By way of metaphor, McKibben said about their research to figure out where this corruption led, “for the longest time we would open the door on a subject area in our investigation, like Zuckerberg’s 2003-2004 computers and Harvard emails, and catch glimpses of shadowy figures darting out of the room. This has happened maybe 500 times now.”

Each time, the researchers would note the occurrence on a jigsaw puzzle piece, lay it on the table and move on.

Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption investigation was akin to piecing together a large jigsaw puzzle.
Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption investigation was akin to piecing together a large jigsaw puzzle.

McKibben said that when they added the new research to evidence they already had, some pieces started fitting together. Patterns emerged. Our suspicions began to grow as we continued to focus on hard evidence.

“Then, we started learning about whistleblowers and watchdogs, including William Binney, J. Kirk Wiebe, Tom Drake, Ed Loomis, Diane Roark, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Guccifer, Marcel Lehel Lazar, Guccifer 2.0, DCLeaks, Dinesh D’Souza, Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, HSBC Swiss Leaks, Hervé Falciani, ICIJ, Open Secrets, Center for Public Integrity, Lawless America, True the Vote, Center for Self Governance, Mark Herr, David Knight, Daily Caller, ZeroHedge, Tyler Durden, Larry Hagmann, Larry C. Johnson, Mike Cernovich, The Panama Papers, Larry Klayman, The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald, Freedom Watch, Alex Jones, Infowars, Steve Pieczenik, Empire Files, Abby Martin, Roger Stone, Peter Schweizer, Matt Drudge, Andrew Breitbart, Joseph Farah and WorldNet Daily, and others.” See Real News links.

“The more we learned, the more the previously shadowy figures became actual names and faces.”

Takedown of the Republic

McKibben said that while Leader was focused on understanding the misconduct of Facebook and the senior federal judiciary in Leader v. Facebook, a larger context emerged. He said, "we began to realize we had a front row seat watching the takedown of the American Republic by 'one world order' globalist forces.”

He said certain keywords and phrases began to shout at their investigators:

C.I.A., NSA, FBI, In-Q-Tel, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Kleiner Perkins, Greylock, Accel Partners, Fidelity, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, executive orders, conspiracy, collusion, blackmail, money laundering, globalism, Saul Alinsky, bribery, collusion, Wall Street bankers, Harvard Law, Yale Law, Stanford Law, GWU Law, Georgetown Law, stonewalling, arrogance, pedophilia, snuff parties, Silicon Valley venture capitalists, Big Data, China, uncontrolled immigration, The Internet of Things (IoT), new world order, encryption backdoor keys, new communism, mind control, eugenics, wiretapping, warrantless surveillance, deceptive licensing, media manipulation, election rigging, Glass-Steagall, Mena, net neutrality, election rigging, fake news, ICANN, TPP, TiSA, FISA Court and corruption.

Zuckerberg’s 28 computer hard drives will show collusion with the rogue C.I.A.

During the Leader v. Facebook trial―all through 2009 (while Hillary Clinton was ceding State Department control to George Soros)—Zuckerberg and Facebook stonewalled providing Leader’s attorneys access to Zuckerberg’s 2003-2004 computer devices and emails.

Judicial Watch recently uncovered secret contracts related to that same time. Then Secretary of State Clinton contracted with Facebook to write election manipulation software―which is obstruction of justice.

On the eve of Facebook being ordered to produce Zuckerberg's 2003-2004 computers in late 2009, Facebook suddenly changed attorneys to Cooley Godward LLP (Obama’s energy stimulus promoter). Then, the year-long stonewalling excuses magically transformed into “we cannot find them.” Judge Leonard P. Stark who presided over the Leader v. Facebook trial let them get away with it.

Nonetheless, Leader proved patent infringement at the federal trial on 11 of 11 claims in July 2010. However, Judge Leonard P. Stark then fabricated facts and ruled for Facebook anyway. Stark’s technicality is laughable if it were not so sad. He pulled out a Civil War era criminal decision to justify his actions—a law that had never in history been applied to a civil patent case. His best argument was that it was "not impermissible" for him to use the 120-year old case for the first time in his unprecedented way—a way that defied well-settled patent precedent.

Leader appealed to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. that hears all patent appeals. Hindsight shows that the Federal Circuit unfortunately has many globalist actors. They continued to protect Facebook even though all three judges had Facebook financial interests and cozy relationships with Facebook’s lawyers. Facebook’s Gibson Dunn LLP appeal attorney, Thomas G. Hungar, had even REPRESENTED those same judges in an ethics complaint that year (2010).

Zuckerberg's Magical resurrection of his 28 “lost” computers

Two days after the Federal Circuit ruling against Leader, 28 Zuckerberg computer devices and Harvard emails magically surfaced in another case against Facebook—Ceglia v. Zuckerberg.

Overnight the Facebook story on Zuckerberg’s hard drives flipped 180 degrees from being “lost” to having 28 of them! Why Facebook thought they were safe from Ceglia's claims in disclosing the 28 computer devices is baffling. Ceglia is a victim of the C.I.A./Facebook treachery, just like Leader. It is clear that Zuckerberg signed two contracts with Ceglia to stall him from introducing a college “facebook” at Harvard until Zuckerberg / IBM / C.I.A. were ready to launch with Leader's invention, which they did on Feb. 4, 2004.

Facebook’s crooked attorney:
Gibson & Dunn LLP

More telling, Zuckerberg’s 28 computers and Harvard emails were in the custody of Gibson Dunn LLP, Facebook’s appeal attorney, the entire time. They were never lost as Facebook claimed at the Leader v. Facebook district court trial. This is still more proof of fraud and obstruction of justice.

Suggestion to the House Intelligence Committee on the alleged Russian meddling:

Impound and forensically analyze Zuckerberg’s 28 computer devices held by Gibson Dunn LLP—before they disappear

Mark Zuckerberg's 28 computer devices and Harvard emails from 2003-2004 are in the custody of their attorney Gibson Dunn LLP
Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook's attorney Gibson Dunn LLP made fraudulent statements to federal courts multiple times in Leader v. Facebook about the existence of 28 computer devices and Harvard emails held in custody by Gibson Dunn, as eventually disclosed in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg in 2012. Photo: Unknown.

Clinton, Podesta, Summers, Sandberg: the Real Russian Collusion

William J. Clinton
William J. Clinton
Hillary R. Clinton
Hillary R. Clinton

The facts show that three Clinton and Obama confidantes, Larry Summers, John Podesta and Sheryl K. Sandberg have been intimately involved with certain Russian oligarchs since the early 1990’s—before Vladimir Putin became President. These people then played pivotal roles in the emergence of free Email and free social networking in Russia and America. Since the election of Donald Trump, these same people are now moving their illegitimate companies toward Orwellian levels of free speech censorship.

Alisher Usmanov
Alisher Usmanov
Yuri Milner
Yuri Milner

Prominent among these relationships are two Russian oligarchs, Yuri Milner and Alisher Usmanov. Both Milner and Usmanov were multiple billion dollar winners in the Facebook initial public offering in May 2012. While one may expect corruption from these Russian oligarchs as their way of life, Summers, Podesta and Sandberg are supposed to follow U.S. laws. See Hillary's Secret Offshore Empire.

Summers’ “Big Bangery” and “Globalbaloney” Harvard “advice” to a collapsing Soviet economy (under Anatoly Chubais (Rusnano, pre-Putin))

Sheryl K. Sandberg
Sheryl K. Sandberg
Lawrence H. Summers
Larry H. Summers
John D. Podesta
John D. Podesta

Economist David Ellerman wrote sarcastically about Summers’ “ersatz policy” for World Bank privatization of the former Soviet economy in the early 1990s. Hindsight shows that Summers lined his pockets handsomely while his reckless recommendations for the Soviet economy failed miserably and gave rise to the current system of corrupt Russian oligarchs.

Bookmark: #podesta-putin-joule-rusnano

Summers hired Milner along with his former student, Sheryl K. Sandberg, to work for him at the World Bank, after he left Harvard in 1991.

George Soros
George Soros

Sandberg followed Summers to the Treasury Department as his chief of staff after Bill Clinton’s election in 1993. Curiously, in late 1992—just six weeks before Bill Clinton's electionGeorge Soros almost crashed the British Pound and pocketed $1 billion into his hedge fund and his new Open Society Foundations. See also George Soros: The epic global meddler

Milner's bank Menatep acquired $14.8 billion for the globalist agenda

Milner moved back to Russia, then popped up in the late 1990s’ enmeshed in two banking scandals—about the time then Treasury Secretary Summers obliterated Glass-Steagall banking controls. Milner was implicated in the diversion of $4.8 billion in IMF funds and $10 billion in Russian mob money laundering by the Russian Bank Menatep. See Congressional Briefing.

Takeover of email and social networks in Russia & America—Gmail,, Facebook, VK

By 2004, Sandberg was assigned to start Google Gmail, then became COO of Facebook in 2008. Milner was assigned to start, the Russian equivalent of Gmail, then later VKontakte (VK), the Russian equivalent of Facebook. The coincidences are legion among this clutch of globalists. Clearly, control of email and social networking was key to their strategy.

It is now evident that a rogue C.I.A. group, begun under Bush Sr. (1989-1993), then got organized under Clinton (1993-2001), shifted to the new social networking mass surveillance under Bush (2001-2009), then exploited the platform to amass great wealth and control under Obama (2009-2017).

Clearly, the Milner-Usmanov-Summers-Clinton-Sandberg Russian connections have been corrupting world digital networks for a very long time. The WikiLeaks documents prove they have been spying on everyone for decades. Therefore, this “Russians did it” accusation against Donald Trump and his supporters is absolute nonsense.

These Clinton-esque associations with Russia occurred even before Vladimir Putin came to power as President of Russia.

Zuckerberg’s 28 hard drives will reveal the beginnings of Deep State's mass surveillance

What will Zuckerberg’s 28 hard drives and Harvard emails reveal?

1. Real Russian Connections: They will prove the real Russian connections that formed the basis of the Deep State shadow government’s mass surveillance network currently being criminally used against Donald Trump and his supporters, including Roger Stone, General Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Sen. Rand Paul and others.

2. Facebook’s rogue C.I.A. handlers: The identity of his C.I.A. handlers will be revealed

Prediction: This will include the “PayPal Mafia” who were in bed with the Deep State, including James W. Breyer (Accel Partners), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Peter Thiel (NSA/Palantir), Gilman Louie (C.I.A.), Joe Lonsdale (Palantir), Matt Choler (Instagram), Battelle Memorial Institute/John Kasich/IBM/Ohio State University (M.O.O.C.), National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), In-Q-Tel (C.I.A.), IBM, and The Eclipse Foundation.

3. Deep State Controls over Mass Surveillance: How the Deep State implemented their controls using Facebook, Google and others.

4. Reveal stolen software used by the Deep State: It will reveal that The IBM Eclipse Foundation software code base was stolen from Columbus innovator Leader Technologies and others, including Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam, former director of network architecture for Sun Microsystems.

5. How the Binney NSA system was dismantled: Evidence of the conversion of the NSA systems away from the LEGAL designs of NSA whistleblower William Binney and toward the ILLEGAL designs of the rogue C.I.A. / IBM Eclipse Foundation and social networking.

6. Mainstream Media Collusion: The collusion of the mainstream media and Hollywood in promoting the fabricated story of Facebook’s supposed origins at Harvard.

7. Law Firm Collusion: The collusion of the law firms who perpetuate this criminality.


A full forensic evaluation of Zuckerberg’s 28 stonewalled Facebook hard drives and Harvard emails will likely blow the lid off of the Deep State shadow government’s hijack of the digital world. It will also reveal the nature of their uncontrolled spying and their collusion with Russian actors, including those before Vladimir Putin took power.

It will help prove that the current “The Russians Did It” accusation is yet another Alinsky-esque tactic against one’s opponent, to take the focus off the fact that one is doing exactly that oneself.

Congress needs to stop sitting on this destruction of our Republic and get these scoundrels locked up.

See Deep State Rogues Poster: HTML | PDF

* * *

Investigation timeline, resources & bibliography:

  1. Americans for Innovation Archive.

  2. TIMELINE & Investigation Bibliography: People you trusted are now hijacking the Internet.

  3. Briefing for Representative Jim Jordan (OH 4th) – House Oversight Committee - American and Russian Opportunists Undermining U.S. Sovereignty and Corrupting U.S. Financial and Judicial Systems, Oct. 19, 2012.

  4. Request for Congressional Intervention from Concerned Citizens on Behalf of Shareholders of Leader Technologies, Inc., to 113th Congress, 1st Session, Feb. 21, 2014.
Donald Trump must Drain the Swamp of the Deep State shadow government

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Monday, March 20, 2017


Trump under surveillance for many years
MSM fake news is INTENDED to degrade our Republic
Judeo-Christian moral values of our Founders are in peril
Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Mar. 22, 2017, Updated Mar. 25, 2017 | PDF
We can stop mass spying. Defend Constitutional Rights!
Fig. 1: The MainStream Media (MSM) has been weaponized by a rogue C.I.A. that is intent on enthroning a godless corporate government in America and around the world. Patriotic Americans must cast off their complacency and stand up against this evil before the American Republic is totally destroyed.

Breaking information proves that Donald Trump and his family have been wiretapped by the FBI/NSA/C.I.A. since at least 2004, along with patriot alternative media leader Alex Jones, Infowars, and even the U.S. Senate.

More breaking information confirms that there was NO RUSSIAN TAMPERING OF U.S. ELECTION TABLULATORS IN SWING STATES.
Photo: C-SPAN 2.
Bookmark: #comey-lied
Breaking News! Mar. 22, 2017:
Comey lied. he has Known about Trump surveillance for years. he supresses the "Roadmap to drain the swamp."
Patriots or Rogues?
James A. Baker
James A. Baker, former Bridgewater hedge fund counsel
James B. Comey
James B. Comey, former Bridgewater hedge fund counsel
William Barnett
Allen Souza, Rep. Nunes staff counsel
William Barnett
William Barnett, FBI special agent
Walter Biardina
Walter Biardina, FBI special agent
John O. Brennan
John O. Brennan
Obama's "ethically challenged" C.I.A. Director
The founder of Judicial Watch, Larry Klayman, just announced hours ago in WorldNet Daily that he has "47 hard drives and over 600 million pages of information" from NSA/C.I.A.whistleblower Dennis Montgomery. He says this information proves "systematic illegal surveillance on prominent Americans, again including the chief justice of the Supreme Court, other justices, 156 judges, prominent businessmen such as Donald Trump, and even yours truly."

Montgomery had worked side by side with C.I.A. director John O. Brennan, who he called "ethically challenged." He said that Brennan—a Wahhabi Islam convert—oversaw "'Orwellian Big Brother' intrusion on privacy." Klayman says Comey granted immunity to Montgomery two years ago in exchange for access to Montgomery's information. This proves Comey lied and misled Congress yesterday. FBI personnel involved with the Montgomery data include general counsel James A. Baker, special agents Walter Biardina and William Barnett and Rep. Nunes' staff attorney Allen Souza.

Remarkably, Baker followed Comey from the world's largest hedge fund—Bridgewater Associates, LP. Before Bridgewater, Comey was chief counsel at money launderer HSBC—a Clinton Foundation donor and money launderer for the globalists. Comey had received $10 million from Bridgewater in 2012 alone before being appointed FBI director by Obama. None of these conflicts of interest were disclosed by Comey to the American people. Nunes did not ask a single question about Montgomery's massive criminal evidence in yesterday's hearing. However, he did make reference to it in a press conference later. He confirmed the evidence that Trump had been surveilled, thus proving the fake news narrative to be another lie.
John O. Brennan C.I.A. Director is an Orwellian Big Brother
John O. Brennan
John O. Brennan, Obama's "ethically challenged C.I.A. Director
John O. Brennan C.I.A. Director is an Orwellian Big Brother


(Mar. 20, 2017)—For weeks, the MSM (MainStream Media) and Establishment politicians from both political parties have ridiculed President Trump for allegedly unfounded allegations that he was spied upon by the Obama Administration.

Scandal: New leaks confirm that Obama wiretapped Trump via NSA "Project Dragnet" — Watergate is child's play by comparison

Breaking news yesterday proves that Donald Trump and his family were, in fact, the subject of the surveillance "Project Dragnet" under both the Obama and Bush Administrations since at least 2004.

Today, the House Intelligence Committee opened hearings in which ranking Democrat member Adam Schiff (D-CA) appeared to blame Russian meddling, including WikiLeaks, for interfering in the 2016 Presidential election.

However, logically, the decade-long wiretap of Donald Trump, including presidential candidate Donald Trump, makes Watergate look like kid's play.

Deep State creates another false flag to fool uninformed Americans

This House hearing appears to be a false flag diversion by the globalists to confuse the average American who is not paying close attention.

Hopefully readers of AFI are not confused and will educate their friends, neighbors and colleagues. This education is critical to stopping a corporate globalist takeover of America.

Leaked yesterday by law enforcement insiders is definitive proof that the NSA/C.I.A. has been spying on Donald Trump and his family since 2004. This means both Bush and Obama were wiretapping President Trump.

Roger Stone exposes the Deep State and has become a target
Pray for him
He is fighting for all patriotic Americans
Roger Stone at Trump Tower
NBC's Cynthia McFadden interviewed Guccifer (Marcel Lehel Lazar) in Romania on May 5, 2016).
On May 05, 2016, NBC's Cynthia McFadden, flew to Romania to interview Guccifer, a.k.a. Marcel Lehel Lazar. Does McFadden's contact with Guccifer make her a Russian Agent any more than Roger Stones' contact with Guccifer 2.0 make him a Russian Agent? This entire story is a canard (a false report or story).

Roger Stone, director of Donald Trump’s exploratory committee in 2000, was attacked by Democratic congressman Adam Schiff in Schiff’s opening comments at the hearing moments ago. Schiff alleged that Stone, a journalist, had contacts with Russian agent Guciffer 2.0 that rose to the level of a threat to the U.S. 2016 election.

NBC's Cynthia McFadden a Russian Agent?

Journalists are supposed to interview sources. That is their job. In fact, the original Guciffer, Romanian Marcel Lehel Lazar, was interviewed by ABC's Cynthia McFadden who even flew to Romanian to conduct the interview. Why hasn't McFadden been labeled as a Russian agent for doing her job? Don't bother responding. The evidence shows that the alt-radical MSM gets a pass. Didn't you get the memo?

Stone has said repeatedly that no such contacts exist and that he welcomed Congressional scrutiny. Schiff presented a “cut and paste” string of Stone’s public comments. In classical rogue lawyer style, Schiff's fabrications are clearly trying to smear Roger Stone.

Breaking: Roger Stone’s response to the House Intelligence Committee.

Fake News logos

Here’s how C.I.A. MSM fake news lies to the public:

For example, you might state:

“I am not a Russian spy and have no contacts with Russians.”

However, these unscrupulous globalist lawyers and their MSM sycophants simply delete “not” and “no” so that:

“I am not a Russian spy and have no contacts with Russians.”

. . . becomes an MSM fake news lie:

I am a Russian spy and have contacts with Russians.

Then, the other MSM outlets at CNN, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Comcast repeat this fabrication ad naseum.

The victims of this diabolical fake news are average Americans. They are good, trusting people who listen honorably to these fake news outlets. They rely on the rich, honorable, longstanding tradition of these firms. But these firms have violated that honor and trust over the past few years by manufacturing and broadcasting deliberate lies. There is rarely even a pretense of fairness.

In this way, truths become weaponized lies—the devil's playground.

Breaking example of Fake News by ABC

Testimony omitted from the MSM fake news reporting:
Sen. Nunes: "Do you have any evidence by the FBI that votes were changed in the [six swing] states . . ."
FBI Comey:
House Intelligence Committee Hearing, Mar. 20, 2017.

For example, ABC just moments ago carried this headline about the House hearing: “FBI director confirms probe of Russia's alleged election intereference

However, FBI Director Comey and NSA Director Rogers both confirmed that they had NO information that the Russians hacked the state election computers in Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania or Florida.

By selectively reporting from the hearing, ABC presents fake news to an unsuspecting public who are out working for a living and cannot take the time to verify each ABC report.

Patriot Roger Stone has been targeted for assassination

Roger Stone
Roger Stone

Once these Russian accusations against Roger Stone were made public, Stone was forced to defend himself against a negative. E.g., when are you going to stop beating your wife? If you don’t beat your wife, then you are forced to prove that you do not beat your wife. Such defenses are very difficult and time consuming.

Stone had a serious medical crisis in Dec. 2016 which his doctors believe was polonium poisoning. Radioactive polonium can only be obtained by State military, energy and intelligence players. In addition, on Mar. 15, 2017, Stone car was T-boned by a hit and run vehicle with tinted windows. This latest incident is now being viewed as another assassination attempt. Stone was roughed up but survived.

It appears that someone does not want Stone to testify to the Congressional committee. Readers are encouraged to pray for Roger Stone's protection and safety. He is standing in the gap for all of us.

War on Words: America is a REPUBLIC, not a democracy

American is a Republic, not a democracy

America is a Republic, not a democracy. Listen closely to our elected officials, educators and the MSM fake news purveyors. The New World Order globalists are working hard to redefine America as a “democracy” instead of a Republic.

America’s Founders specifically REJECTED democracy as our form of government. They concluded that democracy sounds good on the surface, but always becomes a tyranny of the majority over the minority. Instead, the Founders instituted a REPUBLIC in which the majority rules without abusing the rights of minorities. The distinction is profound.

By redefining America as a democracy instead of a republic, the globalists can then flood America with unvetted immigrants until they have created a permanent majority that is dependent upon the Nanny State.

St. Paul

St. Paul warned us about the times we are in – “they have exchanged the truth of God for a lie”

Given this exposé of fake news, the current attempt by the Deep State shadow government to silence criticisms from the alternative media—by labeling them fake news—is truly evil. St. Paul in the Book of Romans, Chapter 1: 18, 25, said:

"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness . . .

. . . For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

What can you do? Publicity is commended as a remedy for social diseases. "Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants." (Justice Brandeis 1856 – 1941).

Share this post widely to inform uninformed Americans.

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Thursday, March 2, 2017


David Laufman has helped organize a seditious shadow government under four presidents—directed by globalist lawyer James P. Chandler, III,

Chandler mentors Eric Holder and David Kappos

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Mar. 03, 2017, Updated Mar. 17, 2017 | PDF | RIP CCM
The Massacre of the Holy Innocents icon
Fig. 1: Career government attorney David H. Laufman was exposed as the source of the national security leaks by investigative journalist Mike Cernovich.
Photo: C-SPAN 2.
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University of Tennessee, Martin, Engineer's Club, 1945-46, First Female Member, Carline Craddock McKibben (front and center). Source: Volunteer Junior, p. 7
Engineer's Club, Univ. of Tenn., Martin, 1945-46; sophomore Carline C. McKibben is pictured front and center. She was the first female civil engineering student at the university. Photo: Volunteer Junior, p. 7.
Carline C. McKibben, Sr. High School Portrait, Humbolt, Tennessee, 1943News Update, Mar. 09, 2017:
Carline C. McKibben

The sainted mother of Michael McKibben, the real inventor of social networking, was buried on March 9, 2017 in Miamisburg, Ohio among family and friends with full spiritual honors. Judging from the WikiLeaks bombshells exploding concurrently, it appears that God was calling up Carline for angel duty. She was 91 years old. In addition to raising a son who invented arguably the most important invention since Edison's light bulb, Carline was a pioneer herself. She was the FIRST ever female civil engineering student at the University of Tennessee, Martin in 1945.
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Breaking News! Mar. 08, 2017:
WikiLeaks publishes Vault 7: C.I.A. Hacking Tools Revealed—eviscerates the rogue C.I.A. Deep State shadow government

These new WikiLeaks "Vault 7" revelations confirm everything that AFI (this blog) has discovered and published about an insideous rogue C.I.A. Deep State shadow government comprised of unelected, unaccountable, unscrupulous globalists. "The Russians did it" narrative currently being pushed by this totalitarian left is an attempt to legitimize the wiretaps on Americans that were approved by the secret FISA court. The FISA judges were presented with bogus Russian connections as the justification to approve the illegal wiretaps. FISA judges are only accountable to Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. The President can approve his own wiretap at any time under the current executive orders.

Deep State Rogues Poster: HTML | PDF
Convenient Omission by WikiLeaks' critics: C.I.A. incompetence lost this information, irrespective from where it came. This proves untrustworthiness.


(Mar. 02, 2017)On Feb. 28, 2017, Mike Cernovich, investigative journalist and lawyer, identified the national security leaker as a career Department of Justice political hack, David H. Laufman. These leaks are meant to interfere with the smooth transition of power to President Donald J. Trump.

Then yesterday, Department of Justice ("DOJ") spokesman Marc Raimondi denied the allegation. However, his denial reads more like “fake news”—lots of noise, but no substance.

Raimondi told The Daily Caller that “I was not able to find anything in there that was accurate.”

Put simply, who cares what Raimondi thinks? By personalizing his comments, he substituted his personal opinion for a factual statement from the DOJ.

David H. Laufman
David H. Laufman

Raimondi argued that Laufman “is not an appointee, he’s a career employee.”

Laufman is a Deep State rogue C.I.A. operative

This is a distinction without a difference. Laufman’s resume clearly illustrates that he is a rogue C.I.A. political hack who is embedded in the un-elected Deep State and is protecting the “New World Order” globalist political agenda.

David H. Laufman Biography
Year Title Office Organization Key Activity
Intelligence Analyst   Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) Spying
1987-Sep to 1990-Oct Associate   Collier, Shannon, Rill & Scott LLP Antitrust, petroleum
1990-1993 Deputy Minority Counsel Committee on Foreign Affairs U.S. House of Representatives Executive oversight
1992-1993 Senior Associate Minority Counsel October Surprise Task Force' U.S. House of Representatives Iran hostages
1993-1995 Associate Independent Counsel   Office of the Independent Counsel Bill Clinton's passport
1994-1996 Senior Associate   Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP White-collar crime
1996-Jan to 2000-Jun Investigative Counsel Committee on Standards of Official Conduct U.S. House of Representatives Ethics, public corruption
2000 - 2001 Deputy Chief Counsel, Staff Director Judicial Review Commission on Foreign Asset Control Department of Treasury Economic sanctions
2001-Jan to 2001-May Assistant Counsel Office of Professional Responsibility Department of Justice Attorney ethics cases
2001-May to 2003-Feb Chief of Staff Office of Deputy Attorney General Department of Justice 9/11 response
2003-Mar to 2007-Aug Assistant U.S. Attorney Eastern District of Virginia Department of Justice National Security cases
2007-Aug to 2010-Jan Partner   Kelley Dye LLP White-collar crime
2010-Feb to 2011-Nov Associate General Counsel Inspector General, Iraq Reconstruction Department of Justice Ethics, public corruption
2011-Nov to 2014-Oct Principal   Laufman Law PLLC White-collar defense cases
2014-current Chief Counterintelligence and Export Control Section Department of Justice Economic Espionage cases
2017-Feb-28 Laufman exposed as leaker of national security information to try and discredit the orderly transition of power to President Donald Trump's Administration
Table 1: David H. Laufman biography. Source: LinkedIn Profile. Palantir / CIA / NSA Voyeur Spy Eyeball: The Intercept.

Laufman: The best C.I.A. agent that New World Order globalists could embed at DOJ

We should not be surprised that Laufman’s activities would eventually be exposed.

He has spent his entire career embedded as a Deep State mole in Congress and the Department of Justice.

He has been lured out of hiding because Hillary Clinton lost and is not there to protect his treachery. These Deep State criminals have been forced to step forward to try and disrupt President Donald Trump for fear of having their Deep State takeover exposed.

Laufman began his career as a C.I.A. analyst. The old adage is surely true with him:

“Once C.I.A., always C.I.A.”

During the presidency of “new world order” advocate, George H. W. Bush, Laufman worked for Congress in oversight of Bush. Bush was also a director of the C.I.A.

During Bill Clinton’s presidency, Laufman held five positions dealing with ethics, economic espionage, sanctions and white-collar crime.

During George Bush’s presidency, Laufman held four positions dealing with ethics, national security, sanctions, 9/11 and white-collar crime.

During Barack Obama’s presidency, Laufman focused on white-collar defense and economic espionage.

Laufman has worked for Eric H. Holder, Jr., under Clinton, Bush and Obama

Sheryl K. Sandberg
Sheryl K. Sandberg, Summers' student, serial Summers staffer at World Bank & Treasury, Gmail, Facebook, Hillary Clinton's "Gender Strategy" advisor
Lawrence H. Summers
Larry H. Summers
David H. Laufman
David H. Laufman

Tellingly, in 2000, Laufman worked for the Department of Treasury for then Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers and his then chief of staff, Sheryl K. Sandberg.

Summers helped eliminate Glass-Steagall banking controls and ran cover for $14.8 billion in bank diversions involving his protégé, Yuri Milner. Milner later founded and VKontakt (Russian Gmail and Facebook). Summers also oversaw the questionable 2008 "bank bailout" funds to his cronies at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Citigroup, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, UBS, etc.

Then, Summers popped up as the only outside director at Instagram. Hillary Clinton's aide Marne L. Levine (later Deutch), is now chief operating officer of Instagram.

Sheryl K, Sandberg went on to start Gmail, then she became chief operating officer at Facebook. Sandberg also colluded with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on "gender strategies." She also colluded with Clinton to obstruct justice in the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement case.

The strategy to hijack the world's digital networks is evident. Laufman takes his orders from lawyer James P. Chandler, III, Leader Technologies’ treacherous patent attorney. Leader is the true inventor of social networking that was hijacked by the rogue C.I.A.

The New World Order Grew devil's Horns in 1999-2000

Devil's Horns

During the eventful years 1999-2000, the New World Order grew horns, including the following:

Laufman’s specializes in economic espionage and national security at the Department of Justice. Therefore, it is a foregone conclusion for anyone inside the national security apparatus that Laufman is associated with James P. Chandler, III and Eric H. Holder, Jr.

For example, on Mar. 14, 2001, Chandler cited Holder, then Deputy Attorney General, in his Trade Secrets conference in Washington, D.C. Laufman’s resume says that at that time he worked in the Office of Professional Responsibility at the Justice Department then as Assistant Counsel, ironically, in charge of attorney ethics cases.

Bushes + Clintons + OBamas + Soros + Jarrett + Chandler + Holder + Laufman + . . . = New World Order seditionists

George H.W. Bush
George H.W. Bush
George W. Bush
George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
William J. Clinton
Hillary R. Clinton
Hillary R. Clinton
George Soros
George Soros
Barack H. Obama
Barack H. Obama
Michelle L.R. Obama
Michelle L.R. Obama
Valerie J.B. Jarrett
Valerie J.B. Jarrett
James P. Chandler, III
James P. Chandler, III
Eric H. Holder, Jr.
Eric H. Holder, Jr.
John D. Podesta
John D. Podesta
David H. Laufman
David H. Laufman

AFI researchers have long observed that among the lawyers involved with the globalist New World Order takeover agenda, a substantial percentage of them specialize in ethics and constitutional law.

Who better to break ethics and constitutional law than those who pretend to protect it?

Conclusion: Drain the Swamp—NOW!

Fire Upper & Middle-level bureaucrats: President Trump should probably insist among his agencies and departments that all federal bureaucrats, at least at the upper and middle level, must be sent home. What do we have to lose? If they stay in place, nothing gets done, so let's get new blood throughout. Of course this is hyperbole, but the need is evident. We must rid the federal government of scheming bureaucrats who spend their time feathering their own nests on the taxpayer's dime. The really bad ones get away with it in all three branches and the media.

forbid revolving door bureaucrat returns: Federal employees at the upper and middle level should be forbidden from making federal employment a career. Their knowledge of the weaknesses of our system of government appears to corrupt them. These people should also be forbidden from taking jobs in federal government or in private sector companies who do business with their former federal employer.

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Postscript: $10,000 reward to whistleblowers announced by james O'Keefe, Project Veritas

Notice: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo. Fair Use is relied upon.


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