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Alt-media unites to distribute indictable evidence proving globalist Deep State shadow government crimes

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Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Mar. 06, 2018, Updated Mar. 08, 2018 | PDF | https://tinyurl.com/ybzmpcgf
Fig. 1—The Timeline of Evil. https://youtu.be/hyApkynqr_Y | Raw *.mp4 video file
Video: American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation, Leader Technologies, Inc.

(Mar. 05, 2018)—Americans who work for a living have been screwed by a cadre of people with nothing better to do than lie, steal and cheat decent people.

Law abiding citizens, by nature, want to believe that their elected and appointed officials support the U.S. Constitution. The Americans for Innovation timeline proves that many of our officials are committing heinous crimes, while the others are silent, thus enabling the sins in their silence.

The timeline of facts—first called a “crimeline” in this video interview with social networking inventor Michael McKibben (above)—proves that a surprisingly large group of our public officials, bureaucrats, bankers, judges and their private company partners have conspired to destroy our Republic.

These seditious criminals want to replace our Republic with a globalist, fascist police state where corporate friends profit permanently from their monopolies. This is a similar model to that used by the Nazis before and during World War II. Their companies like Mercedes, BMW, Krupp, IBM and Bayer were permitted to operate and profit as long as they cooperated with Adolf Hitler's war plans, including the Holocaust mass murder of Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, Poles and Russians.

The timeline indicates that these people have been working on this plan for more than a century. It appears that they have been the financiers of every major war and terror event in our lifetime.

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American Republic was turned over to Fascist oligarchs starting in 1910

Here are several of their key conspiratorial events:

  1. Nov. 20-30, 1910 - J.P. Morgan’s  Meeting at Jekyll Island  (“The Duck Hunt”)

  2. Dec. 23, 1913 - Federal Reserve Act

  3. Jul. 1944 - International Monetary Fund & World Bank Group (Bretton Woods System)

Audit the Fed

Larry Summers

In short, American public monetary policy was turned over to private institutions, including JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, BNY Mellon, Bank of America, AIG, GMAC, GM, PNC, US Bancorp, Chrysler, Capitol One, State Street, Discover, AMEX, RFC, etc.—all of the institutions that received the taxpayer “bailout” in 2008, led by the chief among these thieves: rogue C.I.A., Clinton, Bush, Obama, Harvard, World Bank, IMF, Fed, 2008 Bailout, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Palantir, HarvardX & Instagram economist, Lawrence H. "Larry" Summers.

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These oligarchs and institutions have become utterly evil in their pursuit of the seven deadly sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. We the People must disempower them. Their houses are built on sinking sand. They are incapable of doing the People's work.

Bankers conspire with the FBI, C.I.A., Judiciary, media & dirty politicians to bully & scare citizens, continuously

Ask yourself, is it coincidence that after these bankers gained control over international finance starting in 1910, that history suffered almost continuous catastrophes—all funded by these criminals? The moral is that perpetual conflict is good for business of these corruptocrats: (See also 53 Admitted False Flag Attacks.)

  • The Bolshevik Revolution (1971) to takedown Christian Russia
  • The Nazi Takedown of Christian Germany (1933-1945)
  • Pearl Harbor (1941)
  • The Korean War for anti-Communism (1950-1953)
  • The Vietnam War (Gulf of Tonkin) for anti-Communism (1955-1975)
  • Then, they morphed conflicts from anti-Communism to “global terror”...
  • The Soros UK currency threat (1992)
  • Somalia (1992-2018)
  • The World Trade Center bombing (1993)
  • Waco ATF slaughter (1993)
  • Rwanda (1994)
  • Oklahoma City bombing (1995)
  • Iraq (1996-2011)
  • The globalist takedown of Christian Kosovo (1998)
  • Syria, Al-Qaeda, ISIS (1999-2018)
  • 9/11 (2001)
  • Fast & Furious (2006-2011)
  • Fort Hood shooting (2009)
  • Arab Spring uprisings (2010)
  • Iran (2011-2018)
  • Yemen (2011-2018)
  • Libya (2012)
  • Sandy Hook (2013)
  • Boston Marathom bombing (2013)
  • San Bernardino attack (2015)
  • Nigerian conflict (2015-2018)
  • Charlottesville (2016)
  • Las Vegas shooting (2016)
  • Parkland shooting (2018)
  • etc.

Scared yet? Are you ready to give up your freedoms for the false promise of security? The fact is, we have been willing to the point where we have almost given our Republic over to these evil people.

Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

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Why do these people choose evil?

It is because of their nature is stunted and two-dimensional. They lack a moral compass—a third dimension of spirit and morality. As a result, they try to destroy spiritual people.

These corruptocrats have learned that good people do not assume that they (the corruptocrats) violate the law intentionally.

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Saul Alinsky teaches these evil people well

Hillary Clinton’s political mentor was Saul Alinsky, the author of 12-Step Rules for Radicals (Random House 1971). Alinsky is/was one of the most evil people, ever. So evil, in fact, that he dedicated Rules to Lucifer. One of Alinsky's Rules is:

“Make the enemy live by its own book of rules.”

One of those rules is forgiveness and non-judgmentalism. Sincere religious people by contrast believe in forgiveness. They also strive to give one’s fellow man the benefit of the doubt.  This fundamental moral value is exploited by evil people. It is their cover for abject criminality.


Evil person lie and deceive by nature, so when confronted with their conduct, they tell the good person that they didn't do it, or they are sorry. The good person will then feel obliged, by nature, to give that evil person the benefit of the doubt. This gives the evil person time to continue the misconduct or change the approach and thus stay ahead of the scrutiny. This is the evil person's natural advantage in our Republic.

The Constitution was written to check this kind of evil. However, this timeline reveals that the very American institutions charged with policing this misconduct, are all too often aligned with the evil doers.

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Reconstruct the Judicial System

This Crimeline proves that the American judicial system is utterly corrupt from top to bottom.

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Dismantle the Internet of Things mass surveillance

Digital privacy and security cannot be an option in a Constitutional Republic. The current dominance of this realm by immoral spies, bankers, judges and fascist company must stop immediately.

Bookmark: #wetware-bibliography

See also previous posts on The Internet of Things Wet-ware:

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AFI. (Feb. 01, 2018). The Internet of Things was Fascist from Inception. Americans for Innovation.

Lionel Nation, Thomas Paine. (Feb. 02, 2018). Prepare to Get Freaked Out: Wetware, 5G Radiation Death, Panopticon Surveillance and Sex Trafficking. Lionel Nation.

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President Trump: write the Miller Act check; fund a new, free press

AFI. (Jul. 24, 2017). Leader Technologies files trillion dollar bond lien on the U.S. government. Americans for Innovation.

AFI. (Sep. 29, 2017). Leader proposes trillion dollar fed revenue while lowering taxes. Americans for Innovation.

AFI. (Feb. 22, 2018). The Miller Act Notice is a HUGE pitchfork against the Globalists. Americans for Innovation.

NEW AFI TIMELINE ENTRY and BIBLIOGRAPHY: http://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/cyberhijack/cyber-hijack-findings.html#miller-act-interview

With the PROVEN CORRUPT CENSORING ACTS of Google, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, it is vital that President Trump release the Miller Act funds to Leader Technologies NOW.

* * *

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  1. Email comment by CM:

    Chuck Todd. (Mar. 06, 2018). Full Roger Stone Interview: Julian Assange is a ‘courageous journalist’. MSNBC.

    Longtime Trump confidante, Roger Stone, joins MTP Daily to discuss Mueller’s intensifying Russia investigation and Sam Nunberg.

    Full story [VIDEO]:


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  2. Email comment by AS:

    Admin. (Mar. 06, 2018). NEWS BREAKING: Ex-FBI Agent just Outed Comey in Clinton Cover-Up. Look what he RECEIVED! Deporable Group.

    James Comey has been exposed!

    The next thing you are about the read is shocking.

    This is huge!

    According to our source Swamp Drain, former special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Cesar Paz is very famillar with James Comey, his secret finances, his career path and many conflicts of interest that involve the Clintons. He decided that he can’t keep this only to himself and made a video last week.

    “I’m a retired agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, not the the Federal Bureau of Matter, or Matters.”

    Full story [VIDEO]:


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  3. Email comment by TG:

    This is from today’s Truth News Headlines. This guy has decided to feature Leader story as his first post on his own website.

    Beltway Bee


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  4. Email comment by JB:

    A useful George Webb video digest &c., Pt. 1 by Lt. Col. Roy Potter

    P.S. It even includes a short clip of one of my podcasts with Thomas Paine on American Intelligence Media.

    Full story [VIDEO]:


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  5. Email comment by GH:

    John S. Roberts. (Mar. 06, 2018). Bombshell Ruling: Fed Judge Drives Final Nail Into Obama’s Coffin, Says Trump’s Executive Order Will Stand. Diamond & Silk.

    A federal judge has dismissed the challenge to President Trump canceling DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), driving a spike directly through the Obama administration’s declaration.

    This is a big win for team Trump and the nation as a whole.

    Here’s the scoop…

    Full story [VIDEO]:


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  6. Email comment by GH:

    Joshua Caplan. (Feb. 28, 2018). REPORT: Uranium One Informant Reveals Russians “Bragged About Bribing Clintons” (VIDEO). Blunt Force Truth.

    In a video report released Monday, veteran political pollster Dick Morris, revealed FBI informant William Campbell told congressional investigators that Russians involved in the Uranium One deal bragged about bribing the Clintons.

    Morris reports:

    The lawyer for FBI informant William Campbell said that her client has told congressional committees that the Russians “bragged that the Clintons’ influence in the Obama Administration would ensure CIFUS (Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States) approval for [the] Uranium One deal.” […]

    Before CIFUS, on which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat, approved the Uranium One deal, nine investors in Uranium One gave the Clinton Foundation a combined total of $145 million.


    See the full story here.

    Full story [VIDEO]:


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  7. Email comment by GH:

    Patrick Howley. (Mar 6, 2018). Nunes: Some Obama Officials ‘Went Dark’ On FISA Questions And Now Face Subpoenas. Big League Politics.

    House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes said that some Obama administration officials and related figures “went dark” and have not responded to his ten questions on FISA abuse, thus making them liable to receive subpoenas.

    Nunes’ office directed Big League Politics to Nunes’ Monday interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, which has not been reported on by other outlets.

    Nunes sent questions to 12 people, including top Obama intelligence officials John Brennan and James Clapper, and plans to send the questions to 12 more people. Nunes said the questions center on when these individuals knew that the Democrats paid to finance the debunked Christopher Steele dossier, and who they told about the payments. That dossier was used to obtain FISA warrants to surveil Trump Tower and members of President Trump’s team. Robert Mueller is reportedly still using the dossier in his investigation.

    Full story:


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  8. Email comment by GH/JM-GN:

    Brooke Singman. (Mar. 06, 2018). Gowdy, Goodlatte demand appointment of special counsel, citing FISA abuses. Fox News.

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Rep. Trey Gowdy on Tuesday demanded the appointment of a special counsel to investigate “conflicts of interest” and decisions “made and not made” by current and former Justice Department officials in 2016 and 2017, noting that “the public interest requires” the action.

    Gowdy, R-S.C., and Goodlatte, R-Va., penned a letter Tuesday to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

    “Matters have arisen—both recently and otherwise—which necessitate the appointment of a Special Counsel. We do not make this observation and attendant request lightly,” Gowdy and Goodlatte wrote.

    In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Gowdy and Goodlatte spoke about the discovery of new information as their reasoning behind calling for a second independent counsel.

    Full story:


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  9. Email comment by TG:


    - The Timeline of Evil Goes Viral

    - Globalist Gary Cohn Gone

    - DOJ to Sue California to Strike Down 'Sanctuary' Laws as Unconstitutional

    - Has the U.S. Constitution been suspended since FDR declared the state of emergency in March of 1933

    Full story:


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  10. Email comment by TG:

    Joshua Caplan. (Mar. 06, 2018). SARA CARTER: John Kerry Officially Under Investigation As Dossier Probe Targets Obama State Department

    Fox News c0ntributor Sara A. Carter reports that former Secretary of State John Kerry’s “possible role,” in the Steele dossier is officially under investigation.

    Carter reports:

    The House Select Committee on Intelligence is now investigating former Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s possible role into the unverified dossier paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton Campaign, this reporter has learned. The dossier, assembled by a former British spy, laid the foundation for the FBI’s investigation into alleged collusion between President Trump and Russia and was the essential piece of evidence used by the FBI to get a warrant to spy on a former volunteer for the Trump campaign.

    For more than a month, the committee has been in its second phase of investigations focused on former Obama State Department officials and their role in either transmitting information or using information provided by former British spy and investigator Christopher Steele. Steele was hired by embattled research firm Fusion GPS, also under several congressional and Senate investigations. […]

    Jonathan Winer, a long-time colleague of Kerry and who served as the former envoy for Libya during his tenure at the Department, wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post on Feb. 8, defending his relationship with Steele and his role in the infamous dossier.

    Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) recently revealed to Fox News host Laura Ingraham that Kerry had been briefed on a ‘second dossier’.

    ”There were comments over the weekend from people from within the State Department that said John Kerry had been briefed on the dossier–the new dossier whatever this new dossier is and that they also provided it to the FBI,” Nunes told Ingraham.

    Full story:


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  11. Email comment by JM:

    It sounds to me that the AI has been created to such an extent, that the ‘alter-ego’ of any person can be replicated repeatedly, and so accurately, that the ‘real person’ does not exist. In a ‘digital world’ the ‘flesh and blood’ is replaced digitally in cyberspace in a ‘pre-configured’ shaped persona, by ‘PALANTIR’, ‘PROMISE’, ‘KINEMASTER’, and tied into ‘rat lines’, compromising the actions of the ‘real flesh and blood’.

    The AI persona, acts without the ‘flesh and blood’ knowing that the digital persona is representing them. Additionally, the AI can easily be used to recruit the ‘flesh and blood’ through blackmail, based on the acquisition of the ‘dark profile’ of accumulated ‘online’ presence. In addition, the AI can ‘create’ a ‘dark profile’ to misrepresent the ‘flesh and blood’ to further ‘rat line’ control and blackmail.

    So, instead of using the ‘meta-data’ technology, to find criminals, the alphabets have used it to create the largest, most powerful, and evil network of criminality in human history. The AI usage is so ubiquitous, powerful, wealthy, and financed, to have ‘market shaping’ and ‘profit harvesting’ of existing financial controls, to self-perpetuate, perfect, and implement ever higher levels of AI control… until the ‘flesh and blood’ is nothing more than an ‘energy factory’ of ‘preconditioned’ drug and genetically enhanced mitochondrial factories, that become sub-human as soulless zombies. Is this our fate?

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    2. Email comment by DG:

      Blackmailed by a blackbox - darn those computers and the gremlins inside.

      We can't even ask: What's next - too dangerous.

  12. Email comment by GH:

    Sean Hannity. (Mar. 07, 2018). OBAMA ON EDGE: Trump’s DOJ to RELEASE HIDDEN ‘Fast and Furious’ Documents. Sean Hannity.

    The DOJ announces its plans to release unseen records regarding 'Fast and Furious.'

    The Trump administration announced Wednesday its decision to release previously unseen documents relating to the “Fast and Furious” gun scandal that embroiled former Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice; confirming the records will be disclosed in days.

    The sensitive material -which is set to be released to the House Intelligence Committee- had been previously withheld by Holder and former President Barack Obama, who used “executive privilege” to conceal the documents from the American people.

    “The Department of Justice under my watch is committed to transparency and the rule of law. This settlement agreement is an important step to make sure that the public finally receives all the facts related to Operation Fast and Furious,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    “We need to find out the truth, exactly what happened, how it happened, why it happened. We need Mr. Trump, President Trump, to unseal the documents, reverse executive privilege so that we know what happened, and that we can hold the people accountable that are responsible,” said the brother of a murdered Border Patrol Agent.

    Full story:


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  13. Email comment by PJW:


    It’s a refuge for ugly losers

    Poll: Feminism Makes People Less Attractive to the Opposite Sex

    A new poll confirms that identifying as a feminist makes you less attractive to the opposite sex.

    Imagine my shock.

    Sky Data asked people in the UK, “If someone told you they were a feminist, would it make you more or less likely to want to start a romantic relationship with them?”

    While the majority of respondents said it made “no difference,” 17% said it would make attraction less likely, with just 7% saying it would make a relationship more likely.

    Full story:


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  14. Email comment by JM:

    The ‘deep state’ represents the form of ‘tyranny’ I call ‘communism’. It is a rose by any other name, or rather ‘skunk cabbage’ which grow in ‘swamps’.

    Communists, or ‘tyrannists’ don’t mind spending ‘other people’s money’, just as any thief, since it has no ‘real value’ to them, if it is easy to steal. This is the underlying force with ‘tax and spend’, but not the main force…which is to burden ‘private property’ such that it can be ‘confiscated by the state’, which is under control of the ‘deep state’(communists). In this manner, they have infiltrated and bastardized the ‘legal process’ such that ‘legal theft by law’ becomes ‘legal’ but not ‘moral’. It is not really legal, but it has the appearance, and if the people don’t stand against it, to take back their authority, then all is lost. Remember, the ‘power’ which comes from God, is never lost, but it is subsumed, by the appearance of power when ‘authority’ is compromised.

    In this sense, I have taken on a local project with the school system. We are a ‘poor community’. There is no growth, no industry, no tourists, only ‘fruit’ and ‘cattle’, which is very stable. However, the population in the schools has doubled, even though the ‘registered voters’ and census legal citizens have tapered off by several hundred. So, from where did the ‘boom’ come, with no ‘voter’ or ‘citizen’ census count increase….DACA! Yes, we are overrun with school overcrowding, free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and ‘paid babysitting’ while the adults work late at minimum wages in the fruit processing warehouses, and orchards. Our courts are ‘swamped’. They have turned away from ‘justice’ as almost all cases are ‘plea bargained’ with fines, and then turned lose to offend again. It has turned into a ‘revenue source’, but the people are being robbed, stabbed, and murdered at and increasing rate. Both Janet and I carry ‘weapons’ whenever we leave the property. Someone north of us by 10 miles was robbed at gunpoint in their cars last week. Discipline in the schools is non-existent. Student outcomes have fallen to the lowest in history. Two students were arrested by our Sheriff last week, for threatening to kill students with guns in the school. I guess this didn’t make national news. Also, when I had my ‘Trump signs’ out during the election, someone poisoned my dogs(Tucker almost died), vandalized my car and truck, and stole all of my signs, twice. This is not the friendly place that I grew up in.

    What has changed? Immigration is the problem. My nephew, a local policeman, was shot in the head and killed by a Mexican pimp, running women and drugs locally. He was ready to make arrests when he was setup locally by the ‘controllers’, and ambushed in an alley…shot dead. So you can see that I’m acutely aware of the issues, and this area is certainly a ‘petri’ dish of the nation. No one is aware of what is happening in the remote rural areas because no one cares. We who know, and live it every day don’t have voices, or the funds to fight against the tide. Most people have given up, purchased weapons and ammo, and are simply waiting it out. A local ‘militia’ has been formed. I am not liking what I see and hear. Conflagration is only a small spark away from the powder. The white citizens hear are armed to the teeth. I live close to a gun range, and there is ‘practice’ going on every day. Some days it sounds like a ‘firefight’.

    ***JM Comment, Part 1, END***

    1. ***JM Comment, Part 12, BEGIN***

      Adding to this surreal ‘mise en scene’ are the ‘navy jets’ constantly training overhead. The F-18’s dogfight over Okanogan Valley and are so loud that I put on my head sets and listen to music. I have long lost interest in their dogfights, as it is so common and annoying every day…and my son-in-law is a ‘commander on the Stennis’. So the irony of the ‘Navy Jets’ overhead, the communist takeover of all agencies, and the criminals reeking havoc on the local people, doesn’t make sense. We are armed to the teeth, dog fighting in the sky, and the ‘take over’ is occurring right before our eyes, while we train the military, with money we don’t have, to fight an enemy that doesn’t exist! Such totally ‘dupery’, ‘ignorance’, ‘travesty’, ‘Shakespearean Comedy’, ‘Orwellian dystopia’, etc. I weep and laugh, and stare into the existential abyss.

      The school system ‘communists’ have now floated a $37 million dollar bond issue that will ‘double’ or property taxes to rebuild schools to house the ‘students’ who are not ‘citizens’ and whose parents don’t pay taxes, and rob the locals at gun point. So, I have organized a ‘citizen’s’ committee, with an ‘ad in the local paper’, to stop the ‘madness’. The first meeting is tomorrow night. We will stop the bond levy, remove the superintendent, call for a new election for the school board, and move from expenses brick and mortar to ‘virtual academies’ to meet just the ‘legal mandate of ‘reading, writing, and arithmetic…stopping at the 8th grade…the ‘legal mandate’ by law. After this, it’s the individual parents problem. And this is how you fight back without blood. You simply redefine the ‘actions’ with a non-violent, cheaper method to avoid the problem. Now, with everyone in their homes, the schools are not targets, the curriculum is the responsibility of the parents, the mothers can stay home, the property taxes go down, rents decrease, and the immigrants will leave because we no longer have ‘freebies’ for them. Problem solved.

    2. Previous JM comment:


      Spread the word.

  15. "The U.S. is acting swiftly on Intellectual Property theft. We cannot allow this to happen as it has for many years!" @realDonaldTrump

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  16. Email comment by GH:

    Andrew Mark Miller. (Mar. 07, 2018). It’s On! Trey Gowdy Just Got the 1 Thing He Needs to Make Sure Obama Pays for Abusing His Power. Diamond & Silk.

    The Obama administration was plagued by a long list of scandals and the mainstream media looked the other way. In fact, Obama is still running around saying that his administration didn’t have any scandals and the media gives him a pass for it. The audacity there is remarkable. The EPA alone had four scandals going on at the same time during the Obama years. On top of that, we are all familiar with the IRS scandal, VA scandal, DOJ scandal, Benghazi scandal, Hillary Clinton scandal, and on and on.

    Not only was Obama responsible for a lot of scandals but a few of the scandals cost American lives. Fast and Furious was one of those scandals and we are still trying to get to the bottom of what happened.

    On Wednesday, Jeff Sessions announced a big development on that front…

    From The Daily Caller:

    The Justice Department announced Wednesday it would hand over documents related to the Obama-era Fast and Furious gun scandal to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

    Former President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder had previously refused to produce documents requested by Oversight, documents which former Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz at the time called “critical” to pursuing the investigation.

    Here’s more.

    From The Hill:

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Wednesday that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will provide documents to Congress on the Obama-era program dubbed “Fast and Furious” that allowed criminals to purchase guns in Phoenix-based gun shops in order to track them into Mexico.

    Full story:


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  17. Email comment by GH:

    Sara Carter. (Mar. 08, 2018). Ex-British Spy Knew Who Funded Dossier; FBI Told Secret Court Something Different. Sara Carter.

    Former British spy Christopher Steele was informed months after accepting the job to compile a dossier on then candidate Donald J. Trump that the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee were paying the bills

    The information was revealed in an expose on Steele by The New Yorker's Jane Mayer

    Former British spy Christopher Steele was informed months after accepting the job to compile a dossier on then-candidate Donald J. Trump that the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee were paying the bills but that’s not what the FBI told the secret FISA court when it sought a warrant to spy on one of Trump’s campaign volunteers.

    This bit of explosive information was revealed in an expose on Steele by The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer but the implications for the FBI are profound. Why? Because the bureau explicitly stated in its Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Application to the secret court that Steele was unaware of who backed Fusion GPS, the firm which hired him, for the research.

    Steele, however, claimed in the expose titled Christopher Steele, The Man Behind the Trump Dossier that he did know who was paying his bill.

    Full story:


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